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Friday, September 17, 2010


Can everyone read that #??  249.6 BABY!!!!! 

I was 255.8 last Friday, so by keeping my calories at or under 1800 each day this past week, I lost 6.2 lbs!!  I'm sure probaby half of it is a sodium drop...but who cares...I'm back in the 240's!!!  I have the same plan for this week....1800 calories...and there's some more good news.  They finally opened my fitness center at the apt yesterday afternoon, so I can use that when I don't feel like making the 45 minute to the gym after work.  Woo Hoo!!  I'm hoping that with continuing to only take it one day at a time, I can leave the 250's behind forever, and steadily move down through the 240's.  

Thanks to everyone who left a comment yesterday.  That was a hard post to write and one that actually took me by surprise at how hard that award hit me.  A few of the comments made me think about things in a way I hadn't before, so thank you for that.  :)

I've been working on a plan for my weekend eating with Dwayne.  My dinners are usually my lightest meal during the work week....I think I had egg whites and mushrooms 3x this week.  Tonight's dinner is going to be on the heavier side, so I'll need to adjust my calories accordingly throughout the day.  So far I've had 270 calories for breakfast....2 whole eggs at 75 cals each...so 150 there...and 2 pieces of Jimmy Dean turkey sausage for a total of 120 calories there...so 270.  I used Pam Olive Oil cooking spray to cook them in.  It's time to grocery shop again, so didn't have anything readily available for lunch, which means I'll probably be heading to Publix on my lunch break to get a sandwich out of their deli. 

Last Sunday I went to the Farmer's Market with Tina from Fat Girl Dives In, listed on my blogroll.  I always have the best visits with her.  She's just a fun girl to be around, and so down to earth.  We ate lunch together at the salad bar, and then did some shopping.  She pointed me towards the pita bread that she buys from their bakery to make grilled pita pizzas, so Dwayne and I are trying them tonight.  When you buy bread from the bakery, they obviously don't list the calorie counts on the bags, so Tina and I are ballparking that the pitas, which are a little bigger than your normal pita pocket, are probably around 300 calories.  I also bought some ground spicy italian chicken sausage from their meat department, and will be sizzling that up in a skillet ahead of time to add to my pizzas.  Dwayne will be eating the chicken sausage on his (can you believe it???!!!), and adding some pepperoni that he picked up at the store last night.  I'll be lightly sauteeing some onions, bell peppers, and fresh mushrooms to put on mine....and topping it off with some fresh mozzarella that I also bought at the Farmer's Market.  Then Tina says you just place them on the grill and cover them, which warms the bread and melts the cheese.  Cant' wait.  :)

My plan for Saturday night's dinner was originally to have shrimp po' boys.  I asked Dwayne and he said that sounded good...thank God!  Something we'll both eat!  I was thinking I'd have mine on some kind of low calorie wheat bun/bread...wasn't sure yet, and buy Dwayne whatever kind of bread he wanted.  Well he decided that since we're grilling shrimp, we should throw on some fish, too....so now we're up to fish and shrimp po'boys.  Then we got to Publix last night for him to pick up some of his junk food for the apt, and he said we should eat the po' boys on flatbread.  So we found some in the deli and the calorie count on the flatbread is 260 calories.  I told him I didn't want anything that calorie dense, because I'm already having 300 calorie pitas on Friday night...I need to make better use of my calories.  So we looked and looked.....I suggested some low calorie tortillas...he didn't want that...wanted a thicker bread.  So we finally decided on some Naan....how ethnic of him, lol.  The calories on that are 190.  We bought 4 pieces, but I'm thinking what I'll do is have one shrimp po'boy on one of the pieces of Naan, and then just have a little piece of grilled fish on the side.  I don't need 2 big ass sandwiches.  I was going to buy some Boar's Head remoulade sauce for the po' boys, but Dwayne said there was no need to spend the money...he'd just mix up some mayo and cocktail sauce and that would be close to the same thing.  Allan, if you're reading this morning, can you kindly tell me what all is in remoulade sauce?  :)

