A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Food Pics

Oh I ate way too much.  We ate around 4:30pm.....I took pics...and then went back and picked some more around 9pm...and picked....and picked...and now I'm friggin' miserable.  :(

                                                                         My coleslaw

My baked mac 'n' chz

My deviled eggs

Kandice's cinnamon apples.

Kandice's baked sweet potato sticks.

She also brought corn on the cob but I forgot to take a pic.

I put out a fruit platter and veggie platter.

I made a strawberry & blueberry trifle for dessert w/ angel food cake & fat-free Cool Whip.

Dwayne grilled some regular burgers, chicken burgers & hot dogs for us. 

Burger fixin's.

I had a chicken burger w/o cheese, added some tomatoes, onions, dill pickles, ketchup & lite mayo.  I also had a spoon of mac 'n' chz, coleslaw & sweet potatoes.  Then I shared a hot dog with Dwayne.

I also had a spoon of the trifle, but forgot to take a pic of it.

Don't even ask me what I ended up consuming at 9pm.  Shameful stuff when you add it all up. 

On a happier note, I'm joining another challenge...this time, for exercise, which I desperately need.  I'm doing it for the whole month of June, so it starts tomorrow.  I'll elaborate on it more on tomorrow's post.  So 2 challenges going now...maybe I'll actually lose some weight in the month of June!  'Nite friends.  :)


  1. Yeah...I think the next summertime pitfall is July 4th, so a whole month to get ready! That looked like some good food there...mmmm.

  2. Oh my gosh that triffle looks so amazing. Don't get too down on yourself. Just pick it back up tomorrow.

  3. I forgot all about the deviled eggs! Darn! Your food looks yummy!... especially your dessert!

  4. Looks like some delicious food. Did you enjoy it? Because that makes the regret easier to deal with :-)

  5. Look at you and your two challenges, great job. Food looks yummy.

  6. that does look good, don't blame you for slipping a bit extra... awesome you're back on track with a new challenge x

  7. Yummy! I'm doing two challenges too! One way or another, we're going to get our a$$'s in gear. I'm feeling optimistic.

  8. Don't dwell on the past Tammy. Every day, every meal is a new chance to do something good for yourself.

    I know you can do it!


  9. That also looks so good!
    Now I'm craving cinnamon apples!

  10. And those cinnamon apples were homemade thank you very much! LOL. I will toot my own horn because it took me an hour to peel all those apples, damnit. LOL. I love those apples and they are AWESOME on french toast and pancakes as well... I even think its better than IHOP!

  11. I did not eat. And I'm glad. Mostly didn't eat because no one invited me. haha
    But those pictures of all that food look fantastic. I'm glad you didn't invite me or we'd have both been eating late.