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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life...Good: Weight Loss...Bad

Things are not good on the weight loss front...AT ALL.  I've gained back every lb. I lost week before last.  I haven't drank near enough water and had too many convenience, sodium-packed meals.  I've got a recurring problem that showed back up this weekend also.  About every year and a half, my right salivatory gland under my tongue gets blocked by calcium stones.  I get a huge lump on my neck, and when I salivate (eat), the whole bottom row of teeth on the bottom right side throb like I've got a raging toothache in each one.  It's hard to explain if you've never had it happen...but it's unbearable.  The only solution is to go to an ENT doctor and let them put shots in the bottom of my mouth (under my tongue) and numb it...last time it took 10 shots....and then snip off the end of my salivatory gland so the calcium deposits and all the infection can drain out.  It's so painful, they put me on hydrocodone for about a week til it's all drained and healed.  Fun stuff.

I've had it done 2x now...this will be the 3rd.  It irritates the living crap out of me that I've been sitting here with all the free time in the world for well over a year, and this sh*t shows back up 3 days after I've started a new job.  Doesn't look good to be missing work already to get this done, but there's no way around it.  I explained it to Billie and I think she understands.  Hopefully the big boss Scott won't get too mad. 

Did the reunion on Saturday and Father's Day dinner at Mom's today.  It was also Shane's birthday, but couldn't celebrate it due to Father's Day, so I'm taking him out to dinner tomorrow night.  One of these days I'll get the sodium reigned back in...just hasn't happened yet.  I did manage to get all of my water in yesterday and today, so that's a step in the right direction.  I spent 5 hours Friday night and another 5 hours yesterday night organizing garage sale stuff out in the garage.  Set up tables, put covers on them, organized stuff by category, etc.  I've filled up my entire garage and everything I have left will have to go out in the driveway the morning of the sale, which will start weekend after next.  My sister and I spent 3 hours today going through all of her stuff, and I have a huge pile sitting in my livingroom now that I have to go through....she gave me a zillion clothes, and I have to sort them all by size and such.  I'm purposely taking this much time to make the sale organized with clean, working stuff and neat piles/sizes of clothes, etc. because I think you make more money at sales where things aren't all dusty or clothes aren't all jumbled up in piles with 10 different sizes. 

Should hear back from the apt this week on whether or not my application was approved.  It should be, and then I'll just be waiting to hear if they have an apt open by the end of July.  Then I'll know whether I'm moving at the end of July or if it will be the end of August.  Either way, after I finish with the garage sale, it will be time to start packing up stuff.  With working a full-time job now, I just have to do some each night when I get home so it's not all left til the end.  I hate procrastination...it's a pet peeve. 

So anyhoo, this is what I've been up to.  Still haven't had a single free minute to read and comment on everyone's blogs yet.  I think I only read 2 today when I turned on my computer...there just wasn't time.  But I haven't forgotten about you...I hope everyone is doing well.  Oh!  I read Lyn's blog today...that's who it was...at Escape from Obesity....and I saw that she got to Onederland a few days ago...something she's been struggling to reach for quite a while now....so a big shout out to her for patiently working through her issues with the weight, figuring stuff out, sharing it with the rest of us so we too can learn, and hitting a huge milestone.  Very, very proud of her determination and tenacity.  She inspires me tremendously.  :)  'Nite friends.  :)


  1. Sorry to hear that! I hope it gets better soon, and you can get back to kicking butt at your new job!

  2. Hey, Hope you feel better soon.
    One thing at a time, right?

  3. Your life is in flux at the moment Tammy, new routine's and pattern's. Then to get this problem with your saliva gland, it's sod's law that something like this happens when you start a new job. Just take it a day at a time, don't think of diets and the like. Just concerntrate on healthy options, drink your water, simple baby steps will get you were you are destined to be.

    Love and hugs


  4. I agree, Tammy, you are very busy right now, and can't devote the time to preparing meals ahead and planning time for exercise. But...be mindful of what you're eating. Make good choices. Keep drinking the water. Pick the healthy stuff over the unhealthy stuff. Just try to maintain right now. Keep your body active. (Yes, this can definitely be done while preparing for a yard sale!)

  5. With a new job, and moving coming up soon, be kind to yourself. The diet stuff will still be there when you are all settled. Hope your move goes smoothly. Thinking of you!
    Hugs, Kathleen

  6. So excited you got the job (yes I must be living under a rock or something)!!
    I will need to go back and read, cannot believe I missed it and your moving info - I did get a couple of errors when trying to access last week - guess I missed all the great news :)

  7. Yeah...I had Chinese Buffet for the first time in like forever...what a salt lick that turned out to be. Now I know that the Chinese Buffet was only about eating the most amount of a variety of food in a short period of time and not about food quality. You and I are worth the best Tammy.

  8. im so glad you got the job..thats always an exciting adventure..lol a little nerve wracking for me usually...good luck on the surgery with the gland and getting your apt..your weight will come off as soon as you slow down a bit and relax enough to get back to your schedule..it will happen..we have to be patient..loveya,kelli

  9. Hi Tammy. Hope you get your calcium stones sorted with the mimumum amount of trouble. Trying to find a positive - eating being more difficult should help drop a few pounds?

    Bearfriend xx