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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy Weekend Ahead

Leslie at Something Brilliant Is Brewing is in Atlanta this weekend and I'm having dinner with her tomorrow night.  I cannot WAIT to meet her!  She's a fabulous person who I've built a personal friendship with through emails over the last year or so.  I connect with her on so many levels, but we are definitely simpatico with the weight loss struggles.  We'll be meeting at a cajun seafood restaurant called Pappadeaux's for dinner and I'll be sure to take some pics to share here. 

Saturday morning we're taking Scarlette to Petsmart to get her toenails, ears, etc. taken care of, and then on to a puppy festival with her little pumpkin costume.  She loves that thing!  I had it in a closet and the door shut, and every evening she scratches on the closet door until I open it....then she jumps up like a little pogo stick until she reaches the shelf her costume is on and grabs it and takes off!  lol  Dwayne put it on her a couple of nights ago, and she ran and played in it, chewing on toys and jumping up on us to give us kisses.  I would think most dogs wouldn't be too fond of being dressed up but my dog is weird like that, lol.  Maybe she thinks it's cozy and snuggly?  I don't know, but whatever makes her happy.  :) 

Saturday evening we're going to a Halloween costume party.  We ordered Renaissance costumes online.  I'll take some pics.  Sunday I'm meeting up with Kim and Julia from Julia's Journey for lunch and then some shopping at the Dekalb Farmer's Market.  More pics!  It's going to be a busy weekend for sure.

Thanks to everyone who left lovely comments yesterday about Brittany's picture.  She is a beauty.  For the one person who asked if she gave me permission to post her picture online....yes, she did.  I mentioned that I spoke to her on FB yesterday.  We discussed the pics and she didn't have a problem with it at all....as a matter of fact, she emailed me 11 pics of her and her friends....and asked me to pic the most flattering ones!  I chose to only post one pic yesterday....but I'll probably post more in the future...maybe after we meet in person.  :) 

I'll be back with my weigh-in tomorrow.  I've been sitting at 248.0 for the last 2 weeks.  We'll see where I'm at tomorrow....hopefully still maintaining, at the very least, because I certainly don't think I've eaten enough this week to have a gain.  I've been on 1/2 a pill with my Zoloft for about a week and a half now.  Last night I bumped it up to 1 whole pill, which is 50 mg (the lowest dose), and again, I'm dizzy and have nausea today.  It's irritating, but I'm guess I'm just going to have to deal with the side effects if I'm ever going to get the full benefit from the medicine. 

Be back tomorrow.  :)


  1. Have a fabulous weekend Tammy! I forgot to post about your lovely daughters picture yesterday, she is a beauty and im sure you very proud of her! Sounds like you guys are hitting off great! I had to LOL at your little doggie's excitement about the Halloween costume, that is SO CUTE!

  2. Tammy .... isn't there something besides Zoloft you can take?
    Sometimes the chemistry in your body changes.
    Where once a drug had no side effects, down the road it does. :0(
    Enjoy that busy weekend.
    I'm too old to keep up with you. :0)

  3. I somehow missed the post with Brittany's picture, so I went back & looked...she really is beautiful and it's such a blessing that ya'll can be part of each others lives! Have a wonderful, though busy, weekend and I'm sure you and Leslie will have a wonderful time together...looking forward to lots of pics!

  4. Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead - have fun meeting Leslie.

  5. Omw, Scarlette's costume antics totally cracked me up! Your lil punkin. haha