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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Miracles and Blessings

I went to bed last night praying for a miracle with my job situation.  I got about 2 hours of sleep total, because I was thinking of what to do next.  Apply for retail?  Or temporary agencies?  And what would I wear to any kind of job, since I've shrunk out of all of my clothes?!

I got up this morning, showered, and took my letter up to the Dept. of Labor.  I wanted them to tell me to my face that the benefits had ended, before I embarked on the next leg of job hunting.  The counselor explained to me that my ORIGINAL claim had ended, and that I've been approved for the Tier 3 Extension!!  What???!!!!  She said getting the letter stating that I wasn't approved for any further benefits on my ORIGINAL claim was all part of the process.  That had to happen before I could receive the letter stating that I was approved for EXTENDED benefits.  As relieved as I SHOULD have been (and kind of was), I still got that old familiar stabbing pain shooting through my brain that I get every time I step foot in that office.  Things change so often and so rapidly when you're dealing with unemployment.  It goes from horrible, to wonderful, back to horrible....and that's just in a week's span of time.

So, for now, I'm supposedly approved for the next extension and just waiting for that letter to come in the mail so I'll know how many weeks it will be for.  There's my miracle.  :)

I was plagued with exhaustion today from almost no sleep last night and that persistent, stabbing pain in my brain, courtesy of the Dept of Labor.  I was relieved, but exhausted.  And my phone rang off the hook today!  That's where the blessings come in. 

First I got an email from Pam this morning, my BFF down in Florida.  She recently ended her weight loss blog that she's had for quite a while, and started up a new one called "The Rest Of My Journey".  I've got it listed on my blogroll.  She needed a fresh start, and I love her new blog.  Hop on over and check it out!  She offered me some words of encouragement and understanding, as she always does, and it was nice to know she cares.

I got 2 calls from Dwayne today, just to check on me and see how I was doing with all the ups and downs of the last 24 hours.  He also told me that he knew I've been stressed out for a good, solid year over this unemployment stuff, and informed me that he booked an oceanfront condo for me and him and our puppy Scarlette for the first week of May!!  We will have 8 full days on Panama City Beach, from May 1-May 8, and I absolutely cannot wait!  Here's the link of the condo we're staying in if you want to check it out:


This afternoon, my niece Carla and my Mom stopped by for a little visit.  We had a nice chat...it's always nice to have a little family time.  Scarlette and Carla played in the front yard while Mom and I sat on the front porch enjoying the weather.   Even though we live next door to each other, it doesn't happen often enough, for one reason or another.  So I'm glad I got to see them both today.  :)

I didn't feel much like cooking tonight, so I was able to meet up with Shane and Billie for dinner out and enjoy time with friends.  Since this is the week of my cycle (well this week and next...lucky me gets it for nearly 2 weeks out of the month!), and I already have some serious bloating going on, I wasn't too concerned about the sodium from the restaurant food.  It was just nice to relax with friends and let my brain unwind.

When I left the restaurant, I checked my cell phone that I had left in the car, and had a missed call from Sean.  We have gone from blogging buddies to really good friends.  I called him back and we had a nice little chat.  He's a super great guy...just love him to pieces.  Then one of my friends, Chris, who I've known and loved since high school (he, Pam and I all went to school together), called me and we caught up with each other.  I did a post about him when he came to Atlanta to visit during Halloween weekend.  You can find it here.

And finally, one of my co-workers from my last job, Tasha, texted me tonight and told me that her company (she just found a new job in December) is hiring right now for a customer service analyst!  It's a permanent position in Downtown Atlanta.  She asked for my email and is going to send me some info on applying for the position tomorrow!! 

So I've had blessings all around today, from receiving the extension, to getting to chat with so many good friends and family, to hearing about a job opening from a previous co-worker.  I thank God for giving me such a good day and lifting my spirits in so many ways.  I hope all of you had a wonderful day, too.  :)

Quote For the Day:

"The world of achievement has always belonged to the optimist."  -Harold Wilkins


  1. Isn't it amazing how the universe lines up at times? You have wonderful friends to feel the imbalance of energy in the cosmos and come to you in your time of need.

