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Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Bought Smaller Jeans!!!

It's been a good weekend...I made it to the gym Friday and Saturday and did the treadmill and the weight machines both days. Billie and I will be going back later on this afternoon to make it 3 days in a row!! It feels good to be working out again after having to take a week off from having that cold.

Mother Nature is visiting this week, so it seems like there's ALWAYS something to affect the weigh-in, isn't there? First my knee was shot for a week, then I had a cold for a week, and now this!! Whatever, lol....it's always going to be something. I'm just going to keep counting the calories and working out every day and I'll deal with whatever comes.

The eating was pretty decent Friday and Saturday. I'm not as strict on the weekends as I am during the week....making sure I don't go one single calorie over 1500. But I've also noticed that while the weekends are little more lax, they're nowhere NEAR what I used to eat on a daily basis before I started my weight loss travels 5 short months ago. So I'm okay with that.

Dwayne gave me some money and told me to go buy a new outfit yesterday, so I did! The last clothes I bought were 22/24's....both tops and jeans. I tried on an 18/20 blouse and it fit well all except for one problem. It was too short, and my big ol' low-hanging stomach was hanging out underneath it. I just can't handle that....makes me so self-conscious. So I bought the 22/24 blouse because it was a little longer and covered my stomach better. However....I bought a smaller size in jeans.......a size 20!!

When I posted the pics of me in jeans at mom's retirement party last weekend, I had several comments telling me the jeans were way too baggy....so I bit the bullet and tried on a pair of size 20's and they fit!! I don't know why I have such a hard time believing that I can fit into smaller clothes. I think part of it has to do with the fact that my stomach is still so freakin' huge. That's where I carry most of my weight. My body is so disproportionate. I've said before that I think I look like a potato on stilts. I have this big, fat, long torso and my legs are a lot smaller in comparison. It's irritating. It'll be nice when I finally start losing some weight in my stomach and then clothes will start to look better on me.

Dwayne took me to Bailey's Pub and Grille for dinner last night and to see all the people coming in dressed up in Halloween costumes. We had a great time together. I had a grilled mahi sandwich and a few fries....which is what I usually order when we go here. I just love grilled fish, and considering we are talking about a menu full of "bar food" where everything is fried or smothered in cheese, this is about the healthiest thing you can get.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! It feels so good to be back in the gym. I'm already looking forward to the weigh-in this coming Friday! :)

Quote For the Day:

"We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse." -Rudyard Kipling


  1. Tammy you look lovely girl...love the total look of you in that outfit..
    such a good feeling having to buy smaller jeans...I bought 3 pairs of size 9's in South Africa while on holiday and already the starting to feel loose on me, now I haven't lost weight but think I'm losing cm from all the running...

    Good to hear you back into the swing of gym...you right always something that comes in our way for our weigh loss..

  2. That outfit looks great on you and my gosh - your legs are smokin'!!! Congrats on the smaller jeans...you've been working hard and it's paying off!

  3. You look Wonderful Tammy, those new jeans are looking good girl:) Love the top too, lovley colours.

    Keep it up!!



  4. You look great! Congrats on the new jeans. You're gonna need to get used to the idea of smaller clothes because your sizes are just gonna keep going down. By the way, the length of the shirt thing is pretty annoying and probably something you'll regularly have to deal with. Usually the smaller the size is, the shorter the shirt. Designers seem to think that if you're a smaller size, you must be really short as well. Stupid.

  5. Hi Tammy. Great about the new jeans! You look wonderful in that outift.

    Bearfriend xx

  6. Tammy, you look amazing!!! Hot stuff! Congrats on the smaller jeans, and I love the top too. Both are very flattering on you.:-)

  7. Wow Tammy..you look fab!

  8. GREAT outfit! Congrats on the smaller jeans!

    I SOOO hear you about the shirts that are too short--one of my biggest pet peeves. I have always bought larger size shirts so they'll cover my belly.

    Just think, soon that won't be a problem for either of us! =)

  9. Love the outfit. You look totally fabulous and seriously, look how big that smile is in that picture compared to the one at the top of your profile. You look super happy as you should be; you've worked your butt off for those size 20s. Awesome job!

  10. omw those are great jeans! Nice outfit! You are stylin fer sure. I think you will enjoy shopping more and more as you go down down down. And um, don't buy a lot at each stop, bc u won't be there long! :) Just a few good items and rotate those I guess! Bet Dwayne liked this ensemble. :)

  11. You look fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have very thin legs!!!

  12. Tammy you look gorgeous. Well done on the new clotese especially the smaller jeans. I think you are lucky to have such shapely legs--I laughed at your potato on stilts comment. I on the other hand am fat all over! I thik that was a good choice to have that drapey looking blouse and then the jeans to show off how trim your legs are. Well done, you!

  13. Way to go on the smaller jeans, I think you look wonderful!!! How sweet of Dwayne to buy you a new outfit AND take you out to dinner, a good man there.

  14. You look wonderful in that cute outfit. Your joy and wellness in body, mind and spirit are evident in your beautiful smile. Congratulations on continuing to shrink! And by the way - you look like you're in you 20s in that picture...I mean age, not jeans! Great job.

  15. I'am so happy to hear about your new pants size. You should feel so good about yourself. Know you get to start over at size 20. No more larger sizes to think about. Let me tell you lady, if you stick with your plan and continue to workout really hard size 18 will come really fast. Here are a few tips that worked for me: reducing my pasta and rice intake,and doing side crunches for the abs every night in front of the TV. Also think aobut trying on different cuts of jeans and shirts because every style gives a different fit. I am so proud of you!

  16. lol @ potato on stilts! I've never heard that one before. :D

    YAY for new smaller jeans!!!!

  17. Way to go Tammy!!! You are looking fabulous girl!! And way to go on the gym time!

  18. I love that new outfit!! Your confidence radiates in it too :)
    I hate my short waistline I have. Even when I'm at a more healthy weight, I still don't like to tuck in shirts. I think we can all relate to a body part WE don't like (I don't think others really notice it like we think they do)

  19. you look FABULOUS TAmmy. thanks for posting the pics.. you are a great encouragement!

  20. Look how freakin' cute you are, girl! You are gorgeous. Look how skinny your legs are!!!
    And a guy that gives you money to go clothes shopping?! My husband has never uttered the words, "Here's some money, go buy yourself something" in his life!!!

  21. You look Fabulous.
    I would have guessed you were wearing a 16 or so. So you look smaller...
    You can't tell that you have a belly so I guess that means you are dressing right!
    Happy for you sweetie!