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Friday, December 4, 2009

Rebounding & Realization

The scale says 226.0 this morning for a loss of 6 lbs. I'm very happy with that. Now it's time to whittle away at the rest of that gain from last week so I can get back to where I was.

I'll be back in the gym this week, starting tonight, so I'm keeping my calories at 1700 this time.

I was very disappointed that I had to post that gain last week....disappointed that I earned that gain. But I also realized something this past week. I turned it around in one week. That's huge for me. That tells me that I'm learning and actually making progress, whereas before I started this blog and The Decision to lose the weight for good, I would have stuffed my face for weeks or months on end. I wouldn't have cared that I was creating an even bigger problem by expanding my obesity.

Now I care. I'm aware of what goes in my body and the direct results it has on it. I wish I could say I've got it all down pat, but I obviously don't. But I'm thankful for the progress...I'm thankful I've actually learned something in these last 6 months, and that it's not about just dropping a few lbs....it's about the process. It's about figuring out how I got obese in the first place, and changing those things along the way, so that I end up with a different ending than the one I was destined for just a few short months ago.

Now I have hope. Things are going to get better. Despite the bad days, I'm on the right path. I'm getting there. I'm so glad I'm finally getting it right. :)

If you need a laugh, head on over to Alix's blog at Casa Hice. She's listed on my Blogroll (I suck at setting up links in my post). I've always said that Jack Sh*t is the funniest person that I've run across in Blogland, but I gotta' tell ya'....it looks like Alix just might rival Jack. Go read her post from yesterday about looking for a replacement for her husband.....the kicker is that the comments are even funnier than the post. Effing hilarious stuff....very clever. :)


  1. Hi Tammy. Wow! Great weigh in!

    Working your way through the psychological processes involved in moving from compulsive eating to healthy eating is the most important part of this journey. So you are succeeding big time!

    The fact that you've been able to turn this around so quickly is a result of many months of effort, trial and error, constant learning and a firm resolve to do the very best you can for yourself. It's all paying off!

    Amazing progress ... just keep trekking!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. Nice comeback, Tammy. You knew that big gain was just a temporary setback as long as you righted the ship right away. You've navigated through some very stressful situations (plus a free-for-all eating holiday) and only gained a few pounds. I call that a small victory (granted, a very small victory... I've come to expect bigger victories from you).

    It's time to get serious about this business and really show us (and yourself) what you're made of.

  3. Good job.

    I weighed last night I'm back up to 240 lbs. Ugh.

    I'm motivated again. I hope to lose 5 lbs by New Year. Writing, family, dogs, work, and weight loss. No time...no time.

  4. It's progress, not perfection...and you, my friend, are making excellent progress!

  5. I'm totally with you on the getting back to plan after a slip! That's my big progress recently and I'm ecstatic about it.

  6. Fantastic - what a great loss...am so chuffed for you!

  7. Sorry I wasn't here to support you through your rough few days but I'm glad you're starting to get back to normal and feeling a bit better. I knew that gain would be coming back off quickly.

  8. Fantastic, Tammy. Great way to turn it around, and also to have the realization that you really ARE committed to your best self, and know how to get back on track and not let a slip be anything more that a blip on the great horizon.

    I've had a similar experience, and it feels so good to have moved ahead from the gain so that it's ancient history. And the gain that resulted from lapsing into old behavior jolted me into realizing that I could easily slide all the way back and beyond if I don't stay vigilant, honest, and willing to face the music after an "episode". Good work. Oh - andd I'm a little slow on the uptake, but I love your new profile picture with Scarlette!

  9. Wow! Wow! Wow! Great work, Tammy! Six pounds is stupendous (although your attitude is still what impresses me the most)!!!

  10. Great loss! I'm glad you realize that YOU GOT THIS.

  11. That's awesome, Tammy! That is the whole key - turning it around quickly. That gain is a thing of the past!

  12. Tammy,
    This sounds great!
    You are moving in the right direction!
    I haven't sent your earrings yet because I wanted to save it for Christmas! So expect them during the holidays. Is your addy the same?