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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Moved My Blog!

Out with the with the new!  Come visit me!  :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Life is Crazy

WOW!!!  It's been FOREVER since I posted.  I went part-time at work to have more time to do The Errand Fairy, my personal assistant business, and things have just been nuts!  Let me just say that I have never known stress until I decided to start my own business.  This has got to be the hardest things I have ever done.  However, it almost the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

The hardest part is still having to work part-time at the insurance company, because that means relying on other people to do the fairy work that I can't get to.  I'm one of those that would rather just do everything myself so I can make SURE everything is done correctly.  Delegation is not my strong suit.  But being tied to the other job makes doing it all myself impossible.  I've lost 3 people in the last month that found full-time jobs.  The demographic I'm looking for is really quite terrible, lol.  I'd like them to be middle-aged, and if they have kids...I need them to be grown...oh and I need them to already have another source of income so they're not relying on my sporadic work to pay their bills, but yet, still have full-time availability for when I call them at a moment's notice.  :)  You can see how finding the right help and keeping them can make a person crazy.  :)

I think the last time I posted I was 253.5.  This morning I was 252 lbs.  Nothing happening on the weight loss front, and now that I think about it, I'm actually kind of amazed that I'm not gaining with all the stress.  Huh.  Weird.  Anyhoo.....that's what I've been up to lately.  And I didn't even tell you about my one special client who is a walking migraine.  We'll get to that later.  Have a great week!  :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Busting Out!

I'm very excited to tell you that I'm going part-time at my current job as of this coming Monday!  I'll be working 1p-5p at the insurance adjusting company and will have the first half of the day to devote to Errand Fairy.  I will now have time to do more hands-on advertising as well as some daytime work!  Finally!!  I have been working hard to get to this point and I'm finally here.  Thank the Lord.  My sweet friend Kim is going to sign up for service...I've got to go look at a job for her this weekend...very excited!!  Things are finally looking up for Errand Fairy and I'm just so thankful.  It's been a lot of work getting here but it's all been so worth it.  I was BORN to be an entrepreneur...there's something so satisfying about being your own boss.  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and will be back soon with another update! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I ordered some magnetic car signs for 5 of my little fairies to advertise and see if we can drum up some business for them.  3 of them are college students and 2 are in their early twenties.  All 5 of them are friends and they're a great bunch to work with and I'm enjoying getting to know them.  I met with 2 of the girls at the restaurant that Brittany is a waitress at this past Sunday for lunch to give them all their car signs. 

Brittany waited on us and we got to converse a little bit.  It was so nice.  She's just an awesome kid.  She goes to school full-time and she waitresses full-time, and on the little bit of time off she has, she's hoping to do some Errand Fairy work.  This is only the second time I've seen her in person, but I continue to be amazed at her level of maturity for a 19 year old.  She was raised well and I thank God for leading me to the parents that I chose for her.  He took a really bad situation and turned it into something wonderful.

I'm having a garage sale in 2 weeks and Brittany wants to come and sell some of her stuff to make some extra money.  I'll be so happy to have her there!  I told her that her mom was also invited but I'm not sure if Becky is really ready to be around me yet.  Maybe one day.  I'm not pushing anything....just letting her know that the door is open.  Some of my other fairies are bringing stuff to sell too so it should be an awesome day.  I'm really looking forward to spending the day with my girls. :)

Twenty years ago I was such a young, foolish and absolutely terrified girl.  My first thought when I found out I was pregnant was abortion.  I did not want to own up to my resposibility in any way.  I wanted to end the "situation" as soon as possible and pretend it never happened.  Due to this happening around tax time, I had my refund check to pay for the abortion and I had an appointment made at a woman's clinic.  My mom, my best friend Pam from high school, and my cousin Veronnica are the 3 wise and strong women who talked me out of it.  They are the reason Brittany has the full and thriving life that she has today.  Yes, the decision to adopt was ultimately mine, but it would be wrong to take the credit knowing my state of mind and overwhelming fear back then.  I'm thankful to God for these women who bravely shared their thoughts with me and gently guided me down the right path.  They saved Brittany's life, and for that, I am so thankful.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Someone Done Me Wrong

Sounds like a sad country song, doesn't it?  Well my story isn't quite that dramatic...just a little inconvenient.  A couple of months ago I suspected that someone had sabotaged my blog because I kept having "issues" with it.  Recently, blog readers and friends started emailing me privately saying that they keep trying to leave comments but they couldn't, and some said that it says I've blocked them.

