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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Have I Done???

Billie and I had our free one-hour session with the personal trainer at our new gym tonight.  Well.....that one hour turned into two hours and before it was all over, we signed up.  I can't believe it.  I've never hired a personal trainer before, mainly because I can't afford it.  So why did I do it tonight?  For one reason really.  I'm desperate.  I want to reach my goal, I've been struggling for quite a while, and I need to be pushed.  So I'm paying someone to push me.

The cost is $30 per session.  At one session per week, that's $120/month.  He's letting us split the cost, so my half is $60 a month, or $15/week.  That will buy me one session a week with the trainer, and an exact plan laid out for us on what's expected of us to do on our own the other 2 days in the week (we're supposed to do 3 workouts a week w/ strength and cardio....and I imagine we'll just do cardio on the other 2 days a week, so that we're working out 5 days/week still).

We're also required to write down everything we eat EVERY day.  My accountability level just rose 100%.  That's exactly what I need....kick my a$$ in the gym and monitor every bite of food that goes in my mouth.  Hmmm....maybe I'll actually lose the weight and get fit!!!  This could be worth $15 a week.

Many of you asked the logic behind doing the weights before the cardio, so I told him tonight that I have a weight loss blog, and I want to know the science behind his plan.  He explained that he wants us to do a 5 minute warm-up of cardio (we chose the elliptical).  Which, by the way, he told me tonight that I'm the most graceful person he's ever seen on an elliptical machine.  That embarassed me, but that's cool.  At least I don't look like I'm having seizures up there anymore.  That gets your heart rate up, and then you move to the free weights, and weight machines. 

He said doing these first burns through the crap in your body, and he listed off a bunch of stuff like glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc.  He said you do weights for 30 mins, and then you do 20 minutes of cardio, which is strictly fat burning.  I didn't argue with him....but I know that you can do it in whatever order you want.  Different people are all going to tell you different things.

The trainer at my last gym does cardio first, and then weights, and never told me the science behind his idea.  However, he did tell me to never eat before you do your cardio.  If you do, then you have to burn through that food first.  If you don't, then you go straight to burning through the stored fat.  But the trainer I met with tonight said that's stupid logic.  He said you have to have energy to fuel your workouts, so you should absolutely eat before you go to the gym.

The trainer tonight also said protein repairs muscles.....always have some after a workout.  And he said carbs provide energy.  Then he said what kind of energy do you need while you're sleeping?  None.  So never eat carbs for dinner.  I asked him what he had for dinner and he said a grilled chicken breast and asparagus.  Alrighty then, lol.  I challenged him and asked him if really NEVER has carbs for dinner.  He said of course he does....he even went so far to tell me that sometimes he has pizza and beer, saying that he's human...not a robot.  I'm going to like this trainer.  :)

Obviously, there are plenty of people who can't get to the gym til after they get off work, so does that mean they're not doing themselves any good because they've already eaten all day?  Of course not.  I think it all works, no matter what order you do it in.  Also, both of the trainers at both gyms are in prime shape...full of muscles, hard-bodied, without an ounce of fat on them.  Yet they do opposite routines.  That's proof to me that it all works.  Since I'm paying this current trainer, I'll do what he tells me to do.  Makes no difference to me....I just want this fat gone.

I also asked him to tell me my body fat percentage tonight.  I knew it would be hideous, but I felt like I really needed to know exactly where I'm at.  I was praying it wasn't 50%.  He tested it and said I'm at 37.6%.  As I said...hideous.  He said he's going to get me down to 24%.  I was surprised.  That sounded high to me, because Sean had his checked recently, and is at 16%.  He said that his personal trainer said a guy should be between 10-15%.  Now I'm curious as to what a woman's should be.  Does anyone know?  Is 24% too high? 

I'm not looking forward to this Friday's weigh-in, but I'll be looking forward to the next one.  Our first session is this Saturday.  They'll do all of our measurements, go through all of the machines with us again, go over our food sheets, give us a small workout, and lay out our plan for the other 2 days during the week when we won't have the trainer.  After the workout we had tonight, I feel pretty positive that I won't be able to move when I get out of bed in the morning.  But we're supposed to have one more day of sunshine this week, so I'm going to try and grab my sister Amy and go on a hike.  My niece is spending the night with me tomorrow night so I won't be able to get to the gym with Billie, so I want to make sure I get in some kind of exercise.  A hike in the sunshine sounds perfect.

