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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've Been Tagged

One of my most favoritest people in the world, Leslie at Something Brilliant Is Brewing, tagged me in a recent post.  She gave me 4 questions to answer.  Normally I suck at receving awards, passing them on, answering these types of questions, etc....but since it's YOU Leslie, I'll play along today.  :)

1.  Who has had the most influence in your life and why?

Aside from God, my Saviour, the answer is hands down, my parents.  They are amazing.  You just couldn't ask for any better.  They've taught me valuable lessons...helped me when I needed it w/o handing me everything on a silver platter....both have excellent work ethics...both have always told me I can do anything I want to do..the sky's the limit....both believe in me fully and support my every endeavor...especially the one to lose weight.  Mom has a heart the size of Texas and I learned compassion for others through her.  I remember when I was a child...one of my sister's friends Mom was having a hard time financially.  She was going through a divorce, was raising 3 kids on her own (maybe 4...can't remember exactly..I was young)...but what I DO remember is that mom wanted to help her out...so she sold the lady her car...for $1.00.  Even at such a young age, I remember that totally blew me away.  It's just one example of thousands through the years where my mom has given of herself to help others.  I learned it from her. 

My dad is equally as amazing.  I don't know another man on the face of this earth with the strength of character that my dad has.  What's always impressed me about him is he's as honest as they come.  If you ask him a question, he'll tell you the truth every time, whether it hurts or not.  He believes that honesty is more important than saving your feelings, and in my lifetime, that's been hard to find.  It means I can always count on him, no matter what...and I cherish that feeling.  My parents, now both in retirement, are now helping to raise their 5 grandkids the same way they raised me and my 2 sisters.  Me, my sisters and my nieces and nephews are so blessed to have them.  They are a treasure to all of us....still married after 38 years...loving, disciplining, encouraging...a special commodity today.  I am blessed, indeed.

2.  What is your favorite quality about yourself....and what would you change about yourself?

My favorite quality is the one derived from my mom...compassion and a desire to help others.  I truly care about others and want to do all I can to help in any way I can.  It gives me joy to help someone who truly needs it.  My blessing has also always been my curse.  Helping others to the point of giving the shirt off of my back or my last dollar leaves me with ....well...no shirt and no dollars.  lol.  Ironically enough, my mom...the one who I learned to help others through....has also been the strongest one in telling me to learn how to say "no" sometimes.  I've done a lot better with this over the past few years and came to learn the truths and value in what she meant in not giving to the point of hurting myself. 

What I would change....is my lack of self-discipline and lack of consistency and focus in the weight loss department.  I read where Allan commented in one of his posts recently that if you've been in the weight loss blogging forum for a year and you haven't lose any weight or made much progress, that's not good.  Yeah...no shit.  lol  So this is one of my most glaring flaws and the one that really needs changing the most in my opinion.

3.  When was the last time you cried?  

Let's see....that would be Monday night, lol.  On my cycle, in a tremendous amount of pain, and the mood is straight from Hell.  Scarlette kept me up til 3:30am Sunday night w/ barking, etc...so only 3 hours of sleep before work on Monday....no bueno.  By Monday night I was exhausted, in a shitty mood, and Dwayne said something that rubbed me the wrong way.  So I went to bed and cried.

4.  Best vacation ever?

I can't pick just one...but I'll sum it up by saying any/all beach trips to Hilton Head, SC with Dwayne.  Special times.  :)


  1. You're parents sound so wonderful! You're truly blessed to have them still with you, which I know you're aware of! The loving and kind person you are is a testament to them, and I know they must be so immensely proud of you.

    Thanks for playing along with the ?s...I'm the same way about awards and stuff, but when I got the tag from Karen, (another one of my faves), I just couldn't say no! Hope that damn TOM is on its way out! Hugs -

    *Hey - no shit - the word verification was "sucker"!

  2. Excellent people, your parents. I hope they read that post. You should put it in a Christmas package for them.

  3. Fun questions. I'm bad at doing those too! I love Leslie too so I don't blame you!

  4. I agree that writing this up in a letter for your folks would be an incredible gift. When my mother passed and we had to go through her things to move her out of her apartment, I found some / not all of the mother's day and Christmas cards I'd sent in her bedside draswer that obviously had meant something to her. Cherish them.