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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grilled Pita Pizzas & Shrimp Po' Boys

I ate some REALLY good food this wknd and I took some pics to show you.  :)  My good friend Tina at Fat Girl Dives In told me how to make grilled pita pizzas, and Dwayne, who has not yet met Tina, is now officially in love with her...lol.  He said it was the BEST pizza he has ever eaten in his entire life.  Trust me when I tell you this guy's eaten a lot of pizza, so that was quite the compliment. 

I followed Tina's instructions step by step....brushed the pita with some olive oil and minced garlic and grilled them on both sides.  I cooked some hot italian chicken sausage in the skillet that I bought at the Farmer's Market along with the pitas.  I topped mine with a little pizza sauce, the sausage, 4 pepperonis, 2 oz. of Boar's Head low sodium ham, some cheese, and some onions-bell peppers-fresh mushrooms that I lightly sauteed in a skillet.  Then I put them back on the grill and covered with the lid for a few minutes to heat the pita through and melt the cheese.  Dwayne's only had pepproni, ham and sausage of course...no veggies.


Best.  Pizza. EVER.

I ate half of mine...then fed most of the 3rd piece to Scarlette.  I was completely stuffed and miserable from 2 pieces....still trying to figure that one out....felt sure I was going to be able to eat the whole thing and fully intended to when I started.  I guess I've just gotten used to eating smaller amounts of food more often....but oh my goodness the misery was worth it.  Just so good.  AND I still managed to stay at 1800 cals for the day.  Success!!

Saturday night we did the same thing with some Naan bread...brushed both sides with olive oil and minced garlic and grilled them.  Then I mixed up a little Kraft lite mayo and some cocktail sauce for a faux remoulade.  Allan gave me a recipe for real remoulade sauce, but it requires putting veggies in a food processor as part of the recipe, and I couldn't chance it with Dwayne right under my feet...he wouldn't have eaten it, lol.  So....mixed up the mayo and cocktail, spread 1 tbsp. on the Naan, layered it with some green leaf lettuce, and about 6 oz. of shrimp.   My heavens it was soooo delicious.  And satisfying.  Dwayne raved about it almost as much as the pizzas.  We both really enjoyed those meals.

I also took pics of my breakfast this morning....300 calorie egg scramble.  I used 2 whole eggs and 1 egg white....then 3 oz. of Boar's Head low sodium ham, some onions, bell peppers and fresh mushrooms.  Yum.

I screwed up dinner today.  I ate too much.  My original plan of everything grilled at mom's cookout just didn't work out.  We weren't able to grill and to tell you the truth I just didn't feel like devising a new plan.  So I ate whatever was there and a little too much of it.  The guilt has been a little overwhelming, but I'm counting on the fact that one bad meal won't ruin an entire week of meals.  Every other meal Fri, Sat and Sun was right on target calorie-wise.  I also went to the gym Saturday morning and walked 2 miles on the treadmill....and carried a 5 lb. weight in each hand for the first mile of it.  Looking forward to a few more workouts this week, either at the gym or the fitness center here at my apt complex...they finally opened it!

So...trying to wash off the guilt of tonight's dinner and just keep moving forward.  My goal is the same again this week...1800 calorie a day limit and some walking.  If I stick to it, I should be able to pull off a nice 2 lb. loss this week.  I'm looking ahead to Friday's weigh-in....it feels good to ancipate them again instead of dread them.  :)


  1. Damn girl! That food looks so delicious!

  2. All that food looks so good! I'm glad you did mostly well with your eating this weekend and were still able to eat some really tasty stuff.

    By the way, since Dwayne is so adverse to vegetables, he should drink Shakeology. Ask me about it if you're interested. :)

  3. Wow, when I see BEST PIZZA EVER, that intrigues me! It looks delicious! Way too early in the morning to be seeing tasty grub like that! I might be making pizza today!

  4. Food looks great, please email me the link to Lisa...

  5. OK, I'm officially going out after work and buying pitas. That looks fantastic, as did the grilled shrimp. I'm psyched for a new and yummy idea. You're doing great, Tammy! It's so good to hear you're back on track and also serving as a role model for me!!

  6. I went out today and got the stuff to make the shrimp po'boys with! Can't wait to eat one later. Thanks for the idea and your pics look absolutely wonderful!