Ahhhhh...I knew it.  I wasn't exactly hacked because I gave 2 people my password in the past to help me do some things on my blog.  One of them sabotaged me.  Yes, I know exactly who it is.  No, I'm not going to name them on here.  That would serve no other purpose than to be vindictive on my part, and I really don't need that kind of negativity in my life.

I haven't blocked anyone and I apologize to anyone who thinks I would have done something like that.  I have a gmail addy listed on my right sidebar, but to tell you the truth, I haven't checked it regularly in a long time because I haven't been blogging regularly.  I'm going to start checking it daily now.  If you can't leave a comment and want to, just shoot me an email instead.

The only solution to the problem is to create a new blog and CHANGE MY PASSWORD.  That will be happening soon, I just don't have time today.  I worked 6 days this week and have to spend today doing all of my errands, laundry and cooking for the work week today.  But I will get around to creating the new blog as soon as I can and when it's finished I'll announce it here so I can start hearing from all of you again. 

Sorry for the inconvenience and hope everyone has a peaceful and relaxing Sunday.  :)

Friday, September 16, 2011


It's been a crazy week to say the least.  Had a meeting with the big boss this week.  Things just aren't what they used to be around here and I took all of my concerns to him.  He asked how The Errand Fairy was going.  I told him GREAT!!  He said if I wanted to go part-time he was fine with that since we're so slow around here now.  I told him for now I'd like to stay at 40 hrs/week since I seem to be handling both jobs just fine.  He said that would work.  I actually WOULD like to drop down to around 20 hrs/week just so I don't have to be here as much, but I know that's a little too risky right now, financially speaking.  So I'm still work, a.k.a. Hell...doing the responsible thing.  Blech!  lol

I haven't seen Brittany again since our mtg 2 weeks ago, but I've texted with her and talked on FB with her consistently.  I invited her to haul a bunch of her stuff over to my house on Oct. 1st and have a garage sale with me to make some extra cash.  She said she'd love to.  I told her to bring her mom along, too.  They're both invited. 

Dwayne, Scarlette and I are skipping town next weekend and spending the weekend in the Smoky Mtns.  That will be a nice little getaway.  I could use the break.

Errand Fairy is going well!  It's slow building it up like anything else worth doing, but I'm enjoying it.  I have a couple of fairies that I use to do my daytime work and that's working out really well.  I have an attorney who bought a monthly package of 20 hrs.  She used those up in 2 days and bought 30 more hours, lol.  Woo hoo!  I also had a banker call this week who wants us to set up a surprise birthday party for his wife and have everything ready when they fly back in from Vegas.  This really is a fun job!  Well, most of the time.  Had to clean out the attorney's garage and that wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs....but it paid well.  :)

Haven't been on the scale in 2 solid weeks....realized that this morning and thought, hey...why not!  The last time I weighed I was 254 and had been holding there for several weeks.  I was bracing myself, trying to guess what it would be.  Back up to 260 perhaps???  Stepped on and it said 253.5.  Imagine that.  Not caring diddly squat about my weight and only worrying about my work stress and building up the Errand Fairy and I lose 1/2 a lb. instead of gaining.  Small miracles, I suppose. 

Walking the Half Marathon in November is looking more and more bleak.  I just haven't gotten it together the way I needed to.  I've been trying to do my long walks on Saturdays, and I've gotten some of them in, but I've screwed up a lot, too.  One Sat I forgot to wrap my toes before I headed out, and by the 3rd mile I could feel the blisters forming.  I quit before it got really bad.  Last Saturday I had to clean out the attorney's garage...that was an all day job.  Tomorrow, I'm heading out early to go to my mom's and work at her house 8 hrs, then stay for dinner.  Sundays are when I run all of my personal errands, grocery shopping, get ready for the work week, laundry, etc.  I don't's just not coming together.  The furthest I've walked I think is 7 miles.  That's a far cry from 13 that I need to be building up to.  Kim keeps telling me we still have time but I'm not sure I'm gonna' make it.  I've already paid for the hotel room in Savannah though, so even if I don't make it into the race, I'll still ride down with Kim and spend the weekend with her, either way.

It's time to start my work day so I'm signing off 'til next time.  Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend! :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Here's My Baby

She has my eyes, but thank God, she doesn't have my figure.
She's gorgeous.  :)

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