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Friday, January 29, 2010

A Profound Lesson on Cookies

My niece Carla spent the night with me last night.  I promised to take her to lunch today and to buy her a new toy.  While I was in shower this morning, she was standing in the bathroom talking away.  She normally asks me about 5,000 questions during a visit, and I do my best to answer them to the best of my ability.

When I turned off the shower she asked if she could open the door and hand me my towel.  When she did, she looked at me, and this is the conversation that ensued:

Carla:  Why is your stomach so big and hang down so low?

Me:  Because

Carla:  Because why?

Me:  Just because

Carla:  But because why?

Me:  Because I eat too many cookies.

Carla:  Why do you eat too many cookies?

Me:  Because they taste too good

Carla:  Eating too many cookies made you fat?

Me:  Yes

Carla:  Do I eat too many cookies?

Me:  No, you must not eat too many cookies because you're still skinny

Carla:  If I eat too many cookies will I get fat like you?

Me:  Yes

Carla:  (long, thoughtful pause).....I'm NEVER eating too many cookies

Me:  Smart girl

Me:  (thinking to myself......now why can't I be that smart?  You look at someone and see they're too fat.  You ask them how they got that way.  And you vow to never do what they did.  Easy Peasy.  My 4 year old niece is smarter than I am.  Man, I could really use a cookie right now).  ;)


  1. Lol! Kids...gotta love em...and all their questions ;)

  2. It remind me of everytime I step out of the shower and my 1 year old daughter sees me she says, " Eeewww!" and points to my stomach :-(

  3. Make that a double cookie, hugs, Kathleen

  4. LoL don't you just love kids honesty, honestly ;o) xxx

  5. Hysterical!! My friends 4 year old daughter saw me in a bathing suit when I weighed 290 lbs. She says to me..."Lisa..is that a baby in your tummy?" I say.."No Cassidy, just fat." She says..."Wow..that's a lot of fat." Well thank you so much for the insight, guess I hadn't noticed....lol.

  6. Love this! Man, you are good with kids...

  7. I've been waiting for the day my girls start asking me about my big butt, lol!

  8. Brilliant! (If only it were that simple!)

    Bearfriend xx

  9. The lesson of the cookie - I love this. You did handle that really, really well.

  10. I know you are joking about your niece being smarter, but there is a thought worth exploring in there I think. A 4 yr old does not have the same head full of clutter and nonsense that we adults do and as a result, they can see things much clearer and simpler terms than we can. And a lot of times I tend to think they are right.

  11. Enjoyed the exchange! I agree, you're good with kids!

    Now excuse me while I attack some Nutter Butters. Kidding, kinda. ;)

    My best always

  12. Lol! I agree that you handled that very well.

    I wonder what a little girl would ask about me if I allowed any to see me naked... Probably nothing good, so it's good that's not something that happens. :P

  13. Yeah, well a four year old doesn't yet have the life experience or tastebuds to understand the value of too many cookies. She also hasn't had her heart broken, been stressed, been dumped, lost a job, been skewered by a friend, or buried a loved one. Cookies have their place in the world.

    It just takes a lot of personal discipline not to let them constantly sweet talk you.

    Love the candid dialog. You are a treasure and I love you!

  14. Aw what a cutie she must be. You did handle that well. I'm still surprised my 5 year old doesn't say or ask about me being so big but he doesn't process things as other children do because he has Asperger's. So to him I think it's completely normal for me to be big and so he doesn't think anything of it and doesn't ask questions. Someday he will, I hope I'm as prepared with answers as you were..hehe.

  15. Well done Tammy! I always hate the fresh from (or worse yet, still IN) the shower questions. They always catch me so off guard, though you'd think I'd be much better prepared after 10 years of it!
    And darn cookies. I'm a bit too fond of them myself. Sigh........

  16. Kids can be so much smarter than us sometimes.

    Stay away from the cookies. I ate enough for the both of us. ;)