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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Butternut Squash Pics

Here's some butternut squash I baked this week....added some cinnamon on top, but nothing else...no butter, etc.  It was FANTASTIC!

I eat most of my calories during the day.  I'm at work from 7:30a-5p each day....so 9 1/2 hours of snacking!!  I usually only have 200-300 calories left for dinner by the time I get home.  Here's what a 250 calorie dinner looks like for me....and actually less than that after Scarlette eats her share. ;)

Egg/egg whites, 3 oz of Boar's Head low sodium ham, onions, fresh mushrooms, bell pepper..quick, easy and yummy.  :)

Leslie at Something Brilliant Is Brewing, listed on my blogroll,  posted pictures of us at dinner together on her blog yesterday.  If you haven't seen them yet, hop on over there! 

Allan's challenge is going well.  My goal weight of 170 lbs. times 11 is 1870 calories.  I have not exceeded that amount since we started this challenge on Monday.  I've also drank at least 64 oz of water a day, most days I've had more.  We're not supposed to weigh again until the last day of the 2 week challenge, but I'll probably hop on next Monday, at the halfway point, and post what weight I'm at then. 

Have a fabulous day friends!  :)


  1. Looking good!
    Always leave here with the song " You are my sunshine" running through my mind. :0)

  2. What temp and for how long did you cook the butternut squash? What does it taste like? I have never had it, but always enjoy adding new foods.

  3. Hi Tammy ... your squash looks awesome. I just happen to have one waiting to be cooked. I think I'll try it this way, since no one likes it in my house anyway except me.

    I popped over and looked at your photos from the weekend with your friend. You look great! Always smiling. I hope you are well.

  4. That squash looks so good. I have one in my kitchen awaiting it's date with my first foray into making butternut squash fries. I am hoping that hubs and son like them well enough to give up the regular type, at least some of the time. :D

    I am so glad to see this challenge going so well for you and that you are back on your track.

  5. Your squash looks great! I've never cooked b. squash but am going to have to try it. With my recent run of knife injuries, I'm a little afraid to try and cut it! I'll get Tom to do it. Was the whole squash a serving, or half?

    Sounds like you're in a steady groove with Allen's challenge. I love his philosophy of giving us a chance to see what eating the amount to sustain our goal weight feels like.

    I had a much better day yesterday, and so far today. Going food shopping after work and I want to make your pita pizzas for dinner. I'm going to hunt your archive for them as soon as I sign off. And don't let Scarlette eat too many of your precious calories, lol!

  6. your pics look yummy!

    - Lisa