  2. What a Wonderful Post;o) I am so happy for you, some Joy is well over due and you got it in abundance yesterday. Long may it continue!!!

    Good Luck with the job application.
    You deserve a change of luck and direction so very much.

    Big Hugs


  3. YAY!!! I'm so happy this was such a winning day for you!

  4. wow that is so wonderful..i hope you get that job..i will pray for you always tammy..you keep going witht he positive outlook and you will make it..you will..God is always watching out for you and He will provide so many blessings if you let him..i do know the feeling of stress ..i went thru a nervous breakdown just last october because of a breakup and now i feel wonderful..i have such a renewed spirit in me, and it is going to stay there..i hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow..i loveya girl..

  5. Wow, sounds like a wonderful day. I'm glad, you deserved it!

  6. YAY!!! I'm so happy for you! This is such good news.

    I'll be cleaning out the closet soon so if you need some work clothes let me know what size you are and I can try to dig out some stuff to send to you.

  7. Hi Tammy - Wow - what a wonderful, hopeful post! So glad to hear your benefits continue on Tier 3, but even more for what sounds like a great possibility of a job. And having a friend advocate for you is fantastic and sure can't hurt!

    I ended up an extra day in Atlanta and seriously wished I had your phone number to at least talk and hear your voice! I honestly thought about you a lot while I was there!! In May, it won't be until middle of the month we're there, so hopefully you'll be back from your fab vacay!!! I'm thrilled that you're going to get a well deserved vacation. When we meet you'll be all tanned and beautiful, and I'll be milky pale doughy white! UGH. I'll also be fat if I don't get my ass in gear. The scale was horrid this morning. I'm going to have a brain dump post later about food and such.
    Anyway - so glad for all your good news. Hope and optimism abound! Hugs!

  8. See, I knew things were going to start looking up for you! Life is a rollercoaster, sometimes you have to remind yourself to notice and treasure the little things on the up and down ride:)

  9. Oh Tammy! What a relief! I am so very very happy for your extension. And for all the love and support you have in your world. You deserve it. Celebrate!

  10. Very nice my friend, very nice! I hope a job opens up for you in your field soon---before these extended benefits run their course. This is great news...It takes the urgent scariness off the situation.
    Good to talk to you last evening...
    Always enjoy chatting about weight loss and how I sometimes over-analyze things wayyyy tooo muchhhh. I tell you, you laugh--and I know---I'm taking this way too seriously. "This" being whatever it is I'm stressing over at the moment. Thank you my friend!

    My best always

  11. Hey you! Sorry I have been MIA for a while...I haven't been on the computer as much because I am having some shoulder issues...going through Physical Therapy for it..no fun! I am soooo happy that things are starting to turn around for you!! Good luck on the job thing! Sounds promising! And that trip looks like alot of fun! Take care...

  12. What a great day! You deserve it, honey. :)

    ((HUGS)) Hope you get that job!

  13. So glad about the job benefits. I know that takes a load off!

  14. Great news about the unemployment. I'll pray that you get that job you just heard about, but if for some reason you don't, I'd also recommend applying at temp agencies because you can tell them the kind of work you want to do, and they'll only call when they have those kind of positions available, and that way you might make a little extra money and feel like you're being more productive, but you'll still be getting unemployment because you won't be making enough for it to stop.

  15. Sounds like things are on the upswing for you and I am so happy to hear that. Keep on thinking positive and keep praying and it will work out.

  16. Great luck to you on the job opening! I'll lift a few spirits (Michelob Ultra) in you honor later!

  17. What good news!! Good luck with everything! I hope the customer service analyst job works out!

  18. Wow Tammy! I'm so very happy for you and your day full of blessings and miracles. What a beautiful post, I could actually feel the love. And obviously you could too.:-) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on that job!