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Monday, December 27, 2010


I think I've got the business name figured out.  Sadly enough, it didn't come from any of my awesome followers....though I tried!!  Right Hand Ma'am really struck me....as well as I'm On It!!  Alas, I googled them, and both of those had already been taken as a name for a personal assistant business.  I'm telling you....I've had 50 good ideas in the last 2 weeks that have ALL been previously confiscated.  It's been maddening! 

I was sitting here stewing at the computer....looking at the google screen...and finally got as basic as I could.  I typed in "You Need Help" + personal assitant and lo and behold nothing came up....I thought I'd found it!   But then I went on Go Daddy and found out that the URL is on backorder...my only chance of getting it is winning an auction.  Forget that.  So I went with Dwayne's idea of "Last Minute Ma'am".....I set up my url as my full name at Go Daddy...and my sublet company name is now "Last Minute Ma'am".  I also set up a business email at YahooMail.  It's called lastminutemaam@yahoo.com.  Next I need to get with Tina to start getting the website set up.

By the way, I'm meeting Tina from Fat Girl Dives In and Crys from Bigger Than My Body this Wednesday after work for dinner....trying to get in touch with Kim to see if she can meet us, too....so excited!!!  Tina is designing my website for me, and Crys said she'll be my best and most loyal client!!!!  Kim also told me last week that she would definitely hire me to do some home organizing for her.  Woo Hoo!!  I'm off to a GREAT start!!

Thanks for ALL of your ideas...I truly appreciate your help...and can't wait to keep everyone updated on my new business venture.  :)


  1. I like "You Need Help" if it's being an assistant. I like "Last Minute Ma'am" if you'll specialize on pressure situation: literally helping people who need something done fast and "at the last minute". Each name implies something different...so depends.

  2. I actually like Right Hand Ma'am better. It says what you are trying to do in the title. You Need Help might be a bit vague. (heck, we all need help, :-) Last Minute Ma'am, I don't really get but I like Right Hand Ma'am. There is my 2 cents.

  3. Need A Hand... Go with TJV

    Relief Is Just A Call Away

    TJV At Your Service

    At Your Beck and Call

    Sevice from Tammy With A Smile

    Helping Hands

    Tammy's Helping Hands

  4. Best wishes to you on getting the side business up and runing, I really hope it flourishes. Chore Whore, LOL. And thanks for swinging by my other blog and become the 1st follower!

  5. Congratulations - there is momentum building here that I always believes indicates something is meant to be. So happy for you, Tammy. Hey - can your organize remote locations, like my Philly area life?