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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chugging Along

I know these posts are really boring but the purpose of them is not really for excitement.  It's to get me back in the groove of posting daily.  It's the first step in getting back to the weight loss with the responsibility of at least checking in and making a record of how I'm doing and what's going on in my life.

So how am I doing?  I'm tired.  We're still in the midst of handling the storm claims from a week ago, and still working a lot of overtime.  I was here 15 hours yesterday and I'm back here again this morning at 6am, ready to do it again.  Thankfully there will be a little relief tomorrow and Friday.  I'll only have to work 9 1/2 hours those days, from 6a-3:30p, and we'll then be leaving the office to head to our annual Claims Convention.  We host a suite along with a lot of other companies from 5p-10p.  It will still be a long day and late hours, but at least I won't be stuck in the office the whole time.  Did I mention there's an open bar?  That could be dangerous.  :)

Gotta' get to work...I'll check back in tomorrow.  And I am so looking forward to a mini vacation next week.  Dwayne and I will be leaving next Thursday to head to Myrtle Beach for 4 days.  My plan is very simple.  Put on a swimsuit, lay by the pool, and sleep.  :)


  1. Chugging along is good Tammy, it's when your all chugged out it is time to worry;)
    Enjoy your mini break



  2. I love a blog post that starts with the claim of boredom! Keep going.
    Don't work too hard.

  3. That's a lot of work. I'm glad you are getting a break soon!!!!

  4. You need to go to Broadway at the beach and take Dwayne to Ridemakers. They also have the most awesom candy store called it's Sugar. My kids love that place!!

  5. you deserve a break, girl, and I hope Miss Scarlette is going to the beach too.

  6. Nothing wrong with laying around after all the hours you have put in!