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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Challenge

Chris @ A Deliberate Life mentioned in a post the other day that she was doing an unofficial challenge, mainly for herself, not to balloon in June.  She's going on vacation for 2 weeks and made a vow to herself to lose at least 1 lb/wk while she was gone by committing to an hour of exercise every day.  I asked her to make a badge for her challenge and she chose to create it using Violet from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, lol.  I think it's awesome!!

I told her that I would not only do the challenge for those 2 weeks but for the entire month of June.  I also told her I'd start June 1st...today.  Turns out I inadvertently lied about that part.  I usually like to take my walks at the park in the evening...there's more people around, all the ball fields are full of kids playing ball and I just like all the activity.  Well, Dwayne, who I just saw yesterday when we did our cookout, called this afternoon and asked me to meet him tonight to hang out.  So the exercise flew out the window.  Lesson learned....tomorrow morning I'll be hitting the trail bright and early.

I told Chris this is the EXACT thing I needed to get my lazy a$$ in gear.  I haven't done a single thing in the exercise department since I've been back from the beach.  Why, you ask?  I have no idea.  I really don't know what happened.  I've been exercising steady, at least 5x/wk for months on end...I've done it at 2 different gyms and my local park.  I've done exercise DVD's here at home.  I've done SOMETHING this whole time.  So I'm not sure why I haven't gotten back into the groove.  It's just seemed like the most disinteresting thing in the world to me, although I KNOW I shouldn't feel that way.  So I needed something like this challenge to just FORCE myself back into the swing of things. 

I'm still doing Kandice's challenge, which basically is to lose as much weight as possible in the next 3 months, and whoever loses the most lbs. is the winner.  I don't think Chris' challenge has a "winner" since it's an "unofficial challenge", but that doesn't matter.  It's several of us working towards a common goal of getting in our daily exercise and I'm glad I joined in.  I promised to do it 6 days/wk, with Saturday being the exception. 

My eating has been just plain stupid all weekend right into the holiday yesterday.  Today hasn't been much better and I think that's because I know I totally blew the first half of my week (which starts on Fridays for me since that's my weigh day).

Has everyone heard of Massive Marcus listed on my blogroll?  That guy is ON FIRE!!!  He left me a comment today telling me to forget about the stupid choices and make the next one a good one.  GREAT ADVICE!!  I've given that advice myself many times over, but it never hurts to have someone give it right back to you...and I sure needed to hear it.  So thanks Marcus...I appreciate it.  If you haven't checked out his blog, hop on over and give him a shout out.  He just reached his first 50 lb. lost milestone and get this...he did it 3 months.  I've lost 30 lbs. in what?  Oh....about a YEAR now.  Struggle much?  I really need to get my sh*t together.  I'm not doing anything here but wasting time and life is flying right past me.  I need to catch up....the sooner the better. 

I'm planning on a better day tmrw and Thursday, then I'll take my scale punishment on Friday.  But NEXT Friday there WILL be a loss.  I'm not going to say I HOPE there's a loss, I'm saying there WILL be a loss.  And I don't give a crap how many times I've "started over"....the important thing is that I haven't given up.  There IS no giving up.  It simply isn't an option.  So I'll just hang out here and keep posting, looking stupid, until I finally get it together and get to my goal.  Thanks for tagging along.  :)


  1. Yeah, I need to get serious with it again too - the weekend didn't help and I have slowly gone 4-5 lbs up from my lowest weight over the last few weeks. I am not worried though because in contrast to previous attempts at this,I am not feeling any of the "Ahh F It" impulse to cast it all aside and start piling it back on again.

  2. Great positive attitude! You'll totally rock it, like you always do! :D

  3. um, yeah...now my unofficial official challenge starts june 8th.
    I do believe tht challenge states that you must do one hour, even if you are bedridden with dysentary...so no 'wHoops'...."I didn't get my trail in so that's that' crap...
    That is what chair jazzercise is for. lmao.
    That is why water aerobics in the bath tub was invented.
    Why lunges in the aisles of kroger are a must.
    Don't make me go all jillian on your @ss.

  4. It is good to have a plan or a challenge to keep you focused.

    Not giving up is to be admired and your know they say that practice makes perfect!

  5. Thanks for the shout out Tammy! Very nice of you.

    Hard work and dedication has paid off for me and it can work for anyone.


  6. Dude!!! Onward and downward! It's f###ing time! I'm totally checking out Marcus as soon as I finish this comment!

  7. I have hit the wall. Can't seem to stop hanging around the same 5 pounds....up a couple, down a couple, up three, down two. I am so frustrated. I start physical therapy tomorrow! Hoping that will help in some way. I am hanging on, regardlless!

  8. Hey girl, I'm sure you'll get back on track. You probably will have to FORCE yourself though and that's the hardest part. Once you get back into it though, it'll get easier. I hate to admit it sometimes, but exercise makes my body and mind feel good. I hate thinking about it all day when I don't do it and know that I should. It's just easier to get out there and do it, even if you only do half the time or whatever that first time back out.

    I know you can do it!

  9. you told me once, Tammy.. and it's so true.. it's not how many times you fall.. but how many times you get back up again.

    we can do it girl.. We can, and WE WILL.

  10. "There is NO giving up!" - I love that line!



  11. I will also post a loss next Friday by cutting off my left arm.
    I'll let you know how much I lose. ;-)

    I do like that No balloon in June. But I participated already in
    Lots to Weigh in May.