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Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Hike of the Year

Let me start by saying a huge thank you to my sweet friend at 266.  She's given me ANOTHER award and it just kills me that she thinks I deserve this.  Bless her heart.  It's the Beautiful Blogger Award, and it couldn't have come from a more beautiful friend.  She's an excellent example when it comes to dedication and consistency to this journey.  She's emailed me privately during my darkest of times and offered me friendship and hope.  And she's awarded me on numerous occasions now, and I'm honored to call her my friend. 

The next step is to tell you 7 things you don't already know about me.  Good grief, haven't I told you guys everything yet???  No????  lol.  Ok.....let me see what I can come up with here....thinking....thinking...

(1)  I was standing in my bathroom curling my hair a couple of weeks ago....naked...and seriously injured myself.  I was fluffing my hair with my left hand, holding the curling iron with my right hand, and absent-mindedly laid it against my torso.  I got a serious burn and will probably forever have a nasty scar.  Great...just what I needed....another reason to hate my stomach.

(2)  My first dog's name was Puppy Dog Rabbit.  Yes, I named him that and I have no idea why.  We lived in Florida and he got bit by a rattlesnake and died.

(3)  As of last week, I was only 28 lbs away from Onederland.  As of tomorrow morning, I will be a little further away, but I'm still excited!

(4)  Up until just a few years ago, my favorite color was purple.  Then I changed it to pink.

(5)  I'm 37 years old and have no children and I prefer it that way.  I've found myself being thankful these last couple of months that I don't have any children to be subjected to my financial and emotional instability.

(6)  Up until this week, even though I've lost a good bit of weight from my highest point of 340 lbs, I haven't been able to picture myself at a normal weight.  When I realized the other day that Onederland is within my grasp, I suddenly started picturing myself thinner in my mind.  It's a thrilling thought.  It makes me want to get there as soon as I can. 

(7)  I'm going to get to meet a blogger friend soon!  Tina at Fat Girl Dives In lives here in Atlanta!  We've both mentioned that we'd like to get together...now it's just a matter of setting up the time and place.  When I get in a better financial situation, I'd like to set up some meetings with other blogger friends that live a little further away. 

I now have to pass this award on to seven other bloggers and I'm happy to do so:

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Enjoy it ladies...each of you are so deserving!

On to today's business....first of all, the restaurant eating has continued this week.  I've really been on a roll!  However, I have now told everyone that I will not be eating out at all this next week, so don't even ask me!!  Don't invite me...don't offer to pay for me...act like I'm invisible, lol.  I also went grocery shopping this afternoon and I'm now fully stocked on lean meats, veggies, fruit, whole wheat bread, yogurt, etc.  I'm all set and prepared for a fantastic week.  How stupid is it to lose the first 2 weeks after the Christmas holidays and then completely lose your mind and self-control and gain the 3rd week?  Yes...I realize how bad it is, and I will report the gain tomorrow when I officially weigh-in (although I looked tonight and I already know just how bad it is).

Here's the good news....I went on a hike this morning!!  I took Scarlette and my sister Amy and we hiked at Red Top Mountain.  At the bottom of the mountain is Lake Allatoona.  I took several pics and then the battery on the camera died.  I've got more camera issues than anyone else I know, lol.  Get this.  The trail was 5.7 miles long!!!  I hiked the whole thing!!!!  That's the longest I've ever hiked and I'm extremely proud of it.  We finished it in 3 hours, only stopping 2x for a couple of minutes each time to give Scarlette some water.  I am so incredibly sore...my butt, hamstrings, quads and feet are just toast right now.  I have no idea if I'll be able to make it to the gym in the morning or not.  Hopefully after a good night's rest I'll be feeling a little more flexible and can tackle that elliptical again.  By the way, Billie and I made it to the gym 4x this week, plus I did the hike today, so I got in 5 days of exercise.  Not enough to combat the restaurant eating, but I'm still proud I did it.  Here are the pics from our chilly morning hike:


Back tomorrow with the weigh-in.  'Nite friends!


  1. Hiking is great exercise, looks like a beautfial place. As far as gaining this week, I'm looking at your chart on the right for all 30 weeks and the overall trend is clearly down, not up. As long as that continues to be the case and you're winning the war, my opinion is just accept you'll lose a few battles along the way.

  2. Awww...thank you so much. I'm not worthy ;)

    I wouldn't worry about the slight gain as it's most likely sodium bloat from eating out. You'll drop it in no time.

    Love the photos from the hike. Our trails are snow covered now but I plan on breaking out the snow shoes.

  3. Way to plan for success next week! And hey, even if your eating did go a little astray this week, you did great with the exercise, so pat yourself on the back!

  4. Thank you for the award. That was very sweet :)

    Congratulations on the hike...that is awesome. That sure beats walking on a treadmill!!

  5. Congratulations on the award! You deserve it!! I love the pictures from the hike, they are beautiful!

  6. Beautiful pics - I'd know that Gerogia terrain anywhere, though it looks a bit like my belowved Ridley Creek State Park in Pa:)! You deserve the award. You've been through a shit load of stuff this year and keep rising above it all.

    Onederland has a place carved out for you and is expecting your arrival soon. It'll happen for sure if you keep up your positive attitude and hard work. BTW, my husband is in Atlanta this week, having driven our son back to Emory. He reports the traffic is worse than ever!

  7. First of all.... congratulations on your award!! Second of all... thank you for sharing it with me. Third time I received this this week. I LOVE it and appreciate your generosity. I shall be posting as soon as I can think of some news stuff that I haven't already said. Hard to do when you're a virtual shut in. LOL.

    Finally - your hike rocks the house! I love walking the trails! The photos made me want to jump right into the laptop and join you. Keep up the good work my friend. You look mahvelous.

  8. Hi Tammy. Congrats on your award. And well done on getting so much exercise done. It always helps even when the eating isn't so good.

    Really hope that burn heals well. Have you tried lavender oil on it? I have used it in the past and it works miracles on any burn. But better of course when put on straight away. Just dilute in a little veg oil or plain cream and massage in.

    Bearfriend xx