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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Like Me Please

LOL.....what a ridiculous title!!  No, I don't have a complex....I need your help on Facebook.

I created a Facebook page tonight for Errand Fairy with the help of my childhood friend Cherie.  She is AWESOME...thanks Cherie!!  :)

I'm handicapped when it comes to knowing my way around FB, so Cherie's helping me as another way of advertising my new business.  She said I need to get people to "like" my Errand Fairy page.  I'm guessing you can find it in a search, or link to it from my regular page....Tammy Ortagus in the search box should get you there.  I posted a link last night that should take you from my personal FB page to my Errand Fairy page.  There are 2 other Errand Fairies that I know of on FB...one in California and one in Minnesota I think.  Mine is in Roswell, GA.

Help a girl out!  lol 

I'd sure appreciate it.  :)


  1. I found 2 Errand Fairy pages on FB. One's in California, the other in MN. Neither are you, right?

  2. Oh & one other thing....you can put a "like me on FB" button on your website. Just don't ask me how. :)

  3. Done and done!

    Lol, I had to create an FB page cuz I didn't have one. But now I (sorta) started one for FGGL too. So if you'd like to "like" mine back, that would be super. It's just at The Fat Girl's Guide to Life. I was going to wait to create one, but I guess it's a good idea to get started now.

    Let me know if you learn any useful tips :)