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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Need A Vacation

Didn't have time to post my weigh-in yesterday before I left for work, but you didn't miss anything exciting.  I was 256 lbs. last Friday, and 255.8 lbs. yesterday, so I'm still maintaining.  No weight loss going on around here.  Just job stress.  What I wouldn't give for a week away....at the beach...with Dwayne and Scarlette...and no phone calls from work.

I mentioned a little while back that the boss got pissed, threatened the jobs of 2 of my co-workers, and one of them was out job interviewing for something else.  Well this week, the other one started lining up job interviews.  If both of them leave I will be the ONLY one left in the office w/ any knowledge of what's going on...the bad thing is, I've only got 7 months of knowledge in the insurance adjusting business.  Yikes.  The boss is requiring me to be fully cross-trained in both of the other girl's positions....one is an admin, the other is the OFFICE MANAGER.  In fact, our ofc manager was scheduled to go down to Ft. Lauderdale this week to learn the new computer system that our parent company is currently using.  That was before she pissed off the boss by making a mistake he REALLY didn't like.  So he yanked the trip from her and dropped it in MY lap.  I flew down and learned way too much crap in 2 days time....Tues and Wed.  Came back and told all of it to the other 2 girls....and they're not impressed.  They don't like the new system...AT ALL.  Both of them felt like they should have been sent to FL instead of me....beings that one has 10 yrs in the ofc, and the ofc mgr has 22 years.  Did I mention I've only been here for 7 months? 

As if things weren't already uncomfortable between me and the 2 of them....our boss called us all in the ofc on Thur and told us that one of the reasons he sent me down instead of them is he felt I'd be more open-minded towards change.  They both looked at me.  I was holding my breath & trying to act like I didn't notice that they were boring holes in the side of my head with their glare.  Fun times at the ofc!!!  And there's so much more fun to come!!  Can I please have that vacation now???  Until next time....


  1. Pettiness reigns supreme...As if any of these things were your fault. Those ladies should be old enough and experienced enough to realize. Ah well....
    I think it is good that you are being called upon in these ways. It'll make your own business even better.
    Try meditation Tammy. It really helps. And staying in the moment. And cuddling that beast of yours {LOL Both!}...
    Take extra care of yourself. Be kind to yourself.
    {sending the belated earrings on Tuesday!}

  2. Usually people get SET IN THEIR WAYS after they have been at a job for a long time.
    I can understand your bosses words while your co-workers are taking it differently. sigh!
    When my office was purchased by the chiropractor who was hired by my boss to help him with his amount of patients everyone was let go, EXCEPT MOI!
    I had been there close to ten years by then, so I took it as they liked the way I did my job even to coming in earlier than the hour I had to and I was Salaried.
    Made coffee, had the office warmed up or cool for the first patient's of the day and was Ready To Roll.
    Trust me it certainly wasn't because I was Open To Change. ;0) I don't like change. I'm a creature of habit.
    Attitude, work ethics played a big roll in them keeping me until I retired some five years later.
    We enjoy a warm camraderie when I go to get adjusted.
    Bosses ( husband and wife ) gave me Free chiropractic care for life. :0) :0) :0)
    Good Luck in your endeavors. Sorry this has upset your Apple Cart. It will all work out m/f.

  3. Hang in and enjoy the weekend. Sounds like a poisonous work environment. Hope something gives soon!

  4. ((hugs)) Tammy, i hope things get better at your job.

  5. So where does all this working leave the Errand Fairy?? Let's reschedule dinner to something soon!!

  6. Your boss callsvit like he sees it. When ppl work somewhere for long periods if tine, they have a hard time adjusting to change. I work w/someone that gas been teaching for 22 years and she is so old school! Don't let the office haters steal your joy or thunder!

  7. I guess I'm alone here on this, but it doesn't really seem like the boss is helping the atmosphere any. It seems like somewhat unleadership type moves, but hey what do I know.

    I will say it sounds like it is good you have mapped out some plans for your own future.

    And sorry FL was all work and no play! Chrissy

  8. it's not your fault that you are a work rock star. :) Your boss sees in you what they need. Good for you!