A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Ugly Truth

I weigh 231 lbs this morning. I was 226.4 last Friday, so I'm up 5.6 lbs. Let me see if I can put a positive spin on this since I'm tired of all my depressing posts. I was up 8 lbs on Monday morning, so I stopped gaining at least. Started to pull the reigns back in the last few days. I've been to the gym 4 out of the last 5 days and going again this morning. Yes, I know (Jack!), things are going in the wrong direction. Hoping to get fully focused again soon. I'm not giving up.


  1. Good! Don't give up! You can turn it around. Just posting about it puts you a step in the right direction. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I believe you can!

  2. Boy, can I relate. Let's get back at it.

  3. Way to keep up with the positive attitude!

  4. Tammy, don't despair! The most important lesson you're teaching yourself (and inspiring others to do too - including me) is to get right back on that horse.

    As you know, I've reached my goal and am in maintenance. But I am still faced with the same issues. You can never let your guard down for long or the wheels start turning pretty quickly in the other direction. Especially at the holidays when there is so much extra temptation all around. You just do the best you can do. Keep up with your workouts and wake up every day with a renewed sense of confidence. You know what you're doing right and you know what you're doing wrong. We all do. It's just really important not to make excuses but to get back on track ASAP. It's a track you'll be on forever, so you might as well get comfortable on it.

    You'll be fine, sweetie. Just keep on keeping on! We're all here rooting for you!

  5. This current struggle will be just a memory and source of inspiration for others when you are back on track, which I expect will be sooner than later. You can and are doing it, Tammy. Just the fact that you're hanging in at the gym shows that you are not giving up! Another thing that helps me when I'm off track is to keep drinking lots of water. Tons. Somehow that helps me remember what I'm about today, because back when I was doing nothing but mindless eating and gaining, I never drank water!

  6. We all have been there....pick yourself up and keep going....this season its so hard to keep on track,we all finding it hard...so hang in the New year is around the corner and your motivation will return.

  7. It may be hard to see the benfit now, but this small gain, and you staying positive and getting right back at it, is very important as well. Life happens, and even the most dedicated of us can gain a pound or two. The most important thing is to never give in. And this time of year is rough on all of us.
    I'm on the exact same track you are-glad to know I have some company. And excellent company at that!:-)

    I've missed you too!

  8. Nope, you're not giving up! Good things are worth fighting for.

  9. You have got the right attitude Tammy, you are going to be Awesome in 2010. We will both get to were we want to be. With all the love and support out there...we are going over the top and into battle girl xxx

    Love and Hugs


  10. Come on, Tammy, I know you've got it in you to just power through this and do what you're supposed to. Is the food making you feel better when you see the gain at the end of the week? I'm guessing not. I know it's hard, but if you erase a lot of your progress during these tough times, it's just going to be that much crappier when your head is finally back to where it should be, but then you have to do the work all over again. Good luck with next week; I'm glad you're staying positive.

  11. Hi Tammy. I think you're going in the right direction now. You've reversed the damage and are doing all the right things. Really great getting to the gym. Exercise really does calm you down!

    Hope today is going well for you,
    Bearfriend xx

  12. Hey Tammy,
    I'm a little late on this, and you've already received one, but I also have an award for you over my way.
    Have a great weekend!!

  13. Hey Tammy...thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I'm a scale fanatic too so I completely understand the weight based metric for progress.

    If I were you, though, I'd do fricking cartwheels for getting the gym as often as you are doing. Yay for Tammy.

    Secondly, I'd also try and examine how you are performing at the gym. I bet your performance is improving for all your gym activities.

    The scale will come around, but likely your body (which is sometimes more difficult to measure) is already there...do not despair!