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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Working Weekend

Good morning.  :)  I finally got 8 full hours of sleep last night so I feel pretty good today.  I'm back at work.  So far I've put in 67 hrs this week.  Not sure how long I'll have to work today and maybe tomorrow but I think I'll be pushing 80 before I'm done.  I'm worn out but I'm thankful I have a job.  This beats the hell out of unemployment.  I'm a little sad being away from Dwayne and Scarlette so much but you do what you gotta' do.  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!  :)


  1. A good night's sleep is a beautiful thing. :D

    Yeah... Long hours suck but sure beat the alternative! Your little family love you and they will be there when things ease up a little. <3

  2. I agree...a good nights sleep is amazing!!! and wowzers! you have put in a lot of hours!