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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tammy, 1 : Pizza, 0

I've been dreading all day long having to post my weight tomorrow morning.  I weighed this morning, so I know how bad it is.  I finally decided to just go ahead and do it and get the agony over with.

Last week, when I didn't post my weigh-in, I was up to 240 lbs.  Yes, I gained 10 lbs. in a week.  This morning, I was still 240 lbs.  So I didn't do anything right this week to drop any of it. 

I was sitting here thumbing through my memory, re-visiting all the bad choices I've made in the last couple of weeks.  I finally got disgusted and yelled at myself, "Good Lord Tammy!!  Have you done anything RIGHT in these last two weeks?  Have you done anything that wasn't completely STUPID???"  I really had to think hard to come up with something.

All of a sudden a Papa John's Pizza commercial came on, touting their Super Bowl special....any large pizza for $10!!!!  I immediately thought how good that sounded.  Then it hit me.  Hey!!!  I haven't had any pizza!!  And not just in the last 2 weeks.  I realized I haven't ordered or eaten any pizza in the last 8 MONTHS!!  Oh I've threatened to a couple of times.  But I haven't done it.  I haven't given in, not even once, to the evil pizza pie.

We have a local chain restaurant here in Georgia called Mellow Mushroom.  The pizza I've always ordered from them is a large with everything on it (including my fave topping - meatballs), and it's $28.  Papa John's best is $10....their's is $28.  Yes, it's that damn good.  I've had many a' day dream about that pizza in the last several months.  But I've resisted.  So....in my sea of bad choices, I did one thing right, or at least not completely wrong.  I haven't graced the threshold of their eatery with my rotund presence.  Oh, and I also hired a personal trainer.  :)

Speaking of the trainer, I was going to make something quick and easy for dinner tonight, before my niece gets here to spend the night with me.  Chicken burgers.  Then I remembered the trainer saying, "Never eat carbs for dinner".  Damn.  There went the bun for my burger.  So I dug around in the frig to see what kind of veggies I had, and decided to broil some in the oven real quick.  Dinner was a Chinese chicken burger...I spiced it up with some s&p, garlic, adobo, ginger & Chinese 5-spice powder.  And the veggies were some baby portabella mushrooms, button mushrooms, red onions & green bell pepper broiled in a little olive oil and flavored with some s&p, minced garlic & adobo.  Delish!! 

I'll be back tomorrow morning to post the official weigh-in, but at least the agony is over.  'Nite friends.  :)


  1. Those veggies look delicious. Weight gain, what can I say. I only lost about 4 pounds in three months. I feel more on track now. It's a difficult thing know matter what. Just keep trying, and don't get discouraged, we all go through this now and then. Hugs, Kathleen

  2. Your dinner looks delish! Wow! 8 months is a pretty darn long time! you should be proud of yourself! I know I am!

  3. Seriously, I am going to make those veggies. YUM! You're back on track and that weight will go down. I'm so sorry you're struggling...I can easily gain 10 pounds in a week, so I understand.

  4. I LOVE mellow mushroom!!

    OK...don't feel bad about 10 lbs in a week, I've done that too. I understand to most people they may be shocked by that. I'm not. I get it..if that makes you feel any better. Been there :)

    Your dinner looks delicious!!

  5. No pizza in 8 months. Good for you.

    Those vegetables look fabulous.

  6. Your dinner looks great! And yep, take the small victories where you can--although 8 months without pizza is pretty hardcore! :-) Back to it, you can do it!

  7. Tammy...just got your comment about the shirt. I bought it at Dicks sporting goods. I'm not sure if they sell them online. I love it too :)

  8. The veggies look wonderful.
    I have been eyeing the Di Georno 200 calorie pizza and read they are pretty good.

  9. At least you're moving in the right direction. Your dinner looks tasty!

  10. I too haven't had a pizza it's a year for me, so not worth the points or calories.
    I have not been tempted as I know how bad it is for my journey.

    Exciting that you now have a trainer...am going to be following this new journey with you...

    for me it isnt pizza but the cakescookiesmuffins which at times seem to grow lips and shout my name.
    ignoring that is hard....


  12. Hi Tammy-

    I am intimately familiar with Mellow Mushroom pizza - we have it every time we're in Atlanta. Also, how about Zesto's footlong chili slaw dogs? Atlanta is an eatin' town for sure. But then, anywhere I've been is an eatin' town because I have deemed it so.

    Please stop calling yourself stupid and not giving yourself credit for just living right now with some difficult circumstance. Well done on pizza resistance! And you've been faithfully going to the gym. You gotta get that critical mean voice out of your head. Tell it to STFU! (I trust you can translate that!) I've had to say that to my inner mean person who tries to sabotage any good feelings I have for myself.

    You will get back on track - I have no doubt. Work on loving yourself the way we do, regardless of absolutely anything other than that you are a complete sweetheart.

  13. Hi Tammy. I think that's great! I haven't bought a box of Mr Kipling cakes in the last 3 months. Before that I was eating 3 boxes a day at about a 1000 cals a box. Every day I don't buy them has to be a better day than when I was buying them.

    Your meal looks delish!

    Bearfriend xx