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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Don't Even Have A Title For This

So let me tell you what's going on with my Wednesday.  I went to lunch at 11:30am, and just got back, only to find out that our system has failed here at work...failed miserably.  Any work that I did from 8am-11:30am has disappeared into thin air.  Everything that was saved to the electronic file on our computer system has vanished...been wiped clean.  Every report...every new assignment...every attachment...GONE.

What does this mean?  It means I get to RE-DO every stitch of work I did this morning all over again....plus stay late enough to do whatever NEW work comes in from now until 5pm.  Oh the joy...I can hardly contain myself. 

What else this week?  Oh yes...Dwayne is sick as a dang dog with cold/cough/congestion in his chest, and he's been lying on my sofa for 3 days.  Yesterday I noticed that I'm catching it....it tastes funny when I cough...I'm physically exhausted when I shouldn't be, etc.  Big fun.

What's the near future looking like?  In 2 weeks, on March 1st, we implement the new computer system that our parent company uses....that should bring a lot of big headaches surprises.  Then 2 weeks later, in the middle of March, Billie goes on vacation FOR. A. WEEK.  Did I mention that Billie & I are the only ones who run the ofc now since Staci got canned?  And did I mention that I have no idea how to do Billie's job because I've had no time to learn it yet?  That's because I've been learning/doing Staci's job PLUS my job.  And I'm going to be left alone here to run the ofc by myself for an entire week.  Comical, really. 

What's after that???  Hmmmmm...let's see....Mid April we have our annual Atlanta Claims Convention where we host a suite with an open bar...that lasts Thurs and Friday.  Then 2 weeks after that, May 1st, we move into a new ofc building.  They have been in this current bldg for many, many years....so there's a LOT of packing and moving to do.  A LOT. 

So yeah...busy.  And I'm sucking at the weight loss this week, in that I haven't had any.  No gains either.  I got on the scale this morning, squinting my eyes, scared of a gain, and saw the same thing I saw last Friday...to the penny.  257.6 lbs.  So there you have it...my latest update.  I'll be back later when I have a little spare time ***(rolls eyes while laughing uncontrollably)***  Take care friends.  :)


  1. You poor thing, that job seems like the job from Hell. You must be soo stressed. I know I would be. Being that stressed is going to get you sick. Try to remember to breathe. Thinking of you. Gracie

  2. sorry you're stressed! wishing you the best!

  3. With all the changes and events happening at work, be SURE to make time to take care of yourself and keep your spirits up. Here are a few suggestions: Take a walk, sing some songs in your car, watch Gildna Radner on Youtube, eat less and move more and don't forget to check out Jack Getting Fit everyday (http://jackfit.blogspot.com/).

  4. Oh Tammy - I'm so sorry you're not getting a break anywhere! I have to wonder if maybe a temp could at least answer phones and do menial stuff while Billie is gone.

    I think it's great that your weight is holding. With the level of stress you have at all ends of your life these days, I really get how planning meals and doing tons of food prep is almost too damn much. Hugs to you! I sure hope your boss knows what a treasure you are. Hang in. I think of you SO often :)

  5. Wow...I am exhausted/stressed just reading your post...but am glad that you are *laughing uncontrollably* at the idea of some free time...:)

    Hope that you feel better soon...probably just need to take the weekend to rest/recover/recharge for the next adventure!

    Hugs to you and Dwayne...and Miss Scarlette!

  6. Oh, my. Hugs. I think I would have had severe meltdown if I came back and all was gone that I had worked on. Oh, wait, that is a regular occurance with the stuff I have. But not work stuff so far, thank goodness...

    Good thoughts for a break,

  7. HOLY CRAP!!!!
    NOT FAIR...NOT FAIR at all!!!!

    You will have to be a strong person for these upcoming months. Take care of yourself.

  8. Omw babe! Wow, a lot going on. I am gonna go ahead and sing your praises bc you maintained through all of this. And don't forget the OTHER biggie; quitting smoking is nothing to sneeze at. !! So yay you, through all of the stuff going on at work. Kind of unbelievable, really.

    Gee, doing the same work twice has got to stink.

    Do the best you can for food with all this lack of time lately. Sometimes the eating healthfully & exercising feels like a full time job itself!

    I wish YOU had an errand fairy. :)
    Thanks for updating us when there was so much else to do.
    Hugs to you, Chrissy

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