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Friday, September 16, 2011


It's been a crazy week to say the least.  Had a meeting with the big boss this week.  Things just aren't what they used to be around here and I took all of my concerns to him.  He asked how The Errand Fairy was going.  I told him GREAT!!  He said if I wanted to go part-time he was fine with that since we're so slow around here now.  I told him for now I'd like to stay at 40 hrs/week since I seem to be handling both jobs just fine.  He said that would work.  I actually WOULD like to drop down to around 20 hrs/week just so I don't have to be here as much, but I know that's a little too risky right now, financially speaking.  So I'm still here....at work, a.k.a. Hell...doing the responsible thing.  Blech!  lol

I haven't seen Brittany again since our mtg 2 weeks ago, but I've texted with her and talked on FB with her consistently.  I invited her to haul a bunch of her stuff over to my house on Oct. 1st and have a garage sale with me to make some extra cash.  She said she'd love to.  I told her to bring her mom along, too.  They're both invited. 

Dwayne, Scarlette and I are skipping town next weekend and spending the weekend in the Smoky Mtns.  That will be a nice little getaway.  I could use the break.

Errand Fairy is going well!  It's slow building it up like anything else worth doing, but I'm enjoying it.  I have a couple of fairies that I use to do my daytime work and that's working out really well.  I have an attorney who bought a monthly package of 20 hrs.  She used those up in 2 days and bought 30 more hours, lol.  Woo hoo!  I also had a banker call this week who wants us to set up a surprise birthday party for his wife and have everything ready when they fly back in from Vegas.  This really is a fun job!  Well, most of the time.  Had to clean out the attorney's garage and that wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs....but it paid well.  :)

Haven't been on the scale in 2 solid weeks....realized that this morning and thought, hey...why not!  The last time I weighed I was 254 and had been holding there for several weeks.  I was bracing myself, trying to guess what it would be.  Back up to 260 perhaps???  Stepped on and it said 253.5.  Imagine that.  Not caring diddly squat about my weight and only worrying about my work stress and building up the Errand Fairy and I lose 1/2 a lb. instead of gaining.  Small miracles, I suppose. 

Walking the Half Marathon in November is looking more and more bleak.  I just haven't gotten it together the way I needed to.  I've been trying to do my long walks on Saturdays, and I've gotten some of them in, but I've screwed up a lot, too.  One Sat I forgot to wrap my toes before I headed out, and by the 3rd mile I could feel the blisters forming.  I quit before it got really bad.  Last Saturday I had to clean out the attorney's garage...that was an all day job.  Tomorrow, I'm heading out early to go to my mom's and work at her house 8 hrs, then stay for dinner.  Sundays are when I run all of my personal errands, grocery shopping, get ready for the work week, laundry, etc.  I don't know...it's just not coming together.  The furthest I've walked I think is 7 miles.  That's a far cry from 13 that I need to be building up to.  Kim keeps telling me we still have time but I'm not sure I'm gonna' make it.  I've already paid for the hotel room in Savannah though, so even if I don't make it into the race, I'll still ride down with Kim and spend the weekend with her, either way.

It's time to start my work day so I'm signing off 'til next time.  Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend! :)


  1. I am getting caught up with you. Way to go with Errand Fairy! Things are taking off for you. One day you will be a mogul and they will be gushing about you on MSNBC and I will be able to say, "I knew her "when"." :D