The weather is supposed to turn bad Friday....they're calling for a little snow Fri night/Sat morning.  As long as there's not ice on the roads, then I'll be at the gym at 9am on Saturday for our session.  I'm kind of scared, lol....but I'm excited, too.  I think this is exactly what I need.  I did it.  I bit the bullet.  I hired a personal trainer.  God help me, lol.  :)


  1. WoWeeeeee!! you mean business girl don't you?
    I think that will be money well spent and we will see a very different Tammy emerging in the coming weeks.

    You Go Girl.



  2. You sound happy! :)

    I think 24% is in the normal range for woman just because we are built differently (breast tissue, for example).

  3. You're making me want to sign up on a regular basis with a trainer, Tammy! I will have 2 free sessions with someone in the next week because I increased my gym membership. If I like her/him, maybe I'll try it regularly for awhile. Thanks for all the explanations. You reminded me that the 5-7 minute cardio warm up followed by weights, and then back to cardio is exactly what my last trainer had me doing. I'd forgotten that.

    You are going to look so good! It's clear that you're getting your groove back, and that's fantastic!

  4. NO, 24% puts you just inside the normal range - 25% is overweight, 30% obese and 40% morbidly obese. My Dr. wants me at 24%, too.

  5. How exciting...I hope you have lots of success with your trainer...am sure he will do whatever he is able to help you as you are his next advert.

  6. You are looking ad doing sooo good girl! I guess time will tell if your trainer has it right. Sounds good to me!

    - Lisa

  7. No, 24% is a good bodyfat for a woman :-) That is from what I read anyway!

  8. Sounds fabulous! And it will be the best money that you ever spent. I'm sure you'd find so many other ways your money is leaking out of your wallet that you could stop to make up for the training expense. If you commit to only eating food you prepare, e.g. no meals out, no prepared meals, etc. which is what will really help you know exactly what you are consuming, you'd save up that $15 dollars in no time.

    I'm very happy for you!

  9. Waitaminute... I was told that I'M the most graceful person that's ever worked an elliptical machine. I suppose we're just going to have to have a showdown someday soon to determine once and for all who the most graceful ellipticaler is...

  10. I hope the trainer combined with documenting your food each day is just the thing to get you on the right track. You sound very motivated.

    Do what he says, yes, but do some of what you feel is right for you, too. Drink in his knowledge, but don't be intimidated by him.

  11. That is awesome. I love having a trainer. I would never push myself as hard as she does.

    24% would be great!!

    You can do this!!

  12. Awesome news my dear. You will find a way to manage it. I'll be thinking about you through the storm (it's only supposed to be a cold rain in the city) and I hope you can move after your session with the trainer. We have cheesecake (I mean SALADS) to eat on Sunday! Have a blast with your niece!

  13. That is actually cheap for a personal trainer - kudos for taking the steps for yourself - you'll probably get great advice and will be better on your own when you know what to do.

    I use www.sparkpeople.com to track my food - its free and I manage my diabetes with that site - my blood sugar average for the last 2 weeks is 112!

    For recipes, I use www.caloriecount.com - it gives you a nutritional label and everything - and is also free!

    Best of luck!

  14. Hi Tammy. I think you definitely have everything in place now for SUCCESS!

    Good Luck!

    Bearfriend xx

  15. I hope everything goes great with your new trainer, and it brings you lots of success! It'll be worth every penny!

  16. Hey, whatever works. A lot of people need a personal trainer for that extra motivation/expertise, so if you think that'll work for you it's good you hired one. :) I've heard that body fat for women should be between 17-24% so that sounds good. Good luck!

  17. Well I agree that anything can work but it sounds like your trainer will get it off a bit easier for you. I do my cardio after weight training. I also always have to have a protein shake before my workouts because I'm in the gym so long and if I don't half way through my sugar will drop and I'll end up in bad shape. So if you have any sugar issues be sure to have something before you go. I also eat after the gym too and try to just have non starchy veggies and a protein. Of course I have night eating issues sometimes so I'm far from perfect. As for body fat, I think 20-25% is a good number, I'm at 23.5 right now and would like to see it a little lower. If I ever get surgery I'm guessing a good chunk would just be cut off lol (here's to wishing anyway lol). I'm so excited for you that you've found a trainer that seems invest in you. I think him wanting to see your daily food will be huge with helping keep you on track. I know for me just writing it down for myself helps a great deal. I can't wait to hear all about your progress Tammy.