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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Thanks for all of the comments from last night. You really know how to make a girl feel less crazy. Today was a little better where the bingeing feelings are concerned, but it totally sucked on the exercise front. I ate 1600 calories today. It's 100 over my limit, but after having 5 perfect days, I'm okay with going over a little. However, I didn't walk at the park today. This is the 2nd rest day this week, which means I'll be out hitting it hard tomorrow morning. Last chance workout before weigh day!

I forgot to post the pic of a new recipe yesterday. I made Chicken Pesto Pizza that I found in the Cooking Light magazine. I invited my mom, my sister Amy and my nephew Cyress over for lunch, and Mom brought a salad with her. The recipe called for red grapes, but that sounded gross to me for pizza, so I replaced them with black olives. It was very good, but if I wanted to be lax with my calories, I'd add more cheese. It only calls for 1/2 cup of 2% mozzarella, and that's just not enough for a pizza this big, so it was a little on the dry side. Here's the pics:

My family came over for lunch again today and I made another recipe from Pam's food blog, "Lobster and Fishsticks". It's called Spicy Creamy Zucchini Soup and my mom is in love with it. I made this for her last week, and she told me that I must make it at least once a week and have her over for lunch, lol. It really is an excellent recipe. I added chicken to mine. I just boiled it in the pot with the squash, removed it to puree the soup, then added it back in before serving. Here's the pic:

Dinner tonight was good old-fashioned chicken and dumplings. Ok, not really all that old-fashioned. My Aunt Shirley makes the BEST chicken and dumplings in the whole entire world, and she takes the time to make her own dough, roll it out 1/8" thick, cut it into thin little strips, and then cook them. I did not go to all this trouble, although one day I plan on it. I used reduced fat Bisquick, lol. The only problem was, I was scared to make too much dough, because I love this comfort food dish, and I thought I might eat too many dumplings. So I made very little, then I dropped only 1/2 a spoonful of dough in at a time, instead of a full spoonful. By the time I thickened the soup with some cornstarch and fat free half-n-half and stirred it a few times, the dumplings basically disintegrated, lol. (The chunks you see in the bowl are chicken...not dumplings). However, it was still very tasty...Shane LOVED it. He's taking some for lunch tomorrow. Here's the pic:

Only one more day before weigh-in. I hope I get a good number this week. My one focus this week was being stringent enough with the calories and working hard enough at the park to at least get off the 6 lbs I gained last week. And I do realize that most of that gain was due to the sodium I ate the night before I weighed in, so I feel pretty confident that I'll at least have those 6 lbs gone by Friday morning, since I think at least half of it was water weight.

I went and did my labs this morning. I'll know in a day or two how they turned out. I also downloaded the C25K thingie to my MP3 player. Now, I just have to work up the nerve to get started on it. I thought about it and I know exactly what has been holding me back from doing this. I've been proud of myself for improving my time with the jogging....but I feel sure that compared to this program, it's probably a drop in the bucket. I think I'm afraid that it will be too hard for me to accomplish....like maybe I'm still too fat and out of shape to start working towards a 5k...and if I am, I'm going to feel like I failed. I know I need to get started on it....just trying to work up the courage.

Gotta' run and load the dishwasher and finish up some laundry. Thanks again for all the support and encouragement you continuously give. You are all just a fantastic group of people and I'm thankful that you've become such an integral part of my travels along the road to freedom. :)

Quote For the Day:

"Just go out there and do what you've got to do." -Martina Navratilova


  1. Your pizza looks delish! Everything looks good. So when can I come for lunch? lol

    You are really doing great Tammy! I love the quote...I'm inspired :)

  2. OMG I zoomed in onthe chicken pizza and it looks so yummy. Thank you for taking a picture of it. Tammy stay strong it will all workout. Say good-bye to those fears. Good luck!

  3. I am toying with C25K too Tammy, just need to get motivated into believing I can.

    I missed you previous post, just cauight up with it now. You a such brave and honest girl, I so admire your honesty, insight and strength.

    You are going to do this sweetheart, I can feel it in my bones:)

    Love and hugs


    PS. Love the photo's, some delicious looking grub coming from Tammy's Table xxx

  4. Tammy, you can do hard things. :) Your body will become accustomed to whatever pressures you put on it, so don't be afraid to push yourself a little when it comes to the exercise.

  5. Hey Girl,
    I think you can start working up to a 5k! You are so amazing and so strong for real! I think you are doing what you set your mind to do. SO go for it! I think the scale will be goood to you tomorrow. I need a invite to lunch as well! Everything looks delish!

  6. I was terrified of starting c25k but one thing I realized was that even if I couldn't make it through the first session, I could at least try and eventually I'd make it through if I just kept doing it. And that's what keeps me going even now because while running for 60 seconds and even 90 seconds were doable, running for 3 minutes is much harder and running for 5 minutes next week? Not so sure about that one. But the sense of accomplishment after is AMAZING, truly.

    And if you do try it, I'll be out here whooping it up on every post you write about it. :-)

  7. Your post is making me hungry! Your food looks amazing!

  8. Girl I have got to get that magazine. The pizza looks great.

  9. I'm having trouble with blogger today. I can't pull up my post...I can't comment withour errors. I can't even pull up some people's blogs at all.

    I want to do that C25K thing but I can't get the programs to download. When I plug in my MPS player, my windows media players says, "Cannot copy." I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Technology sucks.

  10. Mmm, your food looks awesome! Can I come over to your place and eat?!?

    I think you are doing fantastic, and I am totally here cheering you on. Even if you feel as if a 5K is too big a goal right now, think of all the calories you will burn going after it! And trying for it will make it all the closer, right? Keep it up!!!

  11. That pizza looks great!! I need to try some new recipes! You asked me about the calories on the Fiber One Shredded Wheat cereal...it is 200 calories for 1 cup...but that doesn't include the milk:( But it is so filling...

  12. That pizza looks awesome! I am going to make homemade pizza next week for dinner (got the idea from Diane at fit to the finish). I'm always looking for new healthy recipes. Thank you for the heads up on soy milk! I havene't heard that one yet so I'm going to read into it. That's one of the hard things about healthy eating- the 'experts' changing their mind about what is good and what is not ALL the TIME!

  13. you're making me VERY hungry. :)

  14. The pizza looks good think I would like the red grapes. That's nice you have lunch once a week with your mom, wish mine lived close enough to do that.

  15. Hi Tammy, Good call on the black olives over red grapes - me no like fruit with pizza! I imagine you're going to be pleased with you weigh in tomorrow.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment last night. I'm going to email you, and I appreciate the idea of "sponsoring" each other! That's what the blogging community feels like to me - support, advice, acceptance. You got ALL that going! I'll be in touch.

  16. That zucchini soup looks sooooo good! I have to look up the recipe!

  17. The pizza looked really yummy! I weigh on saturday so I'm hoping I'm down on sat since I had my Taco Bell feast yesterday. LOL! Yea my mom has said, "Tammy, you and I are all doing a 5k next year so you need to start workin up to it." I was like Oh Joy and I can't even walk for 15 mins without dying! lol.

  18. I love that pizza! I can't wait to see how your weigh-in goes because it sounds like you have had a great week.

    Don't be afraid to try the C25K program. It's for beginners - not experienced runners. It's completely doable and you are ready!