A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Making The Effort

I took pics of all my food today and counted every calorie.  I also exercised and drank (4) 32 oz. glasses of water.  Here are my food pics.

                                                   4 egg whites scrambled w/ 2% chz and salsa.
                                                                          Calories: 123

8" Larry's sub on wheat w/ ham, turkey, veggies, lite mayo and spicy mustard.
Calories:  589

Campbell's Select Harvest chicken noodle soup.
Calories:  200

2 oz. Boar's Head low sodium ham.
Calories:  50

Calories:  110

6 oz. baked pork tenderloin w/ 1 c. Steamfresh garlic peas and mushrooms and reduced-fat crescent roll.
Calories:  385

2 c. watermelon.
Calories:  98

3 Tbsp. sugar-free creamer for 45 cals.

Total Calories:  1602

Hooray for a good day.  :)


  1. Great Food Tammy. A good day makes for a building block for success:) We are both back on track hunni;)



  2. Great Day! Good food.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Well done Tammy for getting back on track. One day at a time! (well that's what I keep telling myself!)

  4. Good job staying on track Tammy. I know it's not easy with the employment stress you are facing. Thinking of you.

  5. Great job! I think getting back on track is way harder than starting in the first place...been there. So congrats for that, and remember to take one day at a time!

  6. Good for you and it looks very good..

  7. Way to get a good one under your belt! I was doing good and today I've had a couple of treats. No bingeing but a little more that necessary?......

  8. What a great day. I hope that today is as great! Keep going. :D