A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Caught Up

We were actually caught up enough yesterday to leave at 5pm...only worked 11 hours!  I went home, fell in bed at 5:45p.  Scarlette curled up next to me and gave me sweet little kisses and we napped til 7:30p.  Got up and ate some dinner and visited with Dwayne.  Back in bed at 11pm.  Forgot to set my alarm and slept til 6:40am.  It was absolutely glorious, lol.  Feeling MUCH more energized today.  Have a fabulous weekend friends!  :)


  1. Happy weekend to you too! Have fun with Scarlette and all the other animals.
    I can't believe I think I'm posting first. Everyone must be in a late friday coma.

  2. you too. glad your day was 'easier' lol. Have A Great Week End!

  3. SOOOOO glad that you are caught up and maybe this craziness will be behind you and Billie!!! Have a great weekend...maybe we can get together sometime next week for dinner (Chipotle?)...just a thought!

    Love ya, Girl!!!

  4. Glad it's getting better!