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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From Perm To Temp

Well....my permanent job went temporary today.

It has to do with the legalities of the last receptionist that they laid off, and hired me instead of offering her the old job back.  So in order to get around that, the president of the company talked to me today and his lawyer suggested they bring me in through a temp agency.  My pay is the same....it just means I'll be paid through the temp agency for 90 days and then if they like me, I'll go permanent after that.  I'm not worried about it really....it just worried me a tiny bit because I have to get an apartment at the end of August/first of September, and it would have looked MUCH better on the rental application if I had been at a permanent job for 3 1/2 months instead of only 1/2 a month, lol.  Oh well....I'm still very thankful to have the job in the first place.  According to the statistics on the Dept of Labor website, the unemployment rate here in Georgia is 10.6%.....it's still going up, so when they tell you on the news that it's getting better....don't believe them, lol.

One of the girls went to the food court at the mall today and brought back lunch for everyone.  I don't even want to talk about the food for the rest of this week, so I think I'm going to stop.  When Staci is gone on vacation next week and I have my desk all to myself, I'll feel much more settled....but this first week is just stupid in regards to the eating.  I'm going to make SURE to spend ample time this weekend really thinking and planning out my meals for next week.....breakast, lunches, dinners & snacks.  I'm also joining the challenge at Kandice's blog "No More Chunky Dunking..." that starts next Monday.  I can't remember what all of her rules are off the top of my head...but for my own personal sanity, I'm going back to taking pics of every calorie I put in my mouth.  I know I said I wasn't going to do that this month....didn't want to bore all of you with every apple & banana....but I need to do it and that's that.  This week has just been a disaster....right on the heels of the beach disaster...and I'm getting fatter by the day.  So....be prepared to see food pics starting next week.  It's time to take back control over the stupid eating choices.  'Nite friends.  :)


  1. I'm glad they have a workaround for your situation...things can get complicated, I'm sure.

    If you need to photo your food, doesn't bother me...it is always interesting to see someone's particular choices.

    You'll be back on track...you want this bad enough.

  2. My husband got the job he has now through a temp agency, and everything worked out very well. We were even able to buy a house, while he was still a temp. I think you should be fine :) Good luck with everything!

  3. I've heard of this before. It seems a drag, but it is great that you are working again. Enjoy the new routine!

  4. well, glad they can work around the issue. good luck planning your meals. Hope you are able to really settle in soon.

  5. iam so glad you found a good job you like..it is hard to find them everywhere..yes take pics of the food..i love to see pics of everyones food and whatever else they like..have a great week..loveya,kelli

  6. You do whatever it is that helps you get back on track with the food. I didn't mind your food pics at all. Try doing some "stock photos" - a banana, an apple, a yogurt, a Kashi bar...any of your regular items, and plug 'em in where they fit when you post. It'll take a little less time with the camera! This first week of a new job is always stressful and with much less "control" over things than you'll ultimately have.

    I'm so glad they found a way to keep you, and have no worry that you'll advance to permanent status in 88 more days!

  7. It's funny how the best planning always seems to get hit the hardest. But, you never know how things will work out in the end. The temporary thing doesn't sound great, but at least it's a start.

    And yes I agree with you - don't believe the press. The labor market is not getting better! I have dipped my toe in the job waters and it's cold! Very cold!

    I am thankful that you have a job that pays on a normal schedule and will hopefully pay some of the bills. Keep your chin up!

  8. If taking pics and posting pics of what you eat helps - DO IT! Its your blog, after all ; )
    Got your package today...love the bracelet, Daniel has already claimed the keychain as his, and I now see why you didn't take a pic of that shot glass! LMBO! Thanks XOXO