Sunday I'm meeting Kim at the salon to get our nails done...I am sooo past due.  Then we're having lunch together.  I asked her where she wanted to go and she said she's leaving it up to me so I can choose something and still stay in my calorie budget.  Now THAT'S a supportive friend.  :)  I'm not sure where we're going yet....I need to find out what restaurants are close to the salon on her side of town...but we'll be deciding that today over email so I can choose my item and know the calorie count ahead of time.  Lastly, I'm going to my mom and dad's house for dinner on Sunday afternoon....we're throwing my cousin Ann Marie a surprise birthday party.  I asked mom ahead of time if we can grill....it's probably going to be chicken breasts, center cut pork chops, and hot dogs for the kids.  I'm bringing the chicken breasts along, and I'm making some cole slaw to take.  As a matter of fact, I got the cole slaw recipe from Jack Sh*t's blog post yesterday.  I'm using regular cabbage in place of the kale...but everything else will be the same.  Can't wait to try it.  :)

So....this is me trying to stay on my game by planning ahead of time as much as possible.  Of course, we all know plans can fall apart at a moment's notice, but hopefully not from my own doing.  I have more confidence in my calorie counting when I make the effort to plan ahead of time and I have a much better chance of staying on track. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, too! :)


  1. Awesome scale !

    Get a blender or a big food processor
    Throw everything below in, and get it creamy, about 30 seconds or so...

    1/4 of a large red pepper
    1/2 stalk of celery
    1 green onion (including all the green)
    1/4 cup of fresh parsley leaves
    3/4 cup of mayonnaise
    2 tbs of dijon mustard
    2 tbs of ketchup
    2 tbs of horseradish
    a couple shakes of worstershire sauce
    a couple shakes of tobasco sauce
    2 tsp of paprika
    1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

    remoulade !!!

  2. Congrats on a significant loss! Good work, and thanks for inspiring me to do the same. I had a loss too, which I'll post in a bit.

    Love love love that you're PLANNING for the weekend. This is so key to success - whenever I have a plan, I do better. Without question.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Tammy!

  3. Congrats on the loss! And great to plan - it always helps me stay on track.

  4. YAY! for getting in the 240's. You always have a plan, that's what I love about you. I can never plan, too much thought has to go into that. As you know I like the same things over and over again, then I don't have to plan. I promise not to bring any temptations to the office next week.

  5. WOW! 6.2 POUNDS! That's awesome. I've never lost that much in a single week. Congrats on the progress and planning. I'm heading to VT tonight so it's going to be a challenge to stay on plan. Stay strong and have a great weekend!

  6. Very happy for you Tammy.
    Way to go! (((hugs)))

  7. The gal with a plan--that's you!!! And look at how well everything paid off for you this week...Wow!!!! Congrats!!!! Amazing job--and I know just what you needed.

    Can't wait to see you on Sunday...hopefully that plan stays in tact, too...:)

  8. Tammy, that is a well-deserved weight loss, after all your hard work! Well done, well done!! Congratulations on breaking below 250!

  9. (Applause.) Congrats on entering the 240's!

  10. Damn girl, that is great!!! I try to plan, plan, plan. Going to eat today but they have a 550 calorie menu so that makes it easier!

  11. Way to go Tammy! Your doing AWESOME! Reading your post today is making me want pita pizza's a fish sandwiches,LOL! mmmmm, that DOES sound good for next weeks meals, My DH loves seafood. Ok, off to make a grocery list for next week!

    I also wanted to Say that i read your post yesterday too and got interrupted by my kids a few times and didn't get a chance to reply. It really touched me and applaud your honesty! Have a great weekend =)

  12. Congrats on that loss. WOW

    Get you some of this 60 calorie pita breads at
    Walmarts, you can freeze them so you always have them around. In my walmart store they are near the bakery on a shelf.


  13. What a great plan!! And a very nice loss to boot :)

  14. Wow you had a great week and loss. Sounds like planning is the key :)
    Let me know when you go to the market next time and I will try join you. Love to get all my lentils etc there for soups for winter.

  15. Below 250 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I am SO thrilled for you! Planning ahead as much as possible, is the golden key to success. You ROCK! Go get it, it's yours. :)

  17. That pizza idea sounds DELISH! Thanks for the tip!