A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scared Straight

Hey!  It's been FOR-E-VER since I posted....just busy with the new rental house and STILL looking on Craig's List for a treadmill.  We're having a problem finding one within our $300 budget, but I told Dwayne we're buying one this Friday when we get paid, even if it's a piece of crap.  I STILL have the same heat rash I developed in Myrtle Beach nearly 3 months ago.  I finally went to the doctor and got an Rx for a $35 cream to put on it, and I put pure cornstarch on top of the cream.  What a pain in the you know what....and $35 for a little tube of cream????  Dang!

Speaking of the dr, things are VERY bad.  My blood pressure was 110/80, which he said is excellent.  And my weight was 258 lbs, which is down 2 lbs from the last time I posted on here.  But my diabetes #'s and triglycerides are terrible, and by gaining this weight back, I've landed myself back on meds.  2 for the diabetes and 1 for the triglycerides.  My thyroid is also a little out of whack again, which makes no sense to me because I take that medicine religiously every single morning an hour before I eat anything.  Anyhoo....I'm in trouble.  It was unsettling to hear I had to go back on the meds.  I cried.  A lot.  The disappointment in myself is pretty much overwhelming, but I deserve it.  I knew I could keep it under control with weight loss and exercise, and I just didn't.  Plain and simple.  So now the goal is to get back OFF the meds....for good.

I will say that I'm not feeling all gung ho again yet about the healthy eating.  I don't like preparing and cooking different things for me and Dwayne, the non-veggie eater.  But I will say that he's making an effort to make it easier on me.  He actually ate salad (just romaine lettuce and baby spinach for him) 3 times last week.  And one night he fixed dinner by grilling some chicken and serving watermelon and raw baby carrots as the sides.  Bless his heart. 

I've fallen back into the Coke habit and boy is that a hard one to kick.  I still drink a ton of water every day...that never changed...but I added sodas back in over time and it's hard to let them go.  Working on that...I've definitely decreased my intake, but I need to kick the habit completely. 

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I signed up for the Half Marathon in Savannah this November.  I have about 3 1/2 months to get ready for that.  The furthest I can go right now w/o dying is 6 miles, so I have some serious work to do to build up to 13.1.  I'm still very excited about it.....intimidated, but excited, because my friends Tina, Kim and Crys are all also doing the Half that day.  Very cool.  All 3 of them are in WAY better shape than me and I'm sure I'll come in last.  I'm just hoping to walk fast enough to qualify for that little 13.1 bumper sticker I want. :)

OH!!!!  Speaking of bumper stickers, my car finally bit the dust this past weekend.  The Accord was 19 years old, had no a/c (100 degree days here in Georgia!!!!), and had a SERIOUS oil leak.  I took it to the shop to get fixed this past Saturday and they told me it would be $1400 to fix it!!!!!!!!  ???????   The car wasn't even worth $1000 so I scrapped it.  I needed a car fast....can't miss work.....so I went to a buy here-pay here place the same day and bought an '02 Toyota Corolla.  It's tiny, but they're supposed to be dependable.  I hate having a car payment....I haven't had one in about 10 years because I normally buy used cars outright, but at least I only have to pay on it for 2 years....that's not too terribly bad.

This weekend will be busy....have to buy a treadmill from someone, anyone, I don't care at this point.  Have to go stand in line at the tag ofc on Saturday morning to renew/transfer my tag to the new car.  My birthday is in a couple of weeks so I already had to renew my tag this month.  I'm going to be 39...yikes!!!  I really enjoyed my 30's....hate to see them come to a close...kinda' sad.  Also have to weed my flower bed this Sat and put down mulch, then help Dwayne stain the deck.  And Scarlette has an appointment at the salon on Sunday to get her furry buns trimmed.  My precious baby.  :)

So just been busy but I'm still here.  I've been thinking I'd like to post more regularly with workout updates, etc. when I finally get the dang treadmill.  Say a prayer that I can find one this wknd that Dwayne will agree to purchasing.  Have a fab Tuesday friends.  :)


  1. I was just thinking about finding a treadmill or elyptic machine this morning on craigslist. no luck though huh? :(

    I work in a pharmacy - most likely you wont use all of that cream, a little goes a long way! But yes, $35 is alot, sorry.

  2. Yay for a post from Tammy! Great to hear from you in your usual fairly upbeat tone, despite some of the less than stellar things. Keeping that upbeat attitude will help you immensely stay the course and eventually find your way down the scale.

    Sorry you had to go back on meds for awhile, but think of it as a temporary thing. You essentially cured yourself of the Type 2 and hyperlipids before, and YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN. And I know you will.

    I totally get how you can't possibly do outdoor walking with the Atlanta summer - it's killer hot here, but at least we get a bit of a break into the high 80s every few days. Atlanta summer is relentless. I hope you're able to find a treadmill - I'm shooting out and up a prayer that the universe provides one to get you going. It doesn't matter one iota where you place in that half...dead last is just fine. You just hafta get over the finish line.

    I thought I was gonna die and puke when I crossed the one I did in Atlanta a few years back. The farthest I ever got in training was about 7 1/2 miles, so really wasn't well prepared. But I just turtled along. And damn! I never got a 13.1!

    I love you and miss you. Glad you have 3 strong awesome women to do the half with - between them and adrenalin, you'll make it and live to tell the story! Take care - and send me your new cell again. I can't find the email with it so only have your old one.

  3. Glad to see your post too. Been thinking about you and worrying about what was up with you.

    Sorry you have to go back on meds. That just blows!

    Good luck on finding a treadmill this weekend.

  4. I'd mail you my treadmill (my place is too small to use it safely) if I could, but I think the postage from Oregon to Georgia would be a tad pricey! Then again, if I gave it to you for free and you just pay for shipping.... ;)

    It's a great treadmill, I just could never find anyone to buy it off of Craiglist. For even $100. Ironic, eh?

  5. It was good to see you today.
    Sorry to hear about the setbacks.
    Keep strong. I have faith in you. In myself too. We know what we have to do, but get lost here and there along the way. :0(

  6. Sorry to hear about the health problems. At least training for the marathon will help with that. :) VERY cute of Dwayne is "helping." Sometimes it is so hard for the partners to change along with us right? :)

    - Lisa