A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Food and Farmer's Market

I stayed the same weight this week....254 lbs.  So there's that.

I've got a couple of more food pics to show you....some baked cod and some italian chicken sausages...

I got online last night lookiing for a local Farmer's Market here in Roswell.  Lo and behold, I found one!  They have it at City Hall every Sat morn through Sept. from 8a-12p.  I showed up bright and early this morning and made a few selections:

yellow squaqsh
bell peppers
yellow pepper
vidalia onions
lemon cucumber

I spent $16!

I will go to Publix sometime over the weekend and get some more fruit.  They were pretty skimpy on the fruit this morning.

I gotta' run for now....meeting my cousin Jennifer to do my long walk for the week....5 miles today.  That's gonna' hurt..lol.  There's a place called The Greenway in my area that I just found out about.  There are supposed to be wooded trails and such along the walking path....and it's 13 miles long!!  I have found my new training spot for the Half Marathon...perfect!  I'll post again soon....I hope you all have a produce-filled weekend.  :)


  1. wonderful! That food looks great and hope your walk was fab! Give it time, the weight will come off.