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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Need Toothpicks

I need toothpicks to hold my eyes open.  Worked til 10:15p last night.  Got home and in bed by 11:15p.  Couldn't shut my brain off and relax so I was awake til after 2am.  Alarm clock went off at 4:30.  Back to work at 5:40am and writing this post.  Let's hope today's eating goes better than yesterday's.  Stress and exhaustion make a bad duo for me when it comes to fantastic choices, and I'm definitely feeling both.  Wanted to get a quick post in before I start my day.  I've got 71 new claims sitting in my inbox so I need to get busy...have a great day friends.  :)


  1. That does not sound good! I doubt anyone would be able to get me out of bed after working so late followed just 2.5 hours of sleep. Hope you make it through the day without making bad food choices. If you don't I know I won't be blaming you. Lack of rest will make us do crazy things.

  2. Hang in there. The best advice I can give is to plan for that exact situation and have everything ready. Stock your office with fun but healthy food, have something delicious and easy like a tortilla pizza when you get home late. It makes it easier I swear!!

  3. Tammy that is a long day. Be care, you will make yourself sick with all this stress. Take care of yourself. Have a peaceful day hun. Gracie

  4. With no exaggeration....this is called
    " burning the candle at both ends."
    Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa baby!
    (((hugs))) to get you through your days.

  5. No one can sustain that kind of schedule for long, dear friend. Hopefully things will settle down. Seems to me like you're a valuable employee - perhaps you can ask for a phone answering temp for a few days? Take care of yourself. Love Tina's idea about stocking work with healthy food. Every Monday I bring in a slew of stuff for the week. Hugs {{}}

  6. Hope it's a good day on the work and eating front, it's tough when you are tired to make good choices but drink water to keep you awake instead of eating... now I need to just follow my own advice LOL