A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Half"-way Committed

First and foremost, Blogger hates me.  I've been trying to do a post for over a week now and was locked out of my own blog!!!!  Grrrrr.....

Secondly....I paid my $85 today and signed up to walk the Half Marathon in Savannah, Ga. this November!!!!  I am totally locked in, and my friends Tina and Kim are registered, too.  There's no backing out now!!! 

Dwayne and I have been working on the rental house for the last 2 weeks that we're moving into the 24th of this month.  We already rented a U-Haul and moved all of the boxes and small stuff out of my apt this past Sat.  We're painting rooms, pressure-washing and staining the deck, and moving all of Dwayne's stuff over the next 2 weekends, and then the movers are coming on the 24th to get the furniture out of my apt and over to the house.  We've gone over a few nights during the work week too trying to get stuff done.  Last night we went over and finished up cleaning out and planting a couple of flower beds in the front yard.  That's hard work!!!  Good ol' Georgia clay for dirt is a real workout.  My hamstrings are tight and painful and I've been hobbling around the ofc today like a 90 year old woman...pathetic, lol. 

I will be purchasing a treadmill before the end of the month to put in the basement of the new house.  I've been pricing them on Craig's List, and they are not cheap.  My budget is extremely limited, especially with the stuff we've been doing to the house, so finding one I can afford has been quite the challenge...but I'll get one soon.

The scale said 261 this morning....up 2 lbs. since my last post.  Any surprise there?  No...I didn't think so.  Have a great day friends....more updates on the house as I go along...if Blogger will let me update!!  :)


  1. Thinking of you. Take care of yourself. (((hugs)))

  2. Treadmills are not cheap but can be a worthwhile investment if you use it enough.

    I KNOW you want to lose weight so yes, I AM surprised by that number. Come on, make a plan and do this! It will make buying the treadmill even easier. :-)


  3. (eyeball rolling!!!! LOL)

    Sounds like all the work you're doing on the rental could work up to a lb or 10 off the body. Sheesh! Keep stabbing away at it! You'll do it.
    And get the treadmill. they are lots of fun.

  4. Hi Tammy! I'm glad you're still here, too! I love doing stuff around the house like that, but I always pay for it for a week or so with cripping around!

    Wish I had a basement!