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Friday, September 3, 2010

Weigh Day/Weekend in Cherokee

I weighed 251.8 this morning for a 3.4 lb. gain from last Friday. 

Dwayne and I got in an argument yesterday (it didn't have anything to do with healthy eating/exercise).  Not a good place to be when you're fixing to go on a 3 day weekend trip together.  (eyeroll). 

I'll try to take some pics this wknd if things improve...if we're even still going.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend.  :)


  1. have fun..I luv going to cherokee..I like the casino there and always enjoy myself there. But cherokee itself has many fun things to do, beautiful pockets of mountain lovliness. I want to float down the river there too. It will work itself out when you guys get away . Take your time. pull over and ooh and ahh at the vistas and the little apple and country stuff stands.

  2. You two are just like a married couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  3. I'm so sorry you're having a tough time. If you don't end up going, call me and we'll do something fun. Otherwise, lets talk when you get back. Huge hugs my friend!!!

  4. You've come a long way Tammy.
    It will happen.
    Kiss and make up!
    Enjoy these days together.

  5. Tammy,

    Please focus this weekend on enjoying yourself, enjoying the scenery and enjoying the company of your loved one. The anger from the argument should melt away once you see the beautiful mountain views. I can't wait to hear about your trip. Most important focus should be enjoyment. Everything else will be waiting when you get back.

  6. We were actually talking about riding up to Cherokee for some pretty mountain scenery later in the month. It is gorgeous up there in the early fall - nice hiking weather and all that. Have a fun weekend!

  7. Oh, you're still going! An argument isn't going to stop that. Have a great time, and make sure you're eating what you want to eat and not giving in to Dwayne pressure. ;)

  8. Hope you guys have a great weekend...and maybe win big...:) Just remember your friends in GA when you do...LOL! If we don't hear from you next week, will assume that you won your fortune...but let us know for sure...:)

    Enjoy...(dang! I should have given you $10 to play for me!!!!).

  9. I hope you and Dwayne patch things up and can enjoy your weekend away. Win big!