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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Look Before You Leap

I was running late this morning and ran out of time before I could fix breakfast at home.  I knew I was going to swing through a drive-thru and the choice on the way to work was either McD's or Burger King.  I haven't had either one in several months and was trying to remember the calorie value of a couple of breakfast items.  I decided to hit Burger King for a ham and egg croissant...no cheese.  I was thinking it was around 300-350 calories.  I got it, ate it on the way to the office, and when I got here, logged onto the computer, pulled up the BK website, and found that my breakfast was 500 calories.  Dang!  Why did I think it was 300??  I pulled up McD's menu, found an Egg McMuffin....and IT was 300 calories.  I got them confused. 

Just a few minutes ago I was munching on a pear that I grabbed out of the fruit bowl when I was running out the door this morning.  Wasn't hungry....but it was sitting on my desk....it looked good...so I was munching on it when I decided to pull http://www.sparkpeople.com/ back up and see how many calories it was.  I was guessing around 80.  It was actually 123 calories.  I was about 3/4 through the pear when I read this, so I tossed the rest of it in the trash, and I'm calling it 100 calories.  These were a couple of excellent reminders to look up my calorie values BEFORE I make my choice. 

As far as my choices go so far this morning.....I should have only had the pear and spread out my calories in a better way over my whole day.  All is not lost....I'll still keep it under 1800 today as I've done all week...but I'm definitely more aware of my choices due to my caloric breakfast overload...and that will make for better choices tomorrow. 

Not getting on the scale is driving me a little nuts....but I'm handling it.  I know I've only got 2 more days to find out my progress for the week, and knowing I've succeeded at the one-day-at-a-time philosophy, and 1800 calorie a day max....the wait will be worth it.  :)


  1. Been there ... done that. I'm now carrying a notebook writing down calorie/point counts of things I may get at a moments notice, so I can choose wisely. I know you're working hard and are anxious to see what the scales say Friday. I'll be waiting too!


  2. A pear 123??? My calorie counter book says 90. Methinks that someone is wrong. And I would kinda like to know who, since I always count my pears at 90. lol

    Fast food brekkies will get you. You can bet anything with "croissant" or a variation on that word will kill you in the calorie count. :D Mmmm... Croissants.... With a latte... *drool*

    Okay, I'm back, now.

    It sounds as if you are nicely back on track and feeling fine. I am glad to see it. :D

  3. So you know, AU JUS means with butter !! Steak, burgers, fish, you name it, butter, salt yummy

  4. Wow, I love pears! But 123 calories seems like a lot!

  5. Your story reminds me of the adage "fail to plan, plan to fail". Of course you in no way failed, but like you said, we do better when we have the numbers in our heads ahead of time.

    Take it from me...stay off the effing scale. If you read my post today you'll see that weighing before Friday played a role in a binge for me yesterday. Damn!!! Congrats on the good week you're having, girl.

  6. Better to discover surprises at breakfast than at dinner! You have plenty of time to compensate elsewhere.

    Allan, I didn't know au jus = butter. I just figured it was the natural juices off the seasoned beef. Shoot ...

  7. Everyone has said everything that I am thinking...so I will just leave you with the idea that this was a speed bump...let's just come up with a plan to take care of the rest of the day--and you are golden (no reference to those Arches or the Crown that you referenced earlier!).

    We had a lunch meeting today...so I had to endure pizza (from Bellacino's)...I had two small slices--had to search for them...but I am sure that it was not the best option out there--but the only one at hand...Again, I will work out the rest of the day to compensate...:)

    Great work, Tammy!!! Wow...lots of admiration from across town!!! :)

  8. 123 calories for my beloved pear??? What a bummer.

  9. My BB said 93 cals so I think it might be a little lower then you think unless it was a HUGE pear.

    Do you have a fridge at work? I put yogurt, string cheese, fruits and healthy snacks in the fridge here at work so I always have something healthy to grab.

  10. Some friends and I were headed to DQ, so I looked up the nutritional info, to see what my best choice would be. Everything that I would have guessed would be the better option, were some of the worst options! It showed me how off I would have been if I had tried to just figure it out on my own, and how important it is to look things up!

  11. It is a true eye opener when you look up the calories in fast food. I wouldn't worry too much about the extra calories of the pear but I'd try to avoid BK and McD's as much as possible. Keep that calorie budget in check and move as much as your ankle and time allows and you'll be sitting pretty come weigh in time. Hang in there and don't forget to pack/fix your breakfast for tomorrow.

  12. "Au jus" means in the natural juices. If there's butter, it's because someone decided to add it. "Beurre" means butter.

    Here's the Wise Geek definition of "au jus":

    Au jus in French means served with the natural juices or gravy made from the juices of cooked meat. In the US, meals served au jus tend to be defined as served with a light broth-like dipping sauce. One of the most well known au jus meals is the french dip, a roast beef sandwich accompanied with au jus broth.

    Au jus broth tends not to incorporate much of the meat’s natural juices, but it is a good pairing with a roast beef sandwich. Typical ingredients in an American au jus include soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, onion, and often beef broth. Sometimes, an au jus is merely a beef bouillon. You can even purchase a powdered form of au jus, which helps meat give off the au jus flavored juices. These may be skimmed from a pan after meat has cooked and brought to a quick boil.

  13. Hey Tammy! I've been underground for a bit *seems like my refrain* but I'm just catchin up on your blog. Gonna only comment this once but I've read the last 10+ entries...

    Now that I've done that it made me wish my "real life" friends blogged so catching up would be as easy.

  14. You have an award from Meeee:)



  15. I weigh in once a week, on Tuesdays, and average 2-3 pounds per week off for the past 8 weeks. Before that, 9 pounds per week or so..
    As for the comments above. The best choice as DQ is the water... As for New Me's definition of Au Jus, we have dictionaries here in the US. In real life, we add butter. Always, every restaurant, every State.. USA. USA.. Butter baby