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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Chilly December Hike

The sun was shining today.  Amazing.  I couldn't wait to get out in it.  I decided to forego the gym today and get my exercise outdoors.  The original plan was to take Scarlette and do a hike at Kolb's Farm Loop which is part of the Kennesaw Mountain Civil War Battlefields.  It's a little over 5 miles long.

I texted Dwayne to let him know what I was doing.  I told him if he didn't hear back from me by dark to send out the troops.  He's had a bad cold for over a week and didn't have a very good Christmas, so he hasn't seen Scarlette in nearly 2 weeks.  I guess he didn't like the thoughts of me hiking such a long trail alone, so he called me and said he was going to meet us there.

I took my camera with me, and managed to get a couple of pics at the start of the trail, but then my camera died.  I was so disappointed.  There's some lovely views along this trail...open fields, tree canopies, creeks...but I didn't get to capture them.  Dwayne still wasn't up to par and not totally over his cold, so we only walked a total of 3 miles today.  I didn't want to push him since he was kind enough to tag along with us to ensure our safety.  He felt really bad that my camera died (he's the one that gave it to me), so as soon as we left the trail, he drove us to a store to buy me another one.  Yay!  Now I'm back in business with my picture taking. 

I took the memory card out of the broken camera and put it in my new one, so I'm going to see if I can download them to this post.

I'm so sore tonight.  I think it's more from being on that dang elliptical 2 days before the hike.  I like the soreness though.  It's been quite a while since my workouts have left me sore the next day.  It excites me.  It means I'm doing something right.  I'll be back in the gym tomorrow night with Billie and we'll both be back on the beast.  I'm determined to work up to a decent workout level on that thing.  And then what??  The Stairmaster (my worst nightmare...climbing stairs indefinitely)???  Well, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.  :)


  1. Yes, soreness is good! I always like it, too, 'cause it lets me know I'm working hard enough. And oh man, the stairmaster is terrible. Not only is it somewhat difficult, but I think it's just SO boring. I guess I prefer my body to have more motion going on than what that machine provides.

  2. Well Done on getting out and getting some fresh air exercise:o) The gym is great but there is nothing like a good walk in the great outdoors, its good for the soul..

    Hope Dwayne is feeling better soon, it's good that you are still friends.
    I am so glad My Tammy Girl is back in the Groove.

    Big Hugs


  3. Oh no you didn't. You did didn't you. You mentioned my arch nemesis...the STAIRMASTER. I break out into a cold sweat at the thought of what that machine will do to me.
    Why is it that running stairs, like real stairs, is so much easier than a stairmaster? That doesn't seem right.
    Your hike sounds wonderful. Sunshine naturally improves our spirits---it just gives us a little more life in our step, it feels so good. Kudos to you for trading the gym for the sunshine trail today!! Awesome. Your attitude and resolve is very inspiring to so many. Including me. ;)

    My best always

  4. Great photos and I have to confess, I too enjoy the soreness, lol!

    Never attempted the stairmaster yet either - eek!

  5. Hi Tammy. I think exercising in the fresh air is always better because it's not predictable and it also lifts your spirits to see beautiful things.

    I bet you'll be on that Stairmaster in no time!

    Bearfriend xx

  6. When I said "Take a hike!" that wasn't what I was talking about, dumbass...

    Oh well, looks like it turned out okay in the end. Lovely pix.

  7. The soreness will be in my neck of the woods soon enough. Love the pics!

  8. Looks like you had a nice hike! I can't wait to get back to walking next week when shcool starts again.

    I'm going to have some arm exercises posted on my blog in a day or two :)

  9. I think it's great you got outside to get your exersice in. Sometimes it's that little break from the norm that can make a big difference! I'm hoping to get outside to hike in the next couple of days (if the rain holds off here).
    I hope you have a great New Years, and a healthy, happy year in 2010!