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Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Can't Believe It

I actually had a decent calorie day today!  I came in at 1520 calories, AND....I tackled the elliptical at the gym this morning instead of getting on the treadmill.  I needed a change in the cardio department, and I've never lasted more than 10 miserable minutes on the elliptical.  But I decided I'm going to master that stupid thing.  Billie and I made it 25 minutes today!!  Oh the burn....whole different set of muscles being worked, and I'm still feeling it several hours later....awesome. 

I'm going to put up some pics of my decorations and also of the baby opening her Christmas gifts, and also some pics of her trying to help me open mine, lol.  She's so precious.  :)


  1. Tammy, great job staying within a good calorie range! I love the Christmas pics!

  2. The elliptical is totally a killer. But I do like that it's no-impact for the knees, and you can go forward and backward, so sometimes it's fun to mix it up. Good job on doing it for longer today and for staying within your calories!

  3. I've only tried the elliptical once and had a hard time with it...great job lasting 25 minutes on it!!! I think it's good to switch up your workouts - keeps your muscles guessing.

    Pretty Christmas decorations - thanks for sharing the pictures (and of course your baby is so sweet!).

  4. Hurray for the return of skinny Tammy!

    Wow, soooo many decorations. And a cutie doggy!

    Bearfriend xx

  5. You go girl!! Kick that machine in it's booty!! lol. I have had a very stressful day so far. I knew all weekend it was going to be one of those days and a phone call left me crying for 10 minutes. But it's going to be alright. I took a deep breath and got back up in the saddle. Today I'm going to work out hard on the bike and maybe do some WII boxing to work out my stress. Isn't it great to be in control when life sometimes tries to kick us down?!!
    Love pics of Scarlette!! And your home looks so festive!!

  6. I have gotten bacl on plan today...heck, why wait till the New Year. I went to the gym. I've been doing 5 minutes on the eliptical.......today I did ten, plus 35 on the treadmill. I, too, am going to work on more time on the eliptical. I have thrown out all the sweets, and am back on track. You go girl, we are going to do this! Love your fur baby, and all the great home decor pics, nice job. Hugs, Kathleen

  7. Congrats on that eliptical! Woo-hoo.

    Your baby is precious! I loved the pictures. I love the Santa, I Can Explain sign!

  8. Great job on the eliptical and keeping with in your cals.
    I'm toying with buying an eliptical for my b'day - went to look at some over the weekend so we will see :)

    Great Christmas pics too - love the Santa sign.

  9. You're rocking that thing! It kills me, I swear...My quads are not happy when I'm on that thing. Tell me it gets easier...it must---everything else has. But I tell ya---it's a killer. Congrats on going 25...That rocks my friend. LOVE the pics! Your dog is the most adorable thing!! Great decorations, really good!