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Friday, October 23, 2009

"Just The Facts, Ma'am"

First things first. I weighed in at 229.8 this morning, for a loss of .2 of a lb, lol. I have to tell you, I am just THRILLED that I made 2 weeks in a row WITHOUT gaining!! I'm perfectly fine with today's weigh-in. I said I was looking for a 1 lb. loss. I would have been more accurate if I would have said I just hope I don't gain. And I didn't. Yahoo!

Now, about "the facts". Last night's post evoked several comments that disagreed with what the personal trainer told me last night at the gym. I'm glad you all spoke up, it's good to hear things from all sides. I gotta' tell ya'....it drives me nuts because this stuff happens all the time. You never know who to believe, you know? And it happens with EVERYTHING involved with trying to lose weight and get in shape.

As far as counting calories....1500 works for some while 2000 works for others. As far as staying within a certain calorie range, well that's a joke too. Billie and I were just discussing this on the way to the gym. I use sparkpeople as my nutrition website. They say 1/4 c of almonds is 200. The bag that the almonds came in, sitting in my pantry, says 1/4 c of almonds is 170. 30 calories might not be a big difference to some people, but it is to me. And it drives me nuts that they're so different.

Another example....the personal trainer said yellow squash (summer squash, not butternut like someone thought) is a bad carb. Pam emailed me this morning after looking it up and come to find out, the trainer is dead wrong. Yellow squash and zucchini have the exact same glycemic index #, which is believe is a 15, and is on the "low" list of the index. And to top that, zucchini actually has MORE sugar in it than summer squash!!! So why did he write in his book that he sells to all of his clients for $30 (NO, I didn't buy one), that yellow squash is a bad carb???? Who the hell knows, but it bugs the crap out of me, lol.

Here's another one for you. My own doctor, the one who took me off of all of my meds this week, told me that you do not raise good cholesterol with food...you raise it with exercise. When he found out that I'm doing plenty of exercise, he said I must be one of those unfortunate ones that heredity has affected, and will have to be placed on a new medicine to raise it when I come in for another appt in a month. I emailed my two most trustworthy sources....Pam, because she's the research queen and has been on this journey longer than I have, and Sean because I knew the last time he went to the doctor, his labs came back fantastic.

Both of their doctors told them that you most certainly CAN raise the good cholesterol with food, and both of them suggested almonds to me. Then my mom sends me this very informative email listing ALL KINDS of foods that raise good cholesterol. So why did my doctor tell me you couldn't raise it with food? Why were my only 2 choices exercise, or a victim of heredity??? Do you see why I hate conflicting info?

I can't even tell you how aggravated I am with friggin' eggs, lol. 10 people tell me to stick to egg whites, and another 10 tell me to eat the whole egg...telling me there's so much good stuff in the yolk, forget about the bad cholesterol....but then they follow that up with "just don't eat them every day, like....maybe 1-2x/wk". Oh really??? And why is that??? Because the cholesterol in the yolk IS a problem???? Grrrrrr!!

As far as the jogging being bad for you....I can see it being a problem for some because my right knee is just shot sometimes, and I can tell that jogging worsens it. However, I can see how it really benefits other people, and Rebecca made a really good point about if you're already fairly fit, then walking simply isn't going to raise your heart rate enough to give you a good enough cardio workout. She is absolutely correct.

I was noticing this on the treadmill myself this morning. As you know, I've been practicing my jogging for 2-3 wks now. Well I didn't do it today because he told me not to, and because my knee isn't 100% yet. So I entered my age and weight on the fancy shmancy treadmill, and watched my heart rate. According to the chart, at the age of 37, I should have it around 147. Mine never got any higher than a 122 today and I was sweating like a pig in mid July. The fastest treadmill speed I can walk at w/o feeling like I have to jog is a 4.2. That's where I had it, at a 5% incline, pouring sweat, and couldn't get my heartrate over 122. Now yesterday, I was jogging 3 minutes at a time, and walking 3 mins inbetween. My heart rate was 148. Go figure.

I know people say you just have to do what you think is right for you. That sucks, lol. I can choose to do one thing, and the next day someone will show me or tell me how it's wrong, no matter what it is, lol. I'm not an educated nutritionist or dietician. I'm not a doctor, although sometimes I think they know way less about nutrition than they should and they're just medicine pushers, living in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies. So, as it is, I still have more questions than solid answers, and I probably always will have.

My final analysis is this:

Count your almonds at 200 calories.
Eat all the yellow squash you can hold.
Jog if you feel like it, walk if you don't.
Eat all the eggs you want....as long as it's no more than 1x a week, lol.
And always question everything your dr. tells you. He's not the God of Nutrition.

Have a super fantastic weekend everyone!! And thanks for listening to my aggravated b*tch-fest!! :)

Quote For the Day:

"The world of achievement has always belonged to the optimist." -Harold Wilkins


  1. Bravo! Doing your research ALWAYS pays off! I, too, belong to Spark People (GeorgiaMist) and I've lost 33 pounds since joing in mid-April.
    Stop by my Spark page and say hello!
    Kudos to you -- you're fabulous!

  2. I agree completely that your doctor is not the God of nutrition. Most doctors where never trained on nutrition, they just fix problems associated with it. Love the quote, I wish I could be an optimist.

  3. I totally know what you mean about getting conflicting info from people. I try to be my own finder of info which seems to be what you're doing too.

    When it comes to food, I've always said that anything that hasn't been processed is good for me but still in moderation. Bottom line is calories in is still the key. Now how many you can eat and still lose weight is the big question. I also believe that if a person loses more than 1-2 lbs a week they are probably losing some muscle. So for me that's why I keep my calories higher so that I can maintain my muscle as I'm losing fat.

