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Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Bat Wings Are Shrinking!!!

I think I've finally been inspired to straighten up and get fully back on track.  I did a post about my bat wings I think about a month and a half ago.  Billie and I measured each other's arms with the cloth measuring tape in my sewing kit.  I reported that they were 17" around.  Yikes.  Turns out our measurements weren't exactly accurate, because when we joined the new gym a couple of weeks later, they took ALL of our measurements and my arms were 17.5".  Even worse.

They took our measurements again tonight because it's been a month and it was time for a progress report.  I was not happy about this, lol.  The truth is, when I first took the pic of the bat wings, I really and truly thought there was no hope.  I was going to try and shrink them but they're so saggy and there's just so much loose skin that I really didn't think they'd shrink up any at all.  But I was wrong....I've lost 1.5" off of them in a month's time!!  My bat wings are 16" now!!  Can you believe it????  Yeah I know....me neither...but I'm totally psyched about it!!!  I don't see the difference just by looking at them...probably because they'll always look hideous to me....but when I've lost a total of 3" total then I'll post another progress pic.  Maybe then we'll see a difference.

They only measured one arm, and one leg, I guess assuming that you lose the same amt on each limb, beings that you lift the same weight with each one.  My total inches lost off of my body was only 5"....no big deal....but 1.5" of that was off a bat wing!!!  For the last couple of weeks, I've been grabbing the 5 lb weights before I get on the treadmill and doing my 20 min walk with them at the end of my workout.  Tonight I was so excited that there's actually hope for my arms, that I grabbed the 7.5 lb weights and hit the treadmill with those....the 10 lb's are still a little too much for me to do for 20 mins, but I'm working on it!! 

Here's the total body rundown:

Hips:      Start:  50.25"    Today:  50"            Lost:  1/4"
Thigh:               23"         Today:  21.25        Lost:  1 3/4"
Bat Wing:         17.5"      Today:  16"            Lost:  1 1/2"
Chest:               45"         Today:  44"            Lost:  1"
Shoulders:         46"         Today:  45.25"       Lost:  3/4"
Calves:              16"         Today:  16.5"         Gained:  1/2"

Did you catch that last one???  My calves are getting BIGGER!!!  This is a huge problem for me.  The very first day I signed up with the personal trainer, I instructed him to NOT give me ANY exercises that target the calves.  I told him I already have man calves, and I do NOT want them getting any bigger.  And he hasn't given us any calf exercises.  But I'm thinking the elliptical, the treadmill, and the outdoor hiking must be contributing to them getting larger and that totally stresses me out.  Just so you will understand what I'm talking about, I hiked my pants legs up and stood on my tippy toes so I could flex them, and had Shane take a couple of pictures of them to show you:

These babies developed in high school when I used to take dance and they've always looked like this.  Even at my highest weight of 340 lbs, my calves have always been solid muscle.  It's hard for me to wear high heels and not feel self-conscious about them because they're so big.  I've always been very feminine, but these boulders make me look like a guy that had a sex change or something.  I really don't want them getting any bigger.....has anyone got any ideas on how to keep them from growing????  Please help me, lol. 

I'll be back tomorrow to report my ridiculous gain on the scale, but it will probably be tomorrow night.  I'm certainly not in any hurry.  :)

Quote For the Day:

"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them."  -Michael Jordan


  1. Haha... Congrats on the 'wings' as you call them! Thats great! As for the calves, I don't know how to make them smaller, or I would probably do so for myself. Mine are actually 18" on the left and 19 1/2" on the right(muscular issues on right one) So you are definately not alone! Mine are completely solid as well and I don't like seeing them in pictures either but don't let it distract you! You are doing GREAT!

  2. First off, I want you to keep your totally deserved high for the progress on your arms. Woo hoo!

    As far as calves go, mine are bigguns as well. I've been told from various sources that calf size is mostly genetic and it is difficult to adjust their size.

    I think you'll feel differently as your overall body continues to shape.

