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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday's Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

I'm hanging in there.  Had my 3rd good day in a row.  Today was really tough.  I wanted all kinds of stuff I shouldn't have...candy bars, Chinese, etc.  But I held strong and stuck to my calorie budget.

2 oz. Boar's Head low sodium ham, 1/2 c. egg beaters, onions, mushrooms, bell pepper and 2 Tbsp. salsa.
Calories:  140

6" on wheat philly steak sub from Publix deli.  Boar's Head roast beef, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and provolone.  Ballparking the calories.

Calories:  600

Chobani blueberry yogurt.
Calories:  140

I decided to make one of my favorite simple recipes today...seafood stuffed mushrooms.  I used some large white button mushrooms, 3 oz. of shrimp that I sauteed with some diced onion & just a sprinkle of garlic and Adobo seasoning, 1/4 c. of imitation crab meat and 1/4 c. of Panko italian bread crumbs.  Instead of the butter I used to use to moisten these in my pre-weight loss days, I simply used a tbsp. of water to moisten the bread crumbs and get everything to stick together.

I moved the oven rack down to the 3rd row so I could broil these and get the mushrooms done w/o burning the top of the stuffing.  I cooked them for about 15 mins on broil.  I ate every single one of these.
Calories:  310

I finished off the day's eating with a scramble using 3 oz. of the sauteed shrimp, 3/4 c. egg beaters, onions, mushrooms, bell pepper and 2 Tbsp. salsa.
Calories:  204

I'll be having 2 c. of decaf coffee w/ sugar-free creamer shortly.
Calories:  30

Total Calories:  1424

I'm also keeping up with Chris' challenge of an hour of exercise 6 days/week.
Hooray for 3 sane days in a row.  :)


  1. You are blazing right along, again. I knew that you would. :D

    Those stuffed mushrooms look sooo yummy. I am going to have to try that recipe.

  2. Great job! I love the flag manicure. ;)

  3. You make the yummiest looking foods, Tammy!

  4. Those stuffed mushrooms look so delicious I am definitely going to have to try your recipe!


  5. Those mushrooms look scrummy:)

    Keep on doing what your doing girlie!!

    Big Hugs


  6. I love all things mushroom...yum!! I just ate my first chobani peach yogurt yesterday...I was surprised...it was pretty good :)

    Still praying for you....

  7. Doesn't it feel great mentally to be on your plan again? Those mushrooms look yummy. Great job on the hour of exercise every day. That may be my next habit to start. I go for 45 min. already, so it shouldn't kill me!

    I'm still sending up prayers for you, and will continue. Chin up!

  8. You are doing great! Love your blog! Keep up the good work. Love your nails by the way. =)~

  9. Oh yum...now I have to go buy some mushrooms to stuff :D

  10. Doesn't it feel good to have 3 sane days in a row??!! The best thing is waking up the next morning without regret! Knowing you haven't dug yourself deeper into the murk. So glad you're finding your again. I think I am too, and what an improvement!!

    Those mushrooms look fantastic. I am going to have to try them. Looking forward to hearing about day 4!!