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Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Not Feelin' It

Short post. I'm exhausted today for some reason...been dragging all day long. I walked 4 miles at the park, and for the first time ever, added some intermittent jogging because there was nobody on the trail to hear my stomach slapping, clapping and flapping against my upper thighs. It usually takes me 1 hr 15 min to walk 4 miles...today it took 1 hr 3 min, so I managed to knock 12 min off my time. That was cool. I got my big pot of veggie soup made, so that's what I'll be eating all day tomorrow. Gotta' get things back on track or I'm going to be hating myself by Friday. My eyes are closing as I type this so I'm off to bed. Onward.


  1. Well done!! 12 minutes is amazing!! You go girly!
    Funny thats exactly how I picture running tummy slapping. I have a ways to go before I try it out. Hope you slept well! Well done again!!

  2. I worked out last night and it wore me out. I'm going to blog about that today. I am so impressed with yout walking/jogging time. I too wait until I'm sure no soul can witness my humiliation before I start jogging.

  3. Hi Tammy. To knock 12 mins off your time is amazing. Must have been a fire under your butt!
    And great to have all that soup ready. Sounds like you're back on track already.

    Have a great day.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  4. A millions hugs to you, Tammy. It's amazing that feeling as draggy as you did, you walked and jogged, and in so doing knocked 12 minutes off your time! And as my AA sponsor has said over the years when I'm totally blah and yuch about everything all day long, "Some days are just like that." You got through without self destructing, and I think it's a guarantee you'll feel better today. Oh, and I laughed at you jogging when no one to hear the slapping and clapping...while I was still jogging, I only did it when the path was empty so people wouldn't think "hey, look at the fat girl jogging!" Like anyone gives a sh*t!

    Hang in...you're doing fantastic!

  5. wow.. 4 miles is more than 5K... I'm still taking 1h15min to do it. You ROCK girl, you must have been zooming!

    hugs.. get better.


  6. Just walking your 4 miles is awesome, but stepping it up 12 mintues is GREAT!! I do the same as you though, I jog once in a while in my walk if it's still dark out and no one can see me. My daugher (who is in high school Cross Country) tells me I have to get over it already lol. I gave you a high five in my blog today~ TY for the motivation!

  7. Way to go on the jog! And, you know, who cares if there was someone there. If they judge, then they have their own problems. You've gotta do what you've gotta do for YOU.

    I'm so proud of all of your hard work, Tammy. That's why I've given you the Over the Top award! Just bask in its goodness and don't worry about the "responsibility" attached to it. :)

    Keep that pretty smile on your face, girlie! You can do this!!

  8. That's an amazing difference in time for the same distance. You must have been really moving!

    I hope you get your energy back tomorrow!