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Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Already???

Wow my weekends fly by soooo fast.  In my personal opinon, 10 days vacation at work is not enough to spread out over a whole year.  Sucks that you can't just take a day off whenever you want to stay at home and work in your flower bed or cook up a bunch of healthy food for the week.  I always have grand plans on the weekend and I always overschedule.  I can't ever fit it all in.  Blah. 

I've been wanting to stain our deck for weeks now, and every Sat and Sun morning the deck is soaked from where it's rained the night before.  Good ol' summertime in the South....rains every day.  It's usually only for 5 mins...just a passing shower, and just long enough to get everything soaking wet.  Grrrrr.

Well last night about 6pm I decided it was a good time to start on the deck.  I moved the table and chairs to one end and just started staining.  I got about 75% of it done.  My PLAN is to finish rolling the boards next weekend, and hopefully Dwayne can start on spraying the rails and spindels. 

I also managed to get all the weeds pulled out of my flower bed this wknd, but wasn't able to plant the new flowers I bought and put some weed killer down on the weeds and get it mulched.  I really just wanted to take the day off today and FINISH that stupid flower bed, but alas, I'm way too responsible to do something like that.  Due to our Myrtle Beach trip this past spring, and our move to the new house at the end of June, I now only have 2 days off left for the rest of the year!  Boo!  lol

Ok I'll quit my bitching, lol.  I really am doing pretty good...except I hate my job, lol.  Is it possible to hate your job and still be extremely thankful that you have one?  Why, yes it is possible!  I feel that way every day!  :)  What I really want to do is get Errand Fairy off the ground.  Now that I have a better-looking car (my 19 year old Honda Accord died a week ago), I'm able to buy a magnetic sign or two and put on my car to help advertise.  There's also a temp girl that works here and there for us when we get too busy, and she's available to do some daytime errands while I'm at work, so I won't have to turn down all calls for errands done during the day.  Yay!  Very excited about that!  Tina is going to update my website today with my new phone #, and I have to order business cards again with my new address and phone #, but things are starting to move along where the Errand Fairy is concerned.  Thank the Lord!  I really, REALLY want to work for myself.  There's a word for people like me who don't deal super well with authority and think that the way everyone else does it in the office is stupid.....and that word is "entrepreneur".  LOL

Oh!!  Dwayne and I both got on the treadmill this weekend.  I have one word for that experience.  Ow.  It says it's on 0 incline, but it feels like there IS an incline even when it says 0, so it feels like you're constantly walking up a slight hill, which I suppose is good for the quads and hamstrings, but boy do they hurt right now!  It's all good, I'll get used to it soon enough....just have to get on that thing every day, consistently, and build up.  November isn't too far away! 

Dwayne and I went grocery shopping together and spent $187!!!!  That's a ridiculous amount for 2 people, I know, but I bought every healthy thing I could think of.  We're grilling out almost every night now, I've got tons of veggies, and lots of fruit, etc.  Trying to eat better takes real effort on my part, and I'm working on it.

Well that's it for the weekend update....hope all of you had a good one.  Now it's time to muddle through this Monday so we can say, "Only 4 days left til the weekend!!!"  :)


  1. Good to catch up--staining that deck is exercise too! I'm with you on the better eating---I use my grill all the time, despite the heatwave...I can use the Foreman--but it's not as good as coming off the grill...I've discovered grilled veggies---I never imagined I would accept---but they're so good!!! It's good to read about you and Dwayne---great treadmill workout---very nice!!! It burns---but it's such a good burn, huh?!!? ;)

  2. I honestly think healthy stuff is WAY more expensive.

    - Lisa