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Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Job Interview!!!!

Oh my goodness I finally have my FIRST job interview in over a YEAR!!!!!  Most of you know that I normally do accounting work, but this job is for a $12/hr receptionist.


I will take ANYTHING to get back in the work field, and although this pay is less than what I have made in the last few years...it's enough that I think I can pull it off and pay my basic bills if I get the position.

Billie, my roommate Shane's fiancee, who just happens to also be my gym partner, told me they're hiring for a receptionist at the insurance company she works for.  Billie is the secretary to the owner of the company (she's been there 22 years), and she's also the Office Manager.  She said she has the final say in who gets hired, but the truth is, I'm not the only one interviewing, and if the owner likes someone better, then she'll have to choose them.  So this isn't a sure thing, but I think I have a lot better chance than if I was going into a company to interview where I didn't know anyone.

Billie has mentioned before that she wishes I could work with her, and she knows my accounting background and my normal rate of pay.  She wanted to make sure I was even interested in this position when she asked me last night if I'd like to interview.  Ummmmm.......YES!!!!!!!  I'm definitely interested!!!!!!!

So PLEASE....I need ALL of your prayers that this job will come through for me and I can get back in the work force!!  Since this is my first job interview since I was laid off in February of '09, then it's apparent I'm overly excited and I know I shouldn't be, but man I just can't help it.  I really hope this comes through, but I'm trying to stay as calm as I can.  I've just been praying that if it's God's will that I get the job, then I will...and if it's not, then I pray He opens something else up VERY SOON.  :)

On another note, Mom and I went and bought a few little vegetable plants to set out in the yard today.  We might do some container gardening instead of using the bigger garden spot in the backyard that Steven tilled up earlier this week.  We might let him plant those rows, and we'll do our own thing in the plant boxes and window boxes around the house.  She'll be here in a few minutes and we're going to get a few little things planted...tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and I forget what else. 

Also, I got on the scale again this morning....242 lbs....oops, I'm up another pound.  But as I said, FRIDAY IS THE DAY to get fully back on track, so I'm already looking forward to NEXT Friday's weigh-in. 

I've also pretty much decided what I'm going to do with the picture-taking.  I'm setting another 15 lb. goal for this month.  I have another event coming up, so I'll use that as my goal point.  My family reunion that I'm organizing is on Saturday, June 19th, so about a month away.  For this month, I won't be taking pics of every single calorie. Whoever followed my blog last month already knows that I eat egg white scrambles for 90% of my breakfasts each morning, and if you've seen one egg white...you've seen them all.  Also, I don't think I need to take a pic of every apple, orange or cup of Chobani yogurt.  However, if I make something for lunch or dinner that I think is yummier than normal or a little out of my normal schedule...perhaps a new recipe, then I'll take a pic of it.  As I said, the goal is 15 lbs this month.  Now.....if I DON'T lose those 15 lbs. like I KNOW I can do....then I'll be back to taking pics of every single calorie the next month.  My accountability is more important than anything else.  So that's the plan for this coming month.

 And thank you all for the comments on yesterday's posts.  You all had such nice things to say that I was almost worried that someone might think I was fishing for compliments or trying to garner some extra attention.  I assure you I wasn't, but I think you guys already know that about me.  You all know that I make this blog as honest as I can...and it had been a while since I'd offered you a big ol' dose of what was going on in my head.  Thanks again for listening and offering me your awesome support!  :)


  1. I'm on it, Sharon. Praying for you right after I send this.

  2. Wow...exciting news. I think it is wonderful to get a variety of job experiences. Once in the door, you never know what other opportunities you can generate. Relax, be confident, and go for it!

  3. I have confidence in you, Tammy. Thinking good thoughts and prayers for you too!

  4. Feel free to put me down as a reference. That should put your resume over the top!

  5. I'm very happy to hear about the job interview! Just keep a positive attitude and I'm sure you will ace it! Like someone else mentioned just getting your foot in the door can be a wonderful opportunity!

  6. The very best of luck to you on the job interview. I'll keep a good thought for you. It sounds as tho' your odds are very good, and even tho' it might not be the very best use of your talents, being employed is a plus!! Besides, it could open other doors for you. Good luck!!

  7. Sending prayers your way. I have a good feeling that you will get the job. Good Luck

  8. I really hope you get the job. I'll be saying prayers and keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for you. Good luck!!!

  9. Hi Tammy. That's great news! Really hope you get it.

    Bearfriend xx

  10. Yes!!! Best of luck and prayers going up!

  11. When is the interview? So very exciting, and of course I also hope you get it. My most positive vibes and prayers are sent in your direction and all crossable body parts are crossed.

    Sounds like a good plan with the food. I'm gong to try the same kind of thing. I got some good ideas from your dinner pics, like that awesome pork tenderloin!

  12. Good luck! Sometimes the job that isn't exactly what you wanted turns out to be just what you needed.

  13. Hi Tammy,

    I've been very busy the past week and have just caught up on your trip and return. I'm so glad you had a great time. Oops on the gain, but we all expect this on a trip. Just get back at it and things will be fine.

    Good luck with your interview. I so hope you get the job. You need it desperately! Go in with confidence and really sell yourself. I'm going to be looking for good news!

  14. Got everything crossed for you darin, and my direct line to Him Above is buzzing!!



  15. Best of luck on your job interview....I will have you in my prayers. Hugs, Kathleen

  16. Good luck on the interview. I was laid off 6 yrs ago and took a "lesser" job and I'm so happy I did...about $30k less than my previous salary but about $30 k less of the hassles as well. With your additional skills anyone that hires you will probably bump you up when they realize they can use those skills as well. I also heard the IRS was hiring but I don't know where their offices are ..I know some of their people work at home. so check out their website.

    In response to your questions on my blog. I live in Loganville, as close to Athens as to downtown Atlanta. I'm 47 but mentally 35 sometimes. Very in to the 80's music. We go to tybee island beach off of Savannah. love it .very laid back. not very commercial. They don't allow dogs on the beach though, so we never take our dogs with us. we ride bikes, eat out, walk on the beach.
    condos range from around $120 up per night but they have hotels that are cheaper..I prefer the condos.

    oh and I screamed at the tv when dexter found rita...love eric on true blood..

  17. I will definitely send some prayer your way that you get that job!

  18. Tammy, you sparkle. Even on your blog. There is nothing better than a sparkling receptionist. Done deal. No seriously, if this is God's will for you, you got it. If you don't get it, it's because there is something even better coming along for you!

  19. That is awesome!!! I hope it works out :)

  20. Good luck with the interview... fingers crossed :-)

  21. Tammy, you made me laugh about being gone so long. Thanks for hanging in with me. I will be back up and running full time on Sunday. I have so much to blog about. The one thing I have to admit is that I really missed blogging and checking in with you all. Thanks again I will be checking in on you in a few days.

  22. Oh, yes, I'm praying for you throughout my day today, and I was yesterday after reading this. Love, Chrissy

  23. It will be great!!!!
    I know it will!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I bet you get the job today. I'll go one step further...I bet you start Monday.

    Just a hunch.

    Congrats my friend!!!

    My best always