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Monday, September 13, 2010

Back On Track

I had a really good weekend.  I did not exceed the 1800 calorie mark that I set for myself all weekend.  I was perfect all 3 days....Fri, Sat and Sun.  Unbelievable.  lol  And it was relatively easy.  You can tell when you've had enough of the crap and you're ready for a change.  I wasn't frantic or wanting to eat the house this wknd.  I was calm and relaxed...planned out my food and calories ahead of each meal...and only concentrated on one day at a time (for the most part).  We did grill out Sat night, and I pre-planned to have Dwayne cook enough to last for Sunday's dinner, too....just so we wouldn't have to cook again. 

The only tough thing was staying off of the scale....but it's all good.  If I'm doing what I'm supposed to in the way of food and exercise, there's really no need to be on it more than once a week....and only then to gauge my progress.  It gives me a boost to see things moving in the right direction, and I'd rather see that weekly than monthly.  My official weigh-in last Fri morning was 255.8.  I feel like that number will be a few lbs. less by this Friday.  I didn't do any exercise over the weekend.  My plan for this week is to go to the gym on Tues and Thur and do something that doesn't require putting my full weight on my foot/ankle, as it's still a bit painful and very weak.  I'm thinking either the stationary bike or a rowing machine...something of the sort.  They also have water aerobic classes at my gym on Tues and Thur, so that's something I'm considering...if I could just get over the fact that the stupid pool room is surrounded by glass windows, both to the inside of the gym, and to the outside public...good grief!!!

And a word of thanks to one of the commenters who's concerned about me losing fast and gaining it all back.  Thanks for your concern girl...I do appreciate it.  And I would agree with you if I were taking drastic measure to dump a bunch of weight...like dropping calories to only 1,000 a day and working out 4-6 hrs every evening.  But I'm nowhere close to any kind of extreme.  The 1800 calories I set is a good bit of food, and as we can see, I'm not exercising much yet due to my ankle.  Me wondering if I can lose 20 lbs in a month is most likely a dream that will never come true, lol.....I say things like that because I'm sick and tired of being strangled in my clothing (I got rid of all of my bigger clothes and REFUSE to buy any more).....and with 20 lbs gone, I'd actually be able to breathe in what I'm wearing to work.  I'm also a big fan of "going for the gold" when you've got your full focus....so there's definitely nothing wrong with shooting for the 20 lb. mark, whether I hit it or not.  Let's face it....ANY kind of a loss is better than not even trying.  :)

My fitness center at the apt is SUPPOSED to open this Thursday, so we'll see if that's actually true.  If not, I always have the option of the gym.  It totally sucks that Kim broke her ankle and we're not able to work out together right now....but I'll be putting myself in the habit of going alone starting this Tuesday.  I'm going to make the exercise a priority....and that has more to do with the mental aspect than it does the physical. 


  1. At 256, you need 2816 calories to stay there. At 1800 calories with no exercise, you are losing 7000 calories per week, or 2 pounds. 4 weeks in a month, 8 pound loss. Very safe, and it works for you.. Shoot for 20 anyway, you never know!!!

  2. I agree, the 1800 is very doable. It should leave you satisfied and not hungry. Write everything down. It works the best. I need to take my OWN advice!

    Yes, shoot for the 20 lbs. If your goal is to be 140, that just seems WAY too far off. My goal is to be in the 100's again. I feel like I've NEVER been in the 100's! I still have like 37 lbs. to go though. I'm so stuck!!

    You can do it, just take it one. day. at. a. time!

  3. I try to do around 1300 calories a day but I go over sometimes. I also try to exercise daily. However, we grilled out this weekend and I think it made me retain water. I was at 223 now I am at 225 so I will try to watch it this week so I can lose that extra 2 lbs.

  4. Way to go Tammy! Your doing great...im keeping my fingers crossed that the fitness center opens up soon...

  5. I enjoyed the update!! Thank you!! You're so right...your approach, like mine, isn't one of extremes---because we know, it must be something we can do for the longterm. And I'm not talking about counting calories forever--I'm simply talking about redefining our relationship with food--understanding what a normal portion of anything looks like---and being strong mentally, enough to call ourselves on our own stories that we sometimes use to make ourselves feel better about our not so good choices...You get that, I know you do---and I'm happy for you my friend!!!!!!!
    Great idea, having Dwayne cook extra to use for Sunday, exactly---very sweet!

    My best always

  6. Tammy, I can't set goals that I'm not convinced I will achieve, because I don't work at getting there. Guess I already feel defeated before I start. But setting some sort of goal is important so I am totally lost what to do. It just comes back to that feeling of failing. Guess my goal is what I need to do day by day to see the weight come off although I do get obsessed with the scale. Just hang in there girl ... that's all we can do besides making wise food choices and exercising.

  7. Tammy, congrats on the good weekend! You'll make fine progress, with one good decision after another. They really add up, don't they?! Great job!