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Monday, April 4, 2011

So Tired...But Posting

I'm exhausted but I promised myself I'd start posting daily again to get me back in the routine and back in the company of like-minded people.  I worked 8a-8p today, came home and ate dinner, washed the dishes, etc.  Just sitting down to the computer to spit out a few lines.

I guess I haven't really started the WW program yet, because I still haven't had time to figure out the points calculator.  I left it at work last Fri, and when I got to work this morning I had 36 emails waiting on me so I hit the ground running like I normally do.  I still wasn't finished 12 hrs later at 8pm (the emails just kept coming!), but I finally hung it up at 8p and headed home.  Been busy since I walked in the door, so still no time to figure out how the thing works.

I've been looking at recipes at TJ's blog over the weekend.  This morning I made a sandwich kind of like her breakfast sandwich before I left for work.  It was a high fiber english muffin (100 cals), one egg and one egg white cooked in Pam, and a Jimmy Dean turkey sausage patty...no cheese.  Lunch was a turkey burger on a whole wheat bun w/ a little ketchup and mustard.  I cooked 3 of them last night to have on hand for lunch or dinner.  I also made one of TJ's dinner recipes....a rotini bake that's kind of like lasagna.  I put fresh spinach and mushrooms in mine...and I only had 1/2 jar of sauce in the frig.  But I used the Smart Taste Ronzoni rotini like she did, and the part-skim ricotta, and the 2% mozzarella.  I left the parmesan out of the mix, with just sprinkling a little bit on the top.  It was really, really good.  I cut it into 8 pcs like she did and had 1 piece for dinner.  I think she listed it as 8 pts....I can't remember now.  I doubt I'll get it all eaten before it goes bad, but it should be good for a few days.

I also don't know how many pts I'm really supposed to be eating in a day.  I'm guessing around 34-35 from what some WW friends have told me.  They also said something about 49 addt'l points to use throughout the week.  I don't know.  I'm still pretty lost to tell you the truth.  For snacks, I took an apple and a handful of baby carrots w/ 2 Tbsp of hummus.  I only ate 1/2 of the hummus w/ my carrots....and when I cut the apple in half it was rotten in the middle, so that went in the trash.  Staying at work 12 hrs requires more snacks than I took with me.  I'm going to take more tmrw, because I'm not sure how long of a day it will be.  I cut up some fresh pineapple and cantaloupe tonight and have it ready to go.    I think I will also take some other veggies along with my carrots....some sweet peppers and baby cucumbers.  By the way, does anyone know how much fruit is TOO much fruit.  I have a feeling it's only 0 points...to a certain point.  Eating a whole pineapple would probably be a bad idea.  :)  If you're a Weight Watcher, any tips would be appreciated.  :)


  1. I joined Weight Watchers the beginning of February. :0)
    Best thing I've done for myself in a long time.

    I only have 29 Points a day and I was at the very least 75 pounds overweight.
    You are probably right about you having 33 or 34 Points to begin with and gradually the Points will be lowered.
    OLE' Xtreme Wellness tortilla wraps are 1 Point each and make a great lunch with lots of greens and some tuna or something inside them.
    Paula Deen honey mustard on a salad ...1 tablespoon is 2 Points.
    The calculator gives youy the Point Value of a serving side.
    Look at the serving size on whatever package you think you might like to eat and add up the carbs, total fat, fiber and protein.
    It will give you the Point Value and you might decide to chose another product.
    I mix it up with the fruit. Some grapes, 1 banana. some mellon, an orange an apple during the day. Strawberries too and I add strawberries and blueberries in my cereal to bulk it up.
    There is a popcorn that is 3 Points for a small bag and I do both the regular and kettle corn for a snack at night if I have the extra points.
    Same with those yummy W.W.ice creams.
    Occasionally I dip into my 47 extra Points during the week.
    Making spaghetti today and it's going to be hard to eat a portion amount so I'll try to eat a hellofalot of salad before I dig in.
    As we say at our WW meretings...hope to see LESS of you next week Tammy.

  2. At 259 pounds I received 39 Points Plus with 49 Weekly Points.

    At 256 I lost 1 point and only had 38 Points Plus, but still had the 49 weekly.

    Hope that helps!

  3. The recommended fruit/veg servings is 5 so I wouldn't suggest going too much over that before adding points for it - JMHO. It is not supposed to be the newest fruit diet which I heard is what some people did when the fruit became free, it is supposed to help with making healthier snack choices.
    Let me know if you have ??
    Pack the lasagna into small containers ready to go and freeze some for lunches so it doesn't go bad.

  4. HAng in Tammy. Do you have the little blue book? It has a lot of point plus values so you don't have to calculate. The calc. is easy - I just use it to get point values, but I think you can actually keep your daily totals too. I AM GOING TO EMAIL YOU TODAY. PROMISE. And realize that any improvement will yield big results in the beginning, and get that water intake up up up!

  5. I just discovered your blog and so far I am liking it a lot, so I am your follower as of today. I am not on WW and can't give you real advice about fruit, but it doesn't sound reasonable at all to allow unlimited amounts. It's natural, whole and all that, but the fructose can pile up pretty quickly and that can not be good. Anyway, good luck with WW :)

  6. I say freeze some of the lasagna portions. Sounds too good to waste!

    Could you leave some emergency food items at work, such as greek yogurt?


  7. I plan my meals where I can eat something every break at work, it helps if I don't get too hungry. 100 calorie packs are awesome and I pack fruit every day too.