    Awesome progress Tammy!

  3. OMG I totally have those calves too... Hello, calves... go away!!! ;)

    and sadly... I've never been able to stuff them into a pair of knee high boots. Double pout.

  4. Wow, those are some calves! I've always felt self-conscious of my calves, but for me it's actually because it takes so much work to make them muscular at all, and I hate them looking fat. I'd say there's probably not a way to shrink them. Really the only way to shrink muscle is to not use it, and well, you have to use your legs. But, there is hope that as the weight comes off they will get smaller because they won't have to be supporting so much weight. :)

    And YAY on shrinking your arms a whole 1.5 inches in just a month! That's awesome that all the time you've been putting in at the gym is already paying off.

  5. I don't care what anyone says--your gams look awesome! My calves are gigantic, but with no definition. And congrats on the batwings. Sorry to hear about those knuckleheads at DOL. What kind of job are you looking for? Hope you find one very soon!

  6. I love those calves... Love them...
    Did I mention that I love them?

  7. Everything thing will even out in the end. Congrats on all the progress you made. I must say, I have the boy calves too. When I was in high school, the guys wanted me to flex them cause they were jealous of my muscle!! I cheered for 5 years, so that helped shaped them. Plus, I inherited them from my dad. I just figure shapely muscular calves are so much better than fat unshapely calves. Try not to worry about them :)

  8. Seroiusly I love your calves!!! Great job on your measurements :-) Have a great weekend!

  9. Th shrinking of the bat wings is always good. I have quite a pair myself. Those calves woman! WOW! My week has not been very good. It started with a chinese buffet, and then a couple days ago, a KFC buffet. I have gained two pounds. I hate that just one or two meals that are not right on target, can throw you off. I am not blogging about it, cause it is just too depressing. Here's to a better week. Hugs, Kathleen

  10. YES!!**High Five***!!! The hard work feels great when you see numbers go down like that doesn't it?!!!
    And your calves look so lean and healthy!!
    I hate my arms! I only lost 1/4 inch this month but that's better than not losing at all.
    Keep going! Those numbers speak for themselves!!

  11. So proud of you, and thrilled with your good news. Thanks for posting this, it made me go measure again, hadn't since January. I kind of don't like to do that too often bc I am afraid to be disappointed. Anyway, I too lost a bit, so thanks for the reminder.
    Hurrah for toning arms! Chrissy

  12. Those are sexy calves Tammy! Glad the arms are shrinking! So glad you're back on track. Thanks for the delivery that came in the mail. I TOLD YOU TO COD deliver it...you're in trouble!

  13. Wow - amazing losses. What inspiration to keep going! Good work Tammy! And those calves are forces to contend with! You can practically see the individual fibers of the muscles. You are clearly getting your money's worth at the gym!

  14. Holy Calves!!

    Do you realize the women body builders who would kill to have calves that look like that? I have muscular calves too, but yours are just a thing of beauty to behold.

    Sorry, but the only way that I can think of to not build them up is to not use them. And since that probably isn't an option, maybe you should consider training for a figure competition.

    Many times if it's a close competition, it is the calves that will win it.

    Also, good job on the your inches reduction!

  15. Those are some impressive calves. They remind me of mine. And much less impressive batwings! Congrats, dude.

    Thanks for your awesome comment at Casa Hice. You DO know that both my kids went to Nease (with Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow) AND we are like two minutes away from Mickler's. Right? Right? You totally knew that... RIGHT?

    So when are you coming back down? You can stay with me! Only caveat... you must like wine.

    What's that noise I hear? Your arm being twisted behind your back? Ahh. Oh well. It will be worth the pain.

    So when are ya coming?

  16. those calves are the bomb--just think how muscle raises your metabolism and think of them as your twin fat-burning babies!!
    awesome on the bat wing shrinkage!!

  17. running. I have never seen a runner with big anything..calves, thighs arms....my calves get thick too.
    I am jogging. lol.