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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sick As A Dawg

Oy.  Dwayne had a nasty head cold last week and was out of work and laying half dead on my sofa for 4 days.  He very kindly passed it along to me and boy has it been rough.  I've done nothing but sleep for the last 2 days.  Miserable.  Back to work tomorrow.  Billie can't handle everything in the ofc by herself, so I have to be there.  Plus Scott told me on Friday that he's got some new stuff for me to do on Monday.  My weigh-in was 258.0 Friday morning, so up .4 of a lb. from last Friday.  I've been sitting in front of the computer for about 30 mins now trying to catch up on some blog reading.  I am just sooo far behind on all of you.  Forgive me.  I'm trying to get caught up little by little.  Take care everyone and I'll be back later in the week with an update, and hopefully with a less-clogged up head. 


  1. feel better my friend!! Take good care of yourself!

  2. Hey dear friend - Sorry you're sick - I've got it too and wrote about it this morning. Just feeling like shit, but after being on the couch for HOURS yesterday, a shower and getting out to a meeting this morning helped. Hang in there. I hope you're off work today? Love you -

  3. Get well soon. Head colds are miserable.