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Sunday, December 26, 2010

All About My Life

This blog has definitely transitioned over the last year and a half from a weight-loss inspired one, to all about my entire life.  It's been an interesting ride to say the least.  Lots of highs, lots of lows...it's all in here.  I actually kind of like it like this....the "journaling" or blogging has provided an outlet I've never had before.  Some things solve themselves simply by writing them out.  Others are worked out from hearing the comments, ideas and suggestions from my dear blog friends.  I've made some really close, fantastic personal friendships from this blog, too....and I think that's been the absolute best part.  I want to thank all of you who read and/or comment for spending this last year and a half with me....and I can't wait to see what happens this year.  I hope you'll come along for the ride.  :)

What's on the horizon for 2011 thus far?  Two things that I'll tell you briefly, and expand more on it later.  The number one thing is Dwayne and I made a pact back in October to quit smoking the first of the year....so one more week, and we should be at each other's throats with our nicotine fits.  Let's hope we both survive it, lol.  We've both tried to quit several times in the past..separately...but now that we're around each other 24 hrs/day, I told him if I was going to quit, he was going to have to also, because I wouldn't be able to handle him smoking around me all the time.  Since I gave him 3 months notice...he agreed.  And he's sticking to it.  He's going to buy some Nicorette gum for us to wean ourselves off the smoking....and then I guess we'll move to regular chewing gum.  Naturally....being a FAT girl...my main concern (besides ripping his head off) is gaining MORE weight.  We've all heard when you quit smoking, you trade it out with eating more.  Probably the hand to mouth habit?  Oh I really don't want to go there.....so pray for me friends.  I really want to beat it this time...and not get any fatter in the process. 

Speaking of fatter, the battery in my scale died 2 weeks ago.  I want to 2 different Walmarts to replace it, and they were sold out.  The last Walmart actually told me the batteries had been back ordered for nearly 2 weeks now.  WTF??  Are scale batteries really that popular, lol...so anyway.  Going to try to find one again before the new year gets here.

The 2nd bit of news for the new year is I'm starting up a side business.  My HOPE and DREAM is to grow it big enough to eventually be able to quit my current job.  My first goal is to get it big enough to go part time at work by this June.  I hope I can do that in 6 months time, but I'm just going to do my best and see what happens.  I have a friend in Charleston, SC who has a personal assistant/concierge business and I'm modeling my business after hers.  Personal errands, etc.....the list of services I'm offering spans a wide variety of things.  I'm setting up a free website and my FABULOUS friend Tina is helping me design it.  Tina from Fat Girl Dives In is a graphic artist with mad skills....her resume is truly impressive.  If you need any work done, don't waste your money going anywhere else.  Go straight to Tina.  She's the best.  :)  You can always contact her through her blog, listed on my blogroll.

I've asked several people for help naming the business (thanks Jack!) but haven't totally settled on one yet.  So I'm throwing it out there.......got any ideas?  Tina suggested "Go-to-girl-Atlanta"...but I googled it and found "Atlanta-Go-To-Girl"....and that's too close.  I don't want to get confused with the other person, so I'm still looking.  My favorite suggestion from Jack Sh*t was "Chore Whore" but somehow I don't think that will go over too well.  Still makes me laugh out loud though.  :)  I want to figure out the name first, because it will be on my business cards, and I'm going to build the rest of my website around it, so throw your suggestions at me and if I pick YOURS....I'll be mailing you a little gift as a token of my appreciation.  :)

I hope everyone had a very safe and happy holiday....MERRY CHRISTMAS to each and everyone of you....and only a week 'til the NEW YEAR is upon us.  Wish me luck in my new endeavors...and don't forget to send me those suggestions for the business name based on a personal assistant/errand business.  To give you an example....some of the ones in my area are called "Just In Time" and "Xtra Pair of Hands".  Thanks everyone!  :)


  1. Keep veggies on hand and cut up on the counter or the frig for snacking when the nic fits start. If it's THAT important to you, you WILL do it and succeed. That first week will be hard but stick with it.

  2. I like Chore Whore lol.. but ya, that might not get you the kind of business you want.

  3. Congratulations on your new venture.
    Use Tam As Your Right Hand, sounds catchy.
    Tammy On The Spot!
    Tammy At Your Call!

    You know me....my mind is in over drive. :0)

    It goes without saying that you and Dwayne are wished success in stopping smoking.

    A Happy,Healthy,New Year to you and yours.

  4. I think Chore Whore is great actually but that is just me...

    Hmmm... I will have to brainstorm about it. I will email you privately later.

  5. Task List Tammy came to me so I had to comment...

    P.S. I need to quit too!

  6. Helping Hands

    Errand Girl

    At Your Service


  7. I love how your blog is more than just 'weight loss'!! For me, I'm concentrating on the bigger picture and the real me inside. It's about mind body and soul.
    I love how you are following your dreams! Here is a suggestion on your business name;
    "At your service"...lol ok I'm not real good at picking out names..it literally took me 3 weeks to come up with my blog name and even then I don't really like it lol
    Here is to dreams/goals and sucess for 2011!!!!

  8. I promise to be your first, best and most loyal customer. I need all the help I can get!

    Love what you said about your blog evolving. Mine too, but it makes sense. Success in weigh loss seems to be directly correlated to how life as a whole is going.

    Hang in there!

  9. I've got Run For You (Run4U) or Do For You (Do4U). I also really like Chore Whore, but out of the other suggestions I like At Your Service.

  10. Too funny -- my verification phrase was "goindo" and I thought that would be a good one too: Go 'n Do For You!

  11. LOL silly, I don't mind if I didn't come up with at your service first..it was one of many that popped into my head..I felt silly after I put my post in, I read the one above mine and it was already mentioned ;)

  12. I'd probably call the biz "I'm On It!" and then use that as a tagline in your advertising. Got errands to run? I'm on it! Got phone calls to make? I'm on it!