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Friday, October 15, 2010

Update on Meds and Weigh-In

Hi guys.  Hope all of you are doing well.  I've been reading some blogs but not commenting very much.  I've weighed the exact same thing for the last 2 weeks which is 248.0 lbs.  I ate too many calories to lose this week, but not enough to gain.  It took me about a week after getting the Zoloft to start taking it because I kept forgetting...just wasn't in the habit yet.  So I started about a week ago....and found out the first day that they were making me very ill...which didn't happen when I took it several years ago...so that's weird. It gives me nausea and makes me very dizzy.  So I started cutting them in half.  I guess it'll be another couple of weeks to work up to the whole pill and get it fully in my system and working.  Just trying to hold it together on all fronts until I can get on an even keel.  I've been sitting here at my desk at work inbetween entering insurance claims, trying to put together a good grocery list for the week ahead.  That's not going so well...apparently I'm in a food rut and nothing sounds good to me...can't think of what to make...so I emailed Sean and asked him to shoot me some ideas.  Still waiting to hear from him.

Nothing major going on this wknd that I can think of.....except on Sunday....taking my baby sister for a pedicure.  Next wknd we have another puppy festival and then a friend invited us to a costume party Sat night.  We ordered costumes on line...I got a burgundy Renaissance-type gown/dress and Dwayne got a "tavern guy" costume....they look pretty cool, and I was shocked that they actually fit.  I usually don't have good luck ordering clothes online, so this was a plus. 

Then the next Sat, Oct. 30th, Dwayne wants to go back so Six Flags for Fright Fest like we did last year.  I think I'm about 10-15 lbs heavier than I was at this time last year, so I hope I fit on the rides.  I'm too scared to go back and look in the archives to see what the weight difference is.  Last year was a big deal.  It was the first time I'd ridden a roller coaster in over 20 years.  The last time before that I was 15 years old, went to an amusement park called Ghost Town In The Sky in Maggie Valley, NC.  I got on a ride and they couldn't click the safety bar due to my humongous stomach.  They made me get up and get off....walk the plank around the ride to the exit gate....the plank of humilitation.  20 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday.  So yeah....rode all the rides last year...feeling good...and now I'm scared I might not fit this year.  I really do NOT want to even try...but Dwayne's a big kid when it comes to Six Flags and he's very excited about going.  So I'm going to go, say a little prayer, and hope the safety bar clicks.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend.  :)


  1. This is the time of year when we start transitioning to soups and stews. And my clan really likes stir fries and frittatas. Personally, I've been big on sweet potatoes for the past couple of weeks... baked with a dab of butter and cinnamon... yummo!

    Have fun at the amusement park.

  2. You've done awesome with the 92 lb weight loss! You should be VERY proud of that and don't beat yourself up over two weeks. :)

    I do have some great food ideas. Get some boneless, skinless chicken breast, throw in the crockpot with a jar of salsa and then 1/2 a jar of water (I throw the salsa in, then add water to like 1/2 of the jar - enough to completely cover the chicken) Cook on slow and then shred and make chicken tacos. They are FAB and SUPER low in calories as long as you don't add a ton of sour cream, etc. :)

  3. Tammy in a food rut too! I dug around in my pantry yesterday and found some rice-a-Ronni then sauteed up some Shrimp in garlic & light butter, steamed some veggies and you know what? I was shocked at how good it turned out :o, im no cook so I was proud of it,lol.

    Have a great time at fright fest! Sounds exciting...hope your side effects go away soon. Take Care =)

  4. You've gotten some great dinner ideas here! Sometimes staying the same weight happens. And then it starts to drop again. Good luck to both of us! I'm going to check back for more good dinner ideas.

  5. I think blogger just ate a comment I just tried to leave. ARGH. I hope you have a good weekend, Tammy. Regarding food, I've been thinking about the pita pizzas you made a while back. They looked great! You got me hooked on turkey pepperoni after that post.

  6. I went to Las Vegas 5 years ago and got on the Roller Coaster at NY, and didn't fit. The walk of fat shame, so horrible. I went into the Casino and played Craps. Took $25,000 from the bastids for embarassing, and they bought me a fancy meal as well. I told them to shove the dinner up their asses, and to make the coaster wider. Never again !

  7. Oh, that is a very upsetting story, i am very sorry to hear that happened to you.

    Best of luck for the week ahead honey

  8. If you like turkey products try some turkey italian sausage paired with couscous (the Near East roasted garlic and olive oil is good) and sauteed zuchinni, squash and onions. Or try a turkey meatloaf. I found a GREAT recipe. Email me at shauk10076@aol.com if you are interested in it. I also eat alot of pitta pizzas and chicken soft tacos. The other night I made stir fry with steak strips, garlic, onion, mushroom, red pepper and broccoli. For dessert lately I've been eating greek yogurt and fresh fruit. Hope these help!

  9. I also make the crockpot chicken taco, I add a packet of taco sauce along witht he salsa and water and cilantro.
    I use the mix in taco's, on pita's for pizza, with quinoa - the posibilities are endless :)
    Crockpot chili's are great too for winter.

  10. Just saw your blog for the first time today but wanted to comment on your Zoloft comment. I had the exact same experience...and it was because they had given me generic zoloft the second time. (I don't think they even had generic the first time I went on zoloft so successfully) It made me sick and miserable to be on the generic stuff. Called the doctor and they called in a new "not-generic" script. It was more expensive..but it didnt make me sick. The pharmacist said that I was probably reacting to some filler they had used in the generic. Just wanted to put that out there to see if it might apply to your situation. Good luck!!

  11. I hope the meds start working their magic soon and you start feeling better.

    I'll be saying a prayer for you that you won't have to walk the plank.

  12. Tammy, I have tons of different healthy, tasty meals that are quick and easy to make, and low calorie. Let me know if you'd like me to send you some of them! Nobody should be in a food rut when there's SO MUCH deliciousness out there! Haha.

    I hope that you'll be fine at Six Flags, and that the Zoloft starts making you feel better, instead of worse, soon.

  13. I had to walk the plank of humiliation once. Seems like 100 years ago. My thighs were too big. Well, must have been my ass and thighs. The safety bar would not go down. Devastation.

    I take half a zoloft too. But I try not to bend over too much due to dizziness. Who knows what that dizziness is from? Age, Beauty, too much hair dye? Could be a combo!

  14. You've done great on your progress so far. I too, understand the feeling of not going on a ride. About 10 yrs ago, a few of my coworkers went to Six Flags over Ga. I was hoping I wouldn't get stuck in the same cart with her. So, I was by myself. But, the safety bar didn't click and the operator didn't realize. I thought I was going to die. I almost fell out of the cart several times. We even went upside down. I tell ya, I had never been so scare before in my life. At first, I tried to click it myself, but it was moving tooo fast. I just pushed my foot down as hard as I could and held on for dear life. I never wish to go through that experience again. Which is why I always come up with a story of a headache or stomach ache everytime we go somewhere.
    You have been doing great with you weight loss and progress. Here's to hoping all goes well at Six Flags.
    Question about your medication, did you call the office about the side effects you were having. Sometimes they can call you something else in to the pharmacy. Hope you get to feeling better soon.