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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Pound Down

Just when I was making a real effort to blog more regularly and get back in the groove, I got busted at work for using the internet at work for non-work related things (blogging, facebook, etc.).  They cut me off....lol.  My supervisor said, "Corporate office is monitoring everything we do now that we've moved to the shared system with them.  You were on Facebook all day Friday."  My response to that was, "I'm on Facebook all day every day."  Note to self....honesty is not always the best policy, lol.  So much for full disclosure.  lol  I'm only laughing because somehow, miraculously, I still have a job.  And I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's the absolute truth....it would almost be a RELIEF if they fired me.  I haven't forgotten the pain of unemployment from just over a year ago before I got this job.....but man.  If you only knew the STRESS LEVEL and BULLSH*T that goes along with working in a VERY small office where EVERYONE knows EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY.  I am just DYING to spill it all here but I just can't.  The truth is that I do still need my paycheck, and my supervisor reads my blog sometimes, along with her daughter who does temp work at the office sometimes.  Hi Billie and Kandice!!!!!  lol  Billie understands the crap that goes on around there very well, and says all the time she wishes she had another job, but is tied to this one due to circumstance (she's the Ofc Mgr).  However, as my boss' right hand person, she's kinda' required to tell him all things office-related, so I can't share any details about my misery.  Which leads me to this....

I've been budgeting a little extra money to do a little more advertising for Errand Fairy now that we're out of the major storm season.  No overtime at work to speak of, so more time to get my head wrapped around how I'm going to promote Errand Fairy and do what I REALLY want to do....be my own boss.  Trust me.  Some people were just meant to work for themselves.

I had to buy new business cards because I changed my phone number.  I also bought a white cap to wear while I'm out and about on the weekends that has my Errand Fairy logo on it...which is on my sidebar!  I wore it out today when I had lunch with Kim....it's adorable.  I bought a small tote bag with my logo on it....have to figure out when I'm going to carry that around...obviously can't take it to work.  And finally I bought 2 magnetic car signs to put on my little Corolla!!  I have to wash my car tomorrow so I can put them on.  The instructions that came with them said to make sure you take the magnets off every 2 to 3 days and wash the car door under them so they don't fall off.  Good to know!

Kim gave me a training schedule last weekend for walking and getting ready for the Half Marathon in November.  It has you walking 3 miles every other weekday with some kind of cross training on the opposite days.  I've been using Dwayne's weight bench/free weights for that.  Then on Saturday you do your "big" walk.  Today was my first big one, and it was 4 miles.  It goes up every Saturday until you're finally walking 13 miles before you even get to the official race day.  God help me.  lol.  You know, I'm only walking this, not running, but Stephen Vinson at "Who Ate My Blog" has started running and I see his FB status every day.  I saw something on there where he said he pretty much runs at one speed...DON'T DIE!  lol  That sums up how I'm feeling about walking this Half.  Even though I've been following the schedule this week, the reality of actually being able to do this in November seems so far away.  I've been praying, Lord just let me finish....I don't care about my time, just let me make it across that finish line even it takes 6 hours and everybody's already gone home, lol.  I am glad I committed to it though.  It has served the one purpose I had for signing up and that is just to get back in the groove of actually caring about what I'm eating, and getting some movement in again. 

The weight is coming off very slow.  I definitely still have a problem with stress eating (AT WORK!!!).  But my weight  is no longer going up, and I'm no longer maintaining.  I lost a lb. week before last, and I lost 1 more lb. this week.  These numbers would increase if I'd get more disciplined and dedicated obviously, but I'm not there yet.  I would say about 3 days a week I end up crying in my car at lunch time all due to work stress and my boss.  I've been eating to stuff those feelings, even though I know every reason in the world not to.  It doesn't solve anything, the stress relief is very temporary, you feel so guilty afterwards, you hate yourself for doing it, you flat out know better, etc.   I know stress will always be in my life in some shape or form.  If I actually get Errand Fairy rolling, that will be a whole new set of stress!!  I like to think of it as positive instead of the negative I'm drowning in right now, but either way, I need to teach myself how to deal in other ways.  I have all the knowledge on what you're SUPPOSED to do...I need to apply it. 

Well I guess that's all for now.  Since I can't blog at work anymore due to the internet Nazi's I will make more of an effort to do it in the evenings when I get home from work, after I get on the treadmill, cook dinner and eat, and bitch to Dwayne about how bad my work life sucks.  :)  Hope everyone is having a restful and relaxing weekend! :)


  1. I love your weekly weigh-in on the side. Especially the *starting over* part, it looks just like mine. Jeeze, this is hard isnt it :( Well good luck :)

  2. Internet Nazis...are those like the Puppy Nazis that wouldn't give us a pup (many years ago)? (I just had to laugh when I read about the new Nazis in town...guess they are all related. And for the record...that is only for illustration purposes only...not meant to offend anyone...guess I should have said Puppy Police to be more politically correct. But why start now?!?!?!).

    Congrats on keeping up with the training schedule this week...you rock!!!

    And congrats on the weight loss again this week...

    Wish I could say the weekend was relaxing...but my "weekend" is over as of tomorrow morning...YUCKO!

  3. So good to hear from you, Tammy! And good to hear that you're hanging in there in spite of difficult situations - read: work. We have a firewall at work that keeps up from getting on FB, but basically all day I'm on blogs, crossword puzzles...and whatever thing I'm into, like knitting sites, Amazon... If they ever deconstructed my computer wanderings, I'm sure I'd be fired on the spot!

    Congrats on the weight down - I'm struggling and very aware of being rather outta control with eating some days. Plus, it's been so effing hot here (hotter than ATL!) that the only walking I've been doing is from car to air conditioned spot! UGH. I'm beginning to feel the tide turning to getting back on track - hopefully I'll be in there behind you! Take care - chat us up when you can! :)

  4. Glad you're seeing some progress! Hang in there, it'll be worth it!

  5. I love the "don't die" speed of running - I have absolutely felt like I was running at that pace before! For your first half marathon, the "to finish" goal is the only one you should be aiming for...and you totally will finish. :)

  6. Congrats on sticking with your training this week! That's too bad they busted you at work - everything is blocked where I am, so even if I wanted to I couldn't check anything..not even my bank statement!

  7. Good job with the pound lost and I am glad you still have your job! :)