    When it comes to running I say do it if you want. For me, my knees have arthritis so they usually limit me with the amount of running I can do. So when they aren't feeling good I will walk and try to use the incline to help keep my heart rate up.

    You are losing weight and feeling better so I say keep doing what you're doing. It sure sounds like you're trying to continue learning new things too which I know even now I'm still doing.

    This is all a process and it's always changing because just when we get use to something our bodies adjust and we have to change it up to keep the weight coming off.

    You are doing great Tammy, way to go on the 0.2 lbs down too.

  4. haha your final analysis made me laugh.

    HEY, it's time for new photos..and not ones that are hiding behind loose clothes anymore..You probably need new clothes again. I think u said that last pic was a new top...I'm sure it is way too big already. Sheesh when u land your next job, you are not going to have too much to wear, girl!

  5. Great post!! When I read your last post I felt anxious about these new "rules" and it's been kind of bugging me all day because I worry that I'm doing things wrong all the time (I'm certainly no expert!!) and that even though I've been successful, maybe failure is just around the corner because I'm running instead of walking and not eating enough protein and because I hate cottage cheese, etc. I try to remind myself that there are a million ways to do something the "right" way and that what's most important to me is whatever works best for me, but it's so hard to remember that in the face of an "expert." So I'm really glad you offered more perspective today. I feel relieved! :-)

  6. Dude, I love eggs and eat them whenever I want. I'm sick of that conflicting information crap, too, so I just decided to say screw it. If an egg is the worst thing I have to worry about (same for you) than I'm doing pretty damn good. Oh, and it's good to know that summer squash is not a bad carb. That annoyed me.

    Maybe you could try the elliptical if walking is no longer getting your heart rate up (look how fit you are!), but running hurts. The elliptical gets mine up pretty easily, especially if you put some resistance on and/or go at a good clip. And it's no impact! Oh, I almost forgot, congrats on the loss. :)

  7. Conflicting information makes me crazy. I just wanted to add one thing...you said always question what your doctor tells you because he's not the God of nutrition. Absolutely! But also recognize that because a trainer has been a trainer forever doesn't mean he/she has all the facts about nutrition or exercise. They have their own knowledge that includes some fact and lots of life experience and practice in the field. It sounds like you have a good enough head on your shoulders to sort the wheat from the chaff and find what is best for you, Tammy. I love your posts - they are so honest, and a lot of what you say sounds just like me! Have a great weekend.

  8. It's information overload. I think I just shutdown when people try to tell me what I should or shouldn't do. I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. I walk because I like to walk. Those are the two things that I want to take with me to the grave - things that will never change for me. The rest I just figure out day to day. You know in your heart of hearts what makes sense. Do that. Don't get mired in the details.

  9. I am in major catch-up mode with your blog - and am totally impressed:

    Smiley faces - check
    joining gym - check
    working hard at it - check

    You are doing great! Don't worry too much about the technical details, just figure out what works for you (trial and error) and stick with it and mix it up when things slow down or get in the way.

    I can tell you have an intelligent analytical mind and you like facts. Heck, human bodies don't seem to work like that, lol!

    Keep up the great work you star you!

  10. You're so beautiful! Congratulations on such a wonderful experience, and successes!

    Best wishes!

  11. This week = weight loss!!! Yeahhhha! Might not be your 2 pounds, but IT'S A LOSE!!!! :)
    I'm with you on the confusing up and downs of what is good and not good. I have found that I eat whole-grains/brown rice, and try and get as much fresh fruits/veggies in with as much of an array of colors that I can in a day (1400-1500 cals a day) and it works for me. I use 2 egg whites with a smidge of one of the yolks (like 1/4 of a yolk) for my eggs and it works for me.
    I'm SO GLAD to hear that yellow squash isn't a bad carb!!

  12. Congrats on the weight loss. better .2 pounds down than .2 pounds up I always say!
    As for the nutrition stuff, just starting on the long road of studying nutriton myself, but my professor IS a nutritionist, and she said that most Doctors have almost no nutritional knowledge, in that they are not required to take more than an introductory class or two.
    There is a lot of conflicting knowledge about nutrition out there, and it drives me crazy too when I read in one place a certain number of calories and another a different amount for the same thing! Arrgh!!!
    I admire your common sense approach, always questioning and looking for answers from sources you trust. And your endless positive energy!
    As always Tammy you serve as an inspiration to me! Thank you!!

  13. OMG Tammy your post made me freakin' SNORT!

    Yeah, I know you are aggrivated - its hard not to be, but save yourself a few headaches and don't solicit opinons - Lord knows you will get enough of them without having to even ask a single question!

    Personally, I refuse to listen to any man's opinion when it comes to anything fitness related...most of them can lose three pounds by just breathing a little harder, the b@stards LOL, so I already can pretty much rule out anything that works for them working for me!

    You're doing great and figuring it out just fine!

  14. I can't imagine what your going through--but I give you total props for sharing your journey! The blog world is such a supportive and great place to hang out =) Good luck dear!

  15. Hey Tammy

    Thanks for visit and telling me some of this news there...and for this entry where you've cleared up some of the misconceptions.....
    I have to agree with you....if you can only walk - then walk...but as you get fitter and leaner then start with a few mins of jogging at a time...thats how I started.
    Hope u doing well otherwise.

  16. Great job on your weight reduction.

  17. I hear ya on the multiple sources of "expert" information conflicting! I also found this when deciding...low carb? calorie counting? points counting? low fat? which way to go?? In the end...do what works for you.

    BTW - Love your quote for this entry!