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Monday, May 2, 2011

Is It Monday Again?

I'm losing track of my days after working 7 days this past week.  They're all starting to run together.  Somebody actually had to tell me it was payday last Friday because I was so unaware.  I got a bill from the cable company saying I owed $176 and I freaked.  Turns out I completely forgot to pay last month's bill so now I have a double bill.  When I tell you I've done nothing but work, I'm not exaggerating.  :)

I worked 10 hours on Sat and 11 hours yesterday to close out the week with 85.5 hours.  This week is shaping up to be more of the same.  We have a new temp coming in today that I have to train, and will be training a 2nd temp tomorrow.  That will make 4 temps altogether that we have helping us now so the work should get sent out sooner, which will ensure even more work for us in the future.  Billie said I may not even have time to do reports today w/ answering the phones, dealing with problem emails and training and managing the temp girls. 

I went home after work these last 2 nights and started packing up my apt to move in June.  Sleep is still very little....there's just too much to do between work and home.  I've pretty much slidden into permanent zombie mode now, lol.  Good news...my paychecks are looking pretty good.  Bad news...no time to spend it...not even on bills apparently (sorry cable company!). 

Time to sign off and get to it.  Looking forward to seeing Leslie from Something Brilliant Is Brewing.  She's supposed to be here soon.....I've already forgotten the days, but I've got them written down on my work calendar.  Now I just have to remove the piles of files sitting on top of it so I can actually read it.....ahhhhhh.....another day in paradise.  :)


  1. Holy Hannah!
    This office needs some permanent bodies, plus temps.
    If I ever have a Claim I'll try to be more patient waiting for my check. ;0)
    Seriously Tammy ..... you gave " Beware Of What You Ask For" a whole new meaning when you asked for Just A Job.
    Move??? What did I miss?
    Take care. (((hugs)))

  2. Glad you are making some money but sorry you are so overworked. Funny how the two go hand in hand :) Lets chat and make plans with Leslie!

  3. Hi! I can't wait to see you and Tina. Just want to send a hug. The work situation has to slow down for you - it's not healthy and it's not right. You need time to just BE. Hopefully soon - and sometime next week, we can BE together for a bit:)