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Friday, August 13, 2010

Challenge Week 2 Weigh-In

Good morning everyone!! 

Two weeks down....two to go!!  How is everyone doing?  I want to hear from you today!

My pic is hard to read, but it says 249.4.  I was 250.2 last Friday, and my cycle showed up Monday morning.  Beings that Mother Nature usually bestows about a 5 lb. gain from bloat on me, I think the fact that I still managed to lose .8 of a lb is a testament to the good job I did this week!!!  Seriously, I'm thrilled that I did enough things right this week (nearly everything!) to combat the bloat and still show a loss.

Leave me a comment letting me know how you did!  :)


If you follow 266, and even if you don't...check out her blog today!!! 

She did a little video clip for her anniversary post and she finally SHOWED HER GORGEOUS FACE!!!  There's all kinds of before, during, and after pics of her....remember when she carried the torch in the Olympics??  There are pics of it!!  And pics of her dragon boating....all sorts of stuff....go to her blog today and congratulate her on her beautiful and inspiring transformation!

She's listed at the top of my blogroll on my sidebar..she's the very first one! 


  1. Great job beating the blasted bloat! :)

    My weigh-in for today is 384.8
    I lost 2.2 lbs since last Friday!

    Woo hoo!

  2. 203.3 It is what it is! Up over last week. sigh!
    Knew in my mind the cookout & other meals I have eaten wouldn't hack it. :0(
    No pain....no loss!

  3. Hi Tammy - I was 208 this morning, so down 1.5. Better than a gain! I bet your loss next week is going to be kickass!

  4. I am at 235.8 this morning. I think that is .8 down from last week. I'll take it!

    Where's the link to that persons blog you want us to visit??

  5. Had a loss this week, no thanks in part to the same witch you had issues with! Here is my post:


    Congrats on the loss!

  6. Hey Tammy!
    Count me into to your end of summer challenge.
    Thank you so much for the encouraging comments on my blog. I feel so inspired having so many other womderful ladies doing this journey with me

    thank you

  7. Hey Tammy!

    This week I am at 152.4, which is a loss of 1.00 lb since last week, and a total loss of 2.2 lb during the Challenge.

  8. I didn't like what the scale showed at home this a.m., so I will wait and post tomorrow with my official weigh in at Weight Watchers, if that's okay. (I, too, am plagued with the same womanly issues that you have experienced this week, so I am doubtful that the WW scale will be too kind to me tomorrow a.m.).

    Just read 266's blog...what an amazing transformation--so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Good lord!! Has TOM ruined all our weigh ins this week???? I lost .8 but like you Tammy, I usually gain 5 so be ready for big numbers next week.

  10. I'm down 3 for a total of 10.2. Working on the post now

    And oh my gosh, I bawled my eyes out at 266's post!

  11. I really wanted to join this challenge but I am still struggling with the new medicine and trying to get the pain under control. Good job on the loss. Keep it up.

  12. Hey Tammy - Glad you were able to show the bloat who's boss. I didn't break the onederland barrier this week but I'm a teeny tiny bit closer. Get the dancin' shoes ready for next week. My challenge post is up at http://finallyfiguringitout.blogspot.com/2010/08/challenges-check-in.html

    Have a great weekend!

  13. It was so great to see 266's slideshow and finally get to see her beautiful face. Someday I'll work up the nerve to do that ;)

  14. It's mid-month and I have nothing to show for it. I posted about changing my game. Let's see how the next two weeks will go! You're doing great!

  15. Way to pull out a loss even with Mother Nature trying to bring you down! And thanks for telling us about 266's post. That was a super cool slideshow!

  16. Wow! You gave me a shoutout WITH big red print! Lol! I'm not worthy!

    Thanks so much, Tammy! And congrats on the loss!!!

  17. I'm at 168.2 which is a loss of 1.2 from last week!!

  18. Totally forgot to post my weight...On Saturday, at Weight Watchers, my weight was 225.2...Could have been way worse (and was on Friday when I weighed in at home...so I will take the official recorded weight at WW!).

    Hopefully this week will be my week...:)

  19. Just found your blog and started following Way to go on the loss! I also end up packing on a good 5-6lbs every time mother nature shows up